Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting a jump on the new year

I have a whole week off from work!!! So I don't get paid for that week off but I need some time to recharge. I need it. I handed the beeper off to someone from work this morning, we met in a parking lot and I was quite happy to see the little freaking thing leave (the beeper not my friend from work, she is nice).

Many things to do this week. I am updating my resume and posting it out on Monster again. I just looked at it, looks pretty darned nice right now, even has my current job responsibilities in it. So not much to do there. I want to work on my backup plan too, my pet sitting website. That is the plan. I have to sit and figure out what I want, how to put it on there and once I have it to my liking on my PC I will have to purchase some space on a server and a web name to advertise and get ready with that. It is scary out there. I need to take care of me. I am sure my current job will disappear this year, they are purchasing a new point of sale system and I am not involved with it. I'm on the maintenance team, the team that keeps the stores running now with the old stuff. I really do have to prepare for my next job. I cannot be without a job.

I have been trying to eat better. I actually threw out chocolate yesterday. And I cleaned my freezer out of all the bad crap. I won't deny there is still chocolate in my house but the good stuff. 20 pounds to lose. I know what I am supposed to look like and this isn't it. I'm not huge but I need to be fit, it will help my blood pressure and my overall health. So, eating right and exercising. Not like I did 6 years ago when Wraggs and I would go for 2 mile walk in the morning, then another 1.5 miles in the afternoon, I'd do the elliptical for 45 minutes and then attempt to take Wraggs for another walk at night (she pretty much refused). I was FIT. I will get there again. Wraggs of course can't do that long of walks anymore. She is an old lady of 12. I got her to do almost a mile this morning but it was a SLOW walk. My doctor tells me 'get a dog, they will make you walk' and I say I have one but she is old and can't walk fast (unless there is another dog in front of her, then she walks fast) and she can't walk far. Anyway, gotta do this for my health.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Heathen Holiday

Ah, Christmas with the heathens. I have a very small tree. Only about 4 feet high. They took it down 2 times. I had planned for that though, plastic ornaments. They had a good time and that is all that matters.

Santa arrived here the night of the 24th as scheduled. He left lots of toys for the cats and dog. And then they got to enjoy them. Of course Ellie refused to participate. She just doesn't want to partake of the partying. The heathens got lots of new toys. And Hermie got a watch. He LOVED it. I had to put it way, he was busy eating the leather band. And lots of toys for Louie so he was cool with it all. And of course Wraggs had her fair share of stuffed animals and greenies. Ellie is getting lots of cuddles, which is what she really wants.

Finally broke down today and removed the old caulk from my shower. Time to recaulk. Then I looked at my shower head. Time for a new shower head too. Of course this confuses the heathens cause Mom is in THEIR play room getting wet. (I have to shower in the guest bathroom, they like to play in the tub and there is Mom, all wet, yew.)

Got some Feliway today. I am so tired of Hermie and Louie going after Ellie. Today was the last straw. She was screaming and when I got into the bedroom there was Ellie hair on the floor. I was NOT happy. So got the Feliway. Everyone appears to be calm right now. Louie was up smelling the diffuser earlier. I just want them to all play nice and be nice to their sister. I want Ellie's life to be nice, never have her fear anything again.

I have NO IDEA what the hell was howling last night at about 2 am but something was. It woke me up and Ellie was on alert (as in ready to bolt and hide under my bed). No idea what it was but it was weird for sure. No, it was not vampires or wolves.

Started my 'diet' and eat healthy kick today. I'm trying to clean up what I eat. I cannot eat all that crap anymore. I have to lose weight, I am not happy where I am I go. Being Healthy.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Have a Heathen Holiday

It is again that time of year.....holidays. I decided this year to have a tree but just a small tree. I figured the boys would have way too much fun with my nice ornaments. Plastic ornaments are a good thing. Trust me. The tree was down 2 times on Friday morning...within 15 minutes of each other. Oh yes, it was funny. I laughed and laughed and then put the tree back up. It is only 4 feet tall so not much damage. None really.

The Heathens have really grown up. Louie is now almost 12 pounds. Hermie is just about 10. I am so not saying what I weigh or what Ellie or Wraggs weigh. Lets just say that the females need to lose some weight. sigh. I am back on the elliptical/treadmill again this week. It is so hard to lose this weight. So easy to gain and sucks.

I have many kitty toys for the boys. I don't think Ellie is much into the holidays. I tried to get her into the holiday pictures. That did not go over well. She really just refuses to participate. I'm looking forward to see how the heathens react to bags of toys under the tree. When Bob was around he actually dug into the toys a week before Christmas, I had to put the bag away. And Wraggs...she KNOWS that she has some new stuffies under the tree when the time comes. I've been gathering stuffed animals when I see them on sale. After Easter you can can get sweet little toys 90% off. Nice, very nice toys that are fine for a dog like Wraggs.

I was 'reprimanded' today for not writing in my blog enough (I"m teasing CC....I need to be better about doing this..sometimes I need a kick in the pants to get moving). I will try my best to be better about writing on here.

Cookies are almost done, need to get them out and put the chocolate kisses on top. I'm taking them to work along with some chocolate covered toffee. Hopefully everyone will like the treats that I am bringing in. They liked the peanut clusters last week. I'm even going to make another batch of those later this week and share some more. I love to bake when I am in the mood and right now this is a good mood.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ellie turns 3

So much as happened in the last month. The heathens got 'tutored' (neutered). Surgery went well for them, well, maybe, they lost their balls. While they were there I had them micro chipped too. I've had to send the paperwork back a second time to the chip folks. They missed the fact that Hermie was neutered and that he is a poly dactyl, plus they had his coloring wrong. Louie's paperwork was wrong too. So I sent them both back to be corrected, they are finally coming into my mailbox.

While I took some time off to be home with the boys I decided to try out the idea of letting them out during the day when I am not here. It has been a rousing success. Louie still wants to 'attack' Ellie and she runs which makes Louie chase. Tonight he was met with the squirt bottle and he did NOT like that. Too bad, you do not hurt my little Ellie at all.

Wraggs had a great time on Halloween. She got to see all the kids who came to the door. At one point I had to call her back in, she was taking off down the sidewalk cause there were KIDS!!! She does love kids, she is very good with them. Kids and old people. The few times we have met some rather elderly folks in the neighborhood Wraggs was excited and very gentle. I always explain that she was raised by my parents and so she has this fondness for the older generation.

Ellie had her 3rd birthday last week. We had a party. OK, not really but I did let her know that I love her and that I am always grateful that I walked down that street that February morning. She is my little love, I will never let bad things happen to her (so Louie jumping her isn't good). I wish she would turn around and smack the snot out of Louie. That is what he needs. She needs to assert herself as the alpha in this house. And Louie needs to remember he is a heathen. And will always be a heathen.

I've started my Christmas planning. I am going to get a small fake tree, maybe 4 feet high. I purchased some cheap plastic ornaments last week and will put those on the tree. I also got my annual ornaments, one for each pet and one for me. Everyone gets ornaments. It is a tradition. Mom started it with me when was a baby. Robin and Tony (two of my brothers) picked it out, it is a glass ornament. It still survives after 49 years. It hasn't been on a tree in over 15 years. I do not trust it to not end up on the floor. This year it won't even be coming out of the box.

I will try to be more current on here. I got preoccupied with other stuff. Nothing important, just stuff.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Serious progress

Hugely major update!!! Ellie and the Heathens are getting along!!! I've found all three on my bed at the same time and there wasn't any fighting. I've allowed the boys to be out and about without any monitoring and everyone has behaved. I'm very, very pleased. Proud of everyone.

I've been a good girl and exercised every day for the last week, watched what I ate (no eating out, eating healthy and not eating garbage). I'm down 2 pounds!!! I only have 18 and a smidge to go! I'm trying to promise myself something GOOD if I get to my goal, or even freaking close (5 pounds close would be fine). A nice camera, a digital SLR. Of course I've promised myself that before and got nothing.

A tad worried that I will be told that my time off this next week is canceled. Swine flu is going thru the office. My manger has been sick, lots of coworkers too. And if there is no one there to handle the beeper, I may be told I can't take off. But I have appointments scheduled specifically due to time off. So I am hoping no one says 'oh, we are canceling your time off'. It happened to me before and my supervisor said 'I've done this to others', that was a bunch of crap there. He did it cause I wasn't his favorite, his favorite was the fat chick who did everything (not really, she just said she did and said it loudly every single day). Last night I dreamt that I was told I would be taking the beeper again and again and again. Yes, it was stressful. I was glad to get sleep at all.

I had to purchase some gold posts for my ears today. I've had pierced ears for almost 36 years now but I have been rather lazy about putting in earrings. I put a pair in last week and ouch ouch ouch.....the holes were closing over! So I went out and got some nice gold posts that I can wear all the time now. Thank goodness for Kohl's and their discounts and coupons. Nice earrings and they didn't set me back an arm and a leg.

Time to check on the heathens. I'm sure they are in the front room playing or looking at Ellie. She seems to be going out of her way to visit them now.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 days and counting till the 'deball'

As you can see from the picture, it is time for the boys to go to the vet to get neutered. So on October 7th, they will be up at the Vet's getting their testicles removed. I think Ellie will be pleased. I KNOW she will be pleased. Plus, it is time, they are big enough now (both the boys and their balls) to have the surgery. When I made the appointment the woman at the desk asked if I wanted the declawed too. Crap, no....I will not declaw ever again. Misty was declawed but that was back in 1983 when I was stupid and to tell the truth, he was MEAN before the declaw so I really saved a whole lot of skin, mine in particular, by having that ghastly stuff done. Bob was also declawed, I am not sure why Mom and Dad did that, probably because they asked when they set up the neuter appointment 'do you want to get him declawed' and they said yes. Never, ever again....I try to talk people out of the damned surgery, tell them what it does yet they still go for it. And for those who do not know what it is: take a look at your hands, now remove your fingers from right behind the first've been declawed. Yeah, nice huh.

I've started letting the boys be around Ellie a bit more. For the most part they are doing well. I really only have to get after Louie for being aggressive. I make sure that Ellie knows that she is the queen and they are the heathens and that no one is allowed to be mean and hurt anyone, even she is not allowed to hurt. Hopefully I am approaching this the correct way. She will watch them play and isn't worried about going into the other room with them, I'm the one that worries. I followed her out there tonight to make sure all was safe and carried the squirt bottle. Louie does not like the squirt bottle.

Fall is here. Not that I can tell too much, this is Florida after all. It was nice and cool when I took Wraggs for her morning walk at 5:40am (yes, really). And I can tell that the earth has tilted a bit away from the sun, at least the northern hemishere has...for some reason I really like this time of year. Not sure why, I just do. Spring is nice but then that is short and Summer is here and it is hot. Maybe I like Fall because it is the start of the cooler season. Anyway, I am enjoying the weather. Plus, it can get me out to walk outside more...and I need to do that bad. I've gained weight and am not pleased. So instead of 15 pounds to lose it is closer to 20 pounds. I am back on my elliptical or treadmill and being diligent about watching what I eat. I really hate that I gained weight. grrrrr

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A 'casualty' of the Heathens

It was bound to happen. There has been a 'casualty' in my home. A piece of pottery that we brought back from Mexico in 1968 (and then it sat in my parent's basement forEVER) took a dive off of the plant shelf. There used to be a cup on top of it. And that is no shattered since the whole thing fell down about 10 feet. I'm glad the vessel itself survived. I sent the picture to my brother, sister in law and sister. I heard from my sister in law, she remembered where it 'lived' in my parents house. In the basement on a shelf at the bottom of the stairs. Oh and the heathen who caused the casualty: Louie. I totally figured it would be Hermie.
Wraggs is recovering quite well from her surgery. She is thrilled to get her antibiotics now, they come in cat food!!! Of course this mornings pill didn't get eaten so she got it tonight. She is still getting soft dog food, I'm sure she would like some of her crunchy treats but she can't have them. Yeah, I gave her a few biscuits today, just I felt bad for her.
And tonight was a small meet and greet for Ellie and the Heathens. She was in the living room and I let them out but held onto her. Each kitten came up to her and then they went straight for her butt to smell. And each came back with the 'yew' face. Poor Ellie. I finally let her go back to my bedroom where it is safe for her.
Ah, life is always entertaining here. I'm about to take Wraggs for another short walkie before winding down for the night. I need to walk more but she can't handle the longer walks, age and bad hips. I can do it, she can't (I'm not THAT old and my hips are just fine, thank you very much!).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Queen of Heathens

Yes, that is me. Someone on the stuff on my cat board called me that and you know what? I like it. It works for me.

Wraggs had her surgery yesterday and came home very loopy. I swear her eyes rolled back in her head about 8pm. They had to remove 1 tooth, she has stitches and gets to eat soft food (canned food) for 2 weeks. I thinks she is happy with that. And all the rest of her teeth were good, just stained so they cleaned them up. She now has a bright white pepsodent smile. I have to give her a pain pill and antibiotics daily. Of course the vets office says just use peanut butter, she will eat them. Not Wraggs, no way, no how. So I got out a can of cat food and stuffed then in a little bit of that. She ate them right up. not a problem. Hope she doesn't catch on but shoot, cat food and wet dog food, she is totally loving this.

Louie is feeling poorly tonight. Or he was. I walked into their room when I got home and someone had thrown up. Wasn't sure who until Louie came into the office to throw up in front of me. His tummy was just upset. He must be feeling better, he ate some dry food and I could not tempt him with the cat treats earlier. Plus he and Hermie were racing around the house and up and down the couch and someone, not sure which one, gave me some very nice long scratches on my shoulder blade. Kind of makes me think of a werewolf scratch. Only this is a heathen scratch.

Ellie is doing great. She has this new habit of wanting to touch me when she sleeps. She will come in and plop her fat little body next to mine, this will be great in winter when it is colder but in summer....mmm, hot, very hot and not in a good way hot. She really is my little love.

I ordered a photo album from KodakGallery. I did one of Bob and Wraggs, thru the years. If it is nice and I hope it is, I will order a second one and send it to my sister as part of her Christmas gift. She was their human when they all lived with my parents and she loves them as much as I do. If I didn't think they would have a fit I would put a little bit of Bob's fur inside the book but someone might think that was something bad. Anyway, the book should be here tomorrow. It left Jacksonville this morning so usually that means that UPS will deliver it tomorrow for me. It ought to be on the delivery truck tomorrow.
and the picture up top is Louie, who decided my fridge would be an interesting place to investigate.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heathens in Trees

No, not outside. There will be no outside time for the boys. I got them a cat tree. It is very nice, was easy to put together (with some kitten help of course). They have been on it and have been playing there so it appears to have been a good investment.

Wraggs, Hermie and Louie all made a trip to the vet on Monday. The heathens got their rabies and last distemper shots. They each weigh in at 5.5 pounds. At 4 months old. Yeah, they are gonna be big (hopefully). Wraggs is going in on Wednesday morning for dental surgery. She has a broken tooth which is causing her some facial swelling and probably pain issues. This will be her first surgery since she was spayed 12 years ago. yeah, I am nervous but I do trust my vet, she is a good person.

And today I got another litter box for the boys. Neighbors put their Booda clean step box out for free....shoot, I'll take it. That is a $50 litter box. Hopefully they just got the cat something better and didn't get rid of the cat. I can always use another box in the house. The heathens prefer to use Ellie's litter box, would like that to stop but of course they will continue to do the most foul things in it.
This afternoon I was in the office, playing on the computer when I hear meowing in the boys room....I went in to see what was going on. There was Hermie, staring intently out the window at a lizard while the lizard stared intently in the window at Hermie. This is a different lizard than last week (was a green lizard then, this was a brown one today). Would love to know what they were each thinking.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The sound of a dog puking at 6 am

This is what I had to deal with first thing this morning. I heard it, ran in the room in my underwear and she had just hurled on the carpet so I took her out into the back yard while I contemplating cleaning it up. OK, I was getting ready to puke myself. I can clean up cat puke, clean poopy cat butts but dog puke....omg, I cannot handle it. I finally was able to do the cleanup by shoving a washcloth in my mouth...somehow that seemed to keep me from gagging.

The heathens are growing so fast. They have nice long legs now. And they love to jump. Lots of jumping. They are always up for a great game of 'feather'. They certainly do entertain me that is for sure.

I so need to work on my holiday pictures. I have many of the heathens but not near enough of Wraggs and Ellie. I am obviously going to have to work on that.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kisses from Ellie

Just a quick update: Brought heathens in to see Ellie and she licked both of them. Not a single hiss out of her but she licked them. I have no idea what that means but I see it as a major change!!!

Money in the 'Kitty'

Wow. This afternoon I pulled out my lottery tickets and checked online to see how I did. I won $72!!!! I had 4 of the 6 numbers in the Florida Lottery. Dang, 1 number more and it would have been almost $6000 and 2 numbers and I so would not be going to work. I did cash out my ticket and put the money in my 'kitty'. My 'I want something fun' fund. Sure could have done with a few cool million.

I have to find a dress for a wedding in October. October in Florida is still warm. Not sure what to get or where to get it. I may have to travel to another mall rather than my local one in order to find something. The wedding is for Amy, the daughter of the neighbors across the street. They have all been really nice to me and I want to go to it. I might even see some friends that we have in common (which is funny, 6 degrees and all). I'm actually sort of looking forward to the wedding (I know, shocking). I do not do well at weddings.

I've been enjoying the new washer and dryer. I have clean sheets and blankets (love that), the dryer does an AWESOME job. The blankets were dry in 35 minutes. Yes, really. Old dryer would have been at least 2 hours. I think they are definitely cleaner than before, I'll have to ask Ellie, she is sleeping on the bed right now since the heathens are out and about and causing trouble.

Woke up this morning with Ellie in my arms, she was as close to me as she could get. I hated to move. It was wonderful, I actually slept, had a little help with a benadryl but I slept. I needed to, I am so tired...insomnia sucks.

The heathens are doing well, they are growing like crazy. They are probably teenagers in human physiology. All legs and goofiness. Love the goofies that they get. I go back and forth on who is the naughtiest. I think it really is Hermie and then Louie does something that makes me think it is him. They are both good kitties and then they are naughty. They INSIST that they need to poop in Ellie's litter box, they have one, it is clean but hers is 'better'. I've taken down the dog/cat crates and they now sleep in the guest room. That will continue until Ellie is feeling better about them (that has to be advanced by me of course) and they are calmer. Probably after neutering in October. That is just around the corner. They are 'developing'...I want them to get a little testosterone so that they can be bigger but I want to avoid them spraying so at 5 months they will get snipped. I'm not telling them that of course. We will just be going to see Dr Morgan for 'fun'.

I had my hair appointment yesterday, I thought it was for NEXT Saturday. Anyway, got my hair cut and highlighted. I came home and Louie gave me this look of 'who the hell are you?'. I think it was the smell of my hair. It isn't like I have gone blond, but the products do smell. Shoot, I have to wash my hair when I come home, I can't stand the smell. The cut and color look good. Maybe next time I will ask for her to darken it a bit, more caramel, less blond. Never red. Ever.

And Wraggs. She has some sort of cyst under her right eye, it swells and then goes down. She will be seeing the vet this month for her annual and I will ask about it. It seems to fill with fluid and then go down. I've felt it and it isn't hard like a tumor but still a cyst isn't good. It doesn't seem to bother her, just me and then of course it bothers her when I am touching it and fussing about it. I do know that if it is something like cancer that there will be no heroic measures. She is 12 years old and a big dog. Her life span at best will be 16 years old. I don't want to do major things that will not do any good and just make her uncomfortable and my wallet lighter. I will make sure she is happy. To me that is the most important thing.

Still enjoying doing laundry. And I like having the cat crates packed away, more room and I now won't stub my toe on them in the middle of the night. Instead I will hit my leg against an end table and then wonder later why I have a bruise.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lizards and Laundry part IIIIII or something like that

I finally received a brand new, working dryer yesterday. It was quite exciting. I finally have clean clothes!!! Yeah, I had clean clothes but wanted all clean clothes. I like the front load washer, it is a little weird to get used to but I like it. And the dryer does a good job of what it is supposed to do (dry of course). I was actually looking around this afternoon for things to wash. Wraggs had clean blankets. I'm sure there is other stuff for me to wash. hmmmm, more dog bedding for sure.

Ellie brought in another toy from the patio (lizard) this morning. Again, I couldn't get the little guy...she ate his tail (they can disengage them to to keep their life...and grow back their tails!). I kept checking today, thinking she ATE the whole lizard and would puke it up later. But she was very, very interested in what was behind my nightstand. So I moved it...little lizard was there. And ran under my bed!! sigh. Ellie gave chase....I finally was able to get the lizard and return him to the patio so that he can be captured again by the mighty calico lizard hunter named ELLIE!

I worked from home today so the heathens had many opportunities to jump on me and scratch me. I am not sure my desk chair will survive their kitten hood. They were climbing it and pretending they were vultures on the back....and then climbing down by using my back as their leverage. Oh yea, that is good. They finally passed out after all that excitement and slept for at least 2 hours. I heard sweet little kitten snoring.

Wraggs of course doesn't get why I am home but is happy. Shoot, she is happy about most everything. Except baths. Which she is most likely going to get this weekend. She is rather pungent.

Lizards and laundry - this has been my week so far. hmmm, here is hoping tomorrow is less lizardy

Monday, August 3, 2009

Is there such a thing as Laundry Karma?

I must have horrible karma. My new dryer, that was installed today....did not work. All installed, it is ready, we go to turn it on, it doesn't turn on. Seems the door does not shut properly so it won't turn on. Amazingly the manager called my house right while the installer was talking to someone at the store. I told the manager that it doesn't work...and I hear 'JESUS'. Yeah, he can't believe it either. He talked to Angel the installer, nope, dryer is bad, will go back to the store. The manager said he will find me a dryer tomorrow. I told him good, just make sure it is not a floor model. Oh, and yes they did indeed give me the floor model. I was shown how they tag the floor models and there it was...right there. Hopefully someone got reamed over that, maybe not fired but told that the company just installed a used dryer and sold it as new and that is fraud. Of course they may have to upgrade me on their dime. hahaha, yeah, right. They have been bending over backwards to make me feel better. This one was just too much for me. I can't help but laugh. This time it is no ones fault but the manufacturer. It is not the stores fault, not the installer, but Whirlpool. Who knew I wanted to do laundry so bad. I really do.....I am checking to see what my closet holds...I have to make it to Friday, I can wear jeans the rest of the week, drag out some different tops. I'll be fine but dang....I want to do laundry.

Hermie is a trouble maker. He ran into the bedroom and right under the bed to bother Ellie. She was not pleased. She didn't hit him that I could tell but hissed at him for sure. And the silly cat did it a second time. He is like the biggest pest: Hi Ellie, Ellie, look at me, wanna play, my name is Hermie, you are cute, wanna play?

Now Louie, he has his moments too but I think Hermie is the trouble maker. Louie is a bit more 'subdued' I guess. Not real subdued but a little bit more than Hermie. Loves to play. And he is the one who will wake me up in the middle of the night cause he wants. Not sure what it is he wants but he wants. So at that point I take them both out of the crate and put them into the guest room so I can sleep. And get purred at for my trouble.

Not that I slept last night. I woke up at 12:15 and thought it was 2:15, Louie woke me so off they went to the guest room. I woke up again at 2:15 and was confused about it being 2:15 again. Woke at 3, 3:45, 4, was an awful nights sleep. Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.

Desperately wanting to do laundry.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lizard, Laundry and Sniffles

The lizard that Ellie brought in the house yesterday was brought into my bedroom at 6:50...Ellie, she was playing. I tried to get it out of the house then but he ran under my bed and I decided he was going to have to meet his fate. I went in later and Ellie was sitting on Wraggs bed all proud of herself. I looked under and there was the lizard, with his mouth clamped on the bed. I did get him outside. Not sure if he has survived but he at least made it back outside and away from the calico from hell!!!! (not really, she is a good kitty, she just likes to hunt lizards)

Laundry. Well, my washer and dryer were delivered and installed by 12:15. The washer is wonderful, I tested it out a bit with an empty load (to clean it as they suggested) and it is fine. The dryer needed feet still so the drivers were going to come back at 6 and put them on. So, being me, I went up to the store to get my money refunded from the last dryer that didn't work out. I walked back to the appliance section and saw that the dryer I ordered was no longer on the floor so I asked a clerk, did I get the floor model. Oh no, not at all. I don't know why it isn't there but you didn't. So I go to customer service to get my money back, clerk had to call manager to see that they could refund my money even though the dryer was not back in their store (yes, they could). I asked again, did I get the floor model. Oh no, we would not have done that without telling you. ok, fine, I came home and got the manual out of the dryer to see what was what. I sat down and saw a Samsung manual. Funny, I purchased a Whirlpool dryer. I called the store and said I wanted the manager. I talked to him and told him what I have in my house and my displeasure. He said let me call around and see if I can get you one in the box. He called back and yes, he can get one from the Lakeland store. I said fine. It will be delivered tomorrow. I will have to take time off of work in order to be here for delivery. I also have to make sure when I speak to the delivery manager in the morning that they have the right pedestal, it is new and that there are feet on it. Oh yes, there will be a letter to Lowe's detailing the entire debacle. I spent a lot of money, they need to treat me right. So as of Monday, if you include the original dead dryer, there will have been 5 dryers in my house in 3 days.

Sneezing. I started sneezing this morning, sniffles. They seem to come and go. Not sure if it is a cold or what. It feels a bit like a cold. Just perfect.

The heathens have been lots of fun today. Although I could do without having my legs scratched by Hermie. He likes to play on my lap all the time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lizards, laundry and an extra cat

Definitely an exciting day in MY house. Slept like crap, partly due to Ellie deciding that she needed to knead my breasts in the middle of the night with her pins out. OUCH. She was definitely goofy over night. Not sure what that was about.

Got up early because I was expecting a delivery this morning, my new dryer. Took Wraggs outside and let Ellie play on the patio (bad idea). Ellie brought in a toy. A lizard. Which is now under my couch after giving some evening entertainment to Louie. Not sure the lizard will make it thru the night with Ellie around. I just hope she doesn't bring me a gift in the middle of the night. If you hear a scream, that is me.

So, my dryer gets delivered. sigh. It sounds like crap when it goes around so they take it back to the store and bring another one. Again, sounds like crap the second time around. I decided to go back to Lowe's and get a different dryer and washer. Now I have a front load washer and dryer being delivered tomorrow. I am worried that the dryer won't fit. It is a very tight squeeze in there. I am thinking that due to the bottom part of the dryer having a little extra room then the fit will be BETTER than before, I am trying to be hopeful. All I can say is I HATE the dryer that is in there. and want my new one. I want to do laundry and am actually excited to do laundry. Yes, that is weird. I look forward to using less water and having things actually work again. And they better for the price I am paying.

And this afternoon when Wraggs and I came home from our walk we were met at the door by an orange tabby cat. A friendly orange tabby. Who answered when I said 'Tiger'. I picked him up and brought him in the house, locking everyone up of course (the heathens were out and about). Tiger is my neighbors cat, the one I cat sit for. He likes to escape and get into trouble so he did it again tonight but he came to the right house, mine. I think he recognized me and came out from my bushes to see me. I called my neighbor thinking that I saw them go off to church but the husband answered and said yeah, he got out. I went over and returned the kitty. I soooo wanted to call Toni (tigers human mom) and ask if she wanted the 15 pound thing I found that is covered with orange fur. I'm just glad he came over here to be safe. He is always welcome with me, not so much with the heathens (Hermie was not pleased) but with me, yeah, he is welcome. And he was good with Wraggs. He just was upset in my house, it wasn't HIS house. But I was not about to let him back out the door without holding him and getting him home.

That was my exciting Saturday. I hope Sunday is less exciting.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heathens have a way of healing hearts (hopefully)

I worked from home today and let the heathens out with me most of the day. I got jumped on quite a bit, they are proud of themselves when they jump up on my chair and they have discovered that they can get up on the back of the chair by climbing me a bit. I'm pretty sure I have some scratches on my back. They are so good together. They play a lot and then they sleep and they sleep together. THAT I really like. Maybe someday, in the far out future, there will be a cat pile on my bed, Hermie, Louie and Ellie. I can hope.

Ellie has really come out of the bedroom more and more. I'm quite pleased. She will come out and sit in front of the pantry looking for a treat (OK, sweetie, you are a tubby but I love you, you can have a couple treats). I am starting to think that they guessed her age wrong when I first found her. She was much smaller length wise than now. I understand the width, that is tubbyness, but the length has got to be that she was much younger than a year and a half. I don't know for sure, she isn't telling me.

Wraggs is Wraggs. We go for walks in the morning after I eat something and before I spend time with the cats. I think and know she looks forward to the walks. I do too. It is actually very nice in the morning, a tad dark but lots of lights and cars around. Plus, she is a large black dog. No one is going to mess with us!

And it has been one month today since Bob passed away. I need to go and find the final urn for him but I just haven't had the heart to do it. I want something with his picture on the front, the one I got for Misty is nice, a bit big but nice. Too bad they went out of business. Anyway, I need to start looking for a nice urn for him, the one he is in is nice but I want something special for Bob. Plus I have to have room to put in his favorite toy. I pulled it out and put it up so that no one would play with it. It is one of those catnip fish from pet stages. I have quite a stash of them since he liked them so well. (the heathens are enjoying them too). It just doesn't seem like it has been a month but it has. 4 weeks. Still miss the little guy. He was quite the personality. Never thought he would like me, not after the way he acted towards me when he lived with my parents (he was sometimes aggressive with me...but then I could tick him off real well). Maybe he knew that coming to live with me was just what was supposed to happen, that I would make sure he was safe and loved. And he was. Miss you still little guy.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Ellie has started meowing a little more often than before. Tonight I heard someone meowing really loud and thought it was the heathens. It was actually Ellie. She was quite loud. She started this when Bob was still around, like she was competing with him (he was an outstanding yodeler). It is almost like she is channeling Bob. She certainly has come out of her shell since the heathens arrived. It is good to see.

And the Heathens...well, they have discovered this cat bed that I purchased last year for Ellie, thinking she would like it. She didn't. They do. They like it so much I've found them nursing on it. It isn't a bad thing, it is actually very sweet. Bob loved the blue bath robe, Ellie loves the blue blankie, they love the white fluffy thing.

Wraggs of course is an awesome dog. She has adjusted to the kittens being in the house. She pretty much lets them to do anything to her. I've watched while they looked at her dinner before she ate (she wasn't worried), they chase her tale (she is confused), Louie tried to walk under her (that freaked her a bit). Over all, she is a dog that likes cats but only HER cats. Not strange cats. Plus she has me telling her she cannot chase them. She chased Ellie once...and got a stern lecture. I don't hit. I lecture. It works.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Movin' on Up

Today I spent time getting all the stuff out of my guest room, it was cluttered. I wanted breakables moved out of the way of the heathens. There really wasn't that much in there it was just messy. It is all straightened out now so they have a whole big room to play in. Do they want to? Nope. I will get them used to it in time. I let them play in the whole house for a bit and then put them in the bedroom for nap time. They have the big kitty litter box now too! Did they use it? Of course not. They went into my office where Ellie's litter box is and used hers. So I took the gift out of that box and put it in theirs. I am sure they will get the idea. They much preferred using the little box that is in the crate. And tonight bedtime isn't in the guest room but is back in the cloth crate I have sitting in my bedroom. They feel safe in there. The transition will take time.

I've been a little blue lately. It is amazing how our 4 legged friends pick up on those feelings. Ellie sure did. She made sure she was in my arms at night to make me feel better. I cannot imagine life without her. I thank my lucky stars every day that she and I found each other. I'm sure she must thank those same stars.

Found out Ellie has great eyesight. I took Wraggs out to go potty and stayed out on the patio while she was doing her business. Ellie joined me and then rushed over to the screen, she saw a tiny, and I mean tiny, lizard and was going to catch it dammit. And I wouldn't let her. The lizard was a baby, not very big and she saw it. I do think she was a bit upset with me but oh well. There will be other lizards.

Wraggs is as always, a wonderful dog. Except for the fact that she ate cat poop yesterday she is wonderful. Yes, it was my fault. I know better and she was very happy to help me out with my cleaning. Other than that she is a great companion. She was very excited to get a walk this afternoon even though it was really hot and humid. I'm going to get up early tomorrow and take her for a decent walk. We both need it.

And tomorrow I am planning on working out. I've been very bad about it recently and it isn't helping my health at all, physical and emotional. I'm going to be good about this exercise thing. I don't care about pounds so much but I care about my health. I'm not obese but I could stand to lose 15-20 pounds. So, I am back on the elliptical or treadmill, depending on my mood. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and get back on track.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heathens, you gotta love 'em

I will say, having kittens in the house does make me more active: NO LOUIE GET DOWN FROM THERE, HERMIE DO NOT CATAPULT OFF OF MY CHEST, IT HURTS. Ah yes, they are a handful and I love them to pieces. Now how does Ellie feel? Well, last night I was in the living room, playing on the computer (go figure) and the heathens were out with me while Ellie was in the safe room (my bedroom). Louie was very interested in my bedroom door and I kept hearing what sounded like pounding. I went over, opened the door and there was Ellie....and Louie was on the other side of the door putting his toes under the door to see her and maybe, just maybe, Ellie was playing. She wasn't attacking that is for sure. She is curious. I really do not think she has a mean bone in her body, if she did she would have hurt Bob but she didn't. Now with the kittens she is curious and does come out a bit more often than before. I also got her to play just a little last night with the feather toy. Not chasing it but rolling over and over to get it.

My neighbors came home over the weekend so my stint of pet sitting the French kissing cat, Tiger, is over with. I found out that Tiger got out Sunday night and didn't come in till Monday morning. He was pretty banged up. Scratches over both eyes, his mouth had a bit of a scratch and some blood, he was sore. He is declawed in the front but did a valiant effort at defending himself. I didn't see any other marks on him. I haven't heard that he is bad off still, told Toni to call me if he still had problems by Wednesday (today). He was so good for me, didn't try to get out or anything but when Mom and Dad come home after a long time away, he gets rambunctious. I do hope he stays inside. I hate the idea of the big guy being outside. It would be like Ellie going out (which she won't, outside is scary), she would be helpless even though she has her claws, she would be scared and at the mercy of some mean animal or human. Nope, she is safe in my house forever and she knows it.

I'm ready for the weekend. I have so much to do. I have to get to the recycle place to get rid of my 25 year old non-working TV, take some other things that do not go in the trash up there. I am going to get stuff out of my guest room and put things in the closet out of heathen way as they are going to be going in there either this coming week or the week after. I have to take down the curtains cause I don't feel like having them ripped to pieces. I'll put the blinds up to the top and tie the cords up too (kittens/cats can strangle on those things). I don't have breakables in there but there are some things under the bed that I don't want them to get into (like my Dad's Marine uniforms, hats, some computer books). Just lots of things to do in there. I want Hermie and Louie moved in there so I can get a full nights sleep and they can have more room to play during the day while I am at work. I think they will have fun. They are also going to graduate to the big boy litter box (they have been using Ellie's when they are in my office with me, I am sure that thrills her). They don't eat the litter like some kittens so that won't be a problem. yeah, they need to go to the guest room soon, I want to sleep more than I am. The 4 am wake up call that moved to 3 and is now at 2 am is really killing me. I WANT TO SLEEP!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ellie and the Heathens (plus Wraggs)

It has been an interesting week. A bit quiet without Bob but the house is so busy it isn't so sad.

Ellie - I do think she has definitely decided this is HER house and the heathens will have to bow down to her. I'm still making sure she sees them as often as I can. I put them on the bed with her making sure everyone is nice and control. She hisses a little but does not run and hide. I see that as a good thing. Last night was something major in my mind at least. I had the kittens out in the front room and didn't put Ellie back in my bedroom (gave her the option of going there though). So there are the kittens, playing and Ellie was interested so she went into the front room and watched. Hermie saw her and went to investigate....Ellie decided that was enough for her so she started waddling to my bedroom, Hermie followed, Ellie ran, so did Hermie. Well, she turned on him and gave him a few swats to let him know to back off. He hid under a piece of furniture, I had to get him out and make sure he was ok. He was. Just shocked at the swatting. Of course Ellie ran to the bedroom and at that moment Louie got into the act and ran in there. I saved him the trouble of the swatting.

Wraggs is quite confused cause they heathens keep bothering her tail when she wags it. She has such a perplexed look on her face when they are playing with it. Someday I will get a picture of that.

And last night. Sigh. I lost the J key on my laptop because someone (Hermie) jumped from my couch to the coffee table on top of my keyboard and pulled the J key off. I spent almost 30 minutes getting it back on. Needless to say, they spent time in time out in my bathroom for their 'crime'. It could have been worse I guess, they could have peed on my keyboard. No, please, do not give them any ideas! They are good about coming up with mischief on their own.

That has been what has been going on around here. I miss Bob but Hermie, Louie, Ellie and Wraggs are keeping me focused.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bob - you will be missed

It is strange without Bob in the house. For those that do not know, Bob passed way Wednesday night. When I got home that day he was in serious distress, having a hard time breathing, his eyes were weird, something was wrong, very, very wrong. I called the vet, said I thought it was time and they said come in now. They confirmed what I thought, he needed to go to the other side. It hurt, I will admit it. I made sure to tell him that I loved him and I was sorry, that I wanted him to live forever. But it was time. So they helped him go over. I stayed. I felt I owed him. I know I owed him. He went peacefully.

So quiet in the house without him. I know the heathens are here and I have Ellie and Wraggs but I keep looking for Bob. I heard him meow at me yesterday, I know, he wasn't here, but I heard him. His scratchy meow.

I will write more about his life later, right now I just can't deal with it.

Bob, Bobberooo, I will miss you. You were a wonderful kitty.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Expensive Hairball

Bob came home today. I talked to Dr Morgan this morning. She said that yesterday Bob threw up a huge hairball. After that she said he started eating and drinking, plus she gave him an appetite stimulant. I was so happy to hear that he was going to be OK. It was a rough weekend all around. Got him home and he is back to exploring, nibbling on some kitten kibble (which is fine by me). And now he is next me on the right, purring, Ellie on the left, purring, heathens in crate, sleeping. Wraggs of course is ticked cause no walkie tonight, it was starting to rain and I melt in the rain.

I dreamt last night that I was holding a ham. Yes, a ham. I think I had Ellie in the crook of my arm most of the night. hehe. My little calico ham.

I made sure this evening that Ellie got the chance to smell kitten hind ends, kittens were still drowsy so they didn't do bad things. Ellie smelled, wrinkled her nose and hissed. At least she didn't run and hide or hit.

So now I have my 4 cats back at home. Bob gets Vaseline daily now, Ellie is on a perpetual diet, Herman and Louie are learning to explore the house and cause some trouble (no, you do not need to be on the dvr). And Wraggs, well, she is the best dog ever. What a good dog to put up with all of the felines in the house.

Life is good!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quiet house

There are 2 kittens, 1 ticked of calico and a dog in my house but it is quiet without my orange boy Bob here. I am hoping he comes home tomorrow. This is the longest a pet of mine has ever stayed at the vets. I am definitely scared....if it is time, it is time but I don't want it to be time yet.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to the sound of Ellie hitting the kitten crate and her hissing. I tried to fall back to sleep, thinking 'kittens will be quiet'. I knew better. I ended up getting up, fixing their plate of breakfast and putting them in the front room crate to eat. I was able to get a little more sleep and have a nice cuddle with Ellie. She insisted on touching my face, no claws, she just wanted to touch me.

Wraggs is doing pretty well too. It is so hot out right now, even early in the morning, I've had to cut down our walks quite a bit. I think she misses them and I know I do. I have to work out a bit more than I have been, I've seen a weight gain and I am not happy about it. sigh.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sick Kitty - Bob

Bob started feeling bad on Wednesday, he stopped eating, had issues with the litter box and hid under the guest bed. I knew he was feeling bad when it continued on Thursday. I tried to tempt him with different foods, nothing worked. So Friday we went off to see Dr Morgan. She checked him out, said his teeth are good for an old guy, slight heart murmur (also due to be an old guy) and then said 'I want to keep him him over night'. Crap. I hate that. I want Bob home with me and the other kids. They told me to call back this morning for an update. sigh. So I called and Dr Morgan called me back. She said his kidney numbers look good for an old guy but he is obviously having some issues so she wanted to keep him for the weekend, flush out his system. I asked, will he be OK? She said yes but I know, he is old, he may not be. She told me that if he isn't eating by tomorrow she will give him an appetite stimulant. Good. I want him eating! I did purchase some human baby food, the starter food that is just meat, no onions, no spices. I know that kitties that do not feel well will usually eat that stuff and I want him eating. I just want him home. Where he belongs. I hope he doesn't think I've left him forever. I would never do that. Ever.

It is so quiet here without him even with the heathens and Ellie and Wraggs. Ellie again slept on my head for part of the night and then this morning she was back on the pillow, touching me, wanting me to pet her and love on her. Of course I did. I had to put the kittens in the front room crate at 6, they were starting to stir so I got their food, put them in crate and let them eat. They are good eaters, that is for sure. Louie is finally having firm poops, yes, I know everyone wants to read that but it is important. Now to get Herman up to speed like that too. He is still having diarrhea. The vet said kittens have diarrhea. I just don't like him having it.

Went to visit Tiger across the street. He is a good cat, all cat. Solid cat. He was licking my toes and I knew what came next, he nibbled on them. I made sure he had his kibble bowls filled, fresh water, scooped his box and played with him for a bit. And of course to help me get out of the house I put down some Temptations treats so he was busy snacking while I left. Much, much easier to get out.

I'm still worried about Bob, it does scare me. I emailed my sister to let her know, since she was his human for many years when she lived with Mom and Dad. She is also worried and just wants him back home with me. I did warn her though, the inevitable will occur and I will do what is right by him.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My new calico hat for night time wear

Last night was a first for Ellie. She has never done this before but.....she slept on my head last night. On the pillow, with her feet around my head all night. Maybe she wanted the heathens to know, "Mom is mine". She has definitely decided that sleeping close to me is a good thing.

I'm worried about Bob. He hasn't been eating, I've gotten out all kinds of food, even went so far as to open a can of tuna. He was having none of it. I'm going to call the vet in the morning, get an appointment and go in tomorrow after work (which I am leaving early due to some overtime that I had last week that I can take off as time I will). I'm hoping that Dr Morgan can help him out, it isn't time for him to go to the bridge yet. I've only had him 6 years this October 1. Yes, he is 17 years old but he didn't come to live with me till 2003 when my parents couldn't keep him anymore. I made him promise me at least 5 years, so I've had those but I am not ready yet. So hopefully Dr Morgan can give him some fluids, a shot, maybe the dreaded enema (yew) and something to get his appetite going again. I'm just not ready.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still a few 'issues'

Ellie is feeling better I 'think', she is at least out a bit more often. I do make sure she knows she is loved and cannot be replaced. And certainly not by 2 little heathens. Bob isn't feeling great right now, he is under the weather. Not eating like he should but I'm sure he will get around to it.

And the heathens.....right now they are running round my front room, attempting to break something. Whew, just put them back in their crate in the family room, time out time. They both look like they are getting better at their 'movements'. They appear to be more 'firm'. It has been a rough few days. Ah, they are finally asleep and quiet. Man, Louie has a LOUD meow. And he knows how to use it. I love to watch Herman walk with those paddles of his. I have a feeling that both kittens will be big boys...those are already some moose feets they got. Of course, since I just wrote that, they will be end up being petite and delicate. Yeah, right. Big boys, I want big boys.

Wraggs was ticked, she didn't get to eat any cat food today and she was FORCED to eat the green beans that I add to her kibble (she is on a perpetual diet). She was so happy on Monday when I left the crate open and she got to eat the kitten kibble. And of course I could not reprimand her, it was my fault. I know better. This is why the room where Ellie eats has the door partially closed. This is why, if I am not in the bedroom, the kibble that is in my master bath is up on the counter (she sees it, it is hers!!!!).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Louie and Herman's not so excellent adventure

We made a trip to the vet this afternoon. I've been worrying cause they have both been dealing with diarrhea and I know that they can get dehydrated and die way too quickly. I don't want that to happen. So off to Dr. Morgan we go. An hour later they both had sub-q fluids, a B-12 shot, anti-diarrhea meds, worm meds and lots of awwwww how cute from the techs there. Both of them are feeling pretty good now, full of well, piss and vinegar.

I think Ellie is turning the corner where they are concerned. Slowly but surely she will adjust. She slept on my bed last night as usual but was as close to me as she could get. I would touch her and she would roll over so I could rub her fat little belly. And when I was up and about, in my office reading the comics, checking emails and news I hear 'crunch, crunch'. She came in to snack while I was there, she actually walked by the HEATHENS!!!! I did pick her up and walk back in the room, showed her kittens/heathens in the crate.....growl, hiss. I think every little bit of interaction helps.

Starting Wednesday I am pet sitting my neighbors cat, Tiger. I've sat for him before, he is a good boy and well, I spoil him just a touch. Not that his Mom doesn't spoil him, she does. But it is a new person and new stuff so it is soooo much better then when Mom does it. I like visiting Tiger, he is all boy cat, a big boy. And Toni said it is ok to bring Wraggs over too so she will visit, Tiger will try to bite her and Wraggs will try to eat his food. Everyone wins!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I really was hoping to sleep in this weekend, at least past 6:30. Who knew that having kittens meant that wasn't happening. I had to get up at 6:30 and put them in the other crate with food (they were hungry even though they had dry food overnight). I'm trying to get them to eat dry food but Herman appears to be the stubborn one. I make sure that there is dry food in with the wet, want to cut down on the diarrhea issues. Of course tonight someone hurled all over their box (which I took out to the trash). Good thing I got a replacement box. They like sitting on top of it in the carrier and obviously puking on it just adds to the fun (not).

Ellie was fine overnight with me. She slept on the bed with me but wasn't there to cuddle when I got up. Bummed me out. I like to cuddle with the little tub of lard cat. Bob is well, Bob. He is such an easy going cat. Tomorrow is his 17th birthday....not sure if that is really the day but he was born in 1992 like my youngest nephew so they will share a birthday as far as I am concerned. Wraggs was pretty excited today, she got to eat some cat food!!!! It is always exciting with that happens. Of course she got a loud WRAGGS from me for her effort.

It is wicked hot here. I heard something about a heat index of 107. I believe it. I was roasting here earlier, I have the AC on, fans going and I took a cool shower to help cool me down. It is still warm. The humidity was awful this morning, you could see it at 7 when I finally caved and got up.

So everyone has survived the first week of the heathens being added to the house. I want the little guys to start eating dry food! I am going to have to push this issue I can tell, less wet, more dry.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Growling is progress I guess

Last night I was shocked. The kittens (aka Heathens) were in the bedroom crate, everyone was down for the night and I got up for a second and found Ellie, sitting next to the crate, just looking. This is the closest I have seen her to them since they arrived on Monday. She was interested, very interested. But not upset. This morning at 6:15 the Heathens woke me up so I figured I would move them to the other crate and get more sleep. I got up to move then and what did I see? Ellie. Sitting there again. So I sat back on the bed and watched her. She was just sitting there but the kittens were a little active. Ellie hissed and growled. She has been here over a year now and this is the first time I have EVER heard her growl. It was a low, low rumble. Not angry really, just a sound to let them know where they stand in her life (at the bottom, after pond scum).

Good Saturday. I was able to play with the kittens a few times. Keep them occupied. Tonight I played with them in the bathroom, got some great snaps and video but I needed to do things. Like take the dog for a quick walk. So I left them locked in the bathroom. I came back to put them back in the front room crate and found....poop and puke. All on rugs. sigh. I am washing 2 rugs now, will wash 3rd in a bit. They are both adjusting to new food so it is expected that they will have diarrhea. And they have been good about it. Last night I heard the sound of puking and figured it was Bob so I got up, turned on the light so I knew where it was so I could clean before stepping in it. Instead it was Louie, puking in the litter box. Now that is a good kitty, doing it there. I think Herman is the pooper, Louie is the puker. Other than that they are doing good, they are eating, they are drinking and well, the other stuff is to be expected. It takes time for them to adjust to something different.

Everyone else is adjusting. Bob still acts like a curmudgeon. It is to be expected, he is a geezer kitty. And Wraggs is just dang excited by the little ones. Wait until they weigh in at 15 pounds each and can nail her with those paws. She may not be that excited then! I am hoping they are big cats, not fat cats, but big cats.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I think everyone is adjusting as I expected them to. There hasn't been a 'fight', just a few cat noses out of joint but they are all coming around I think. Bob is the easiest going cat I have ever seen. I'm not sure if it is due to his being orange, old or just Bob, but he has no problem with the kittens. Ellie is doing better. She spent much time on my bed last night before it was bedtime, cuddling with me. The kittens were in the room in the other crate and she wasn't upset. In fact she slept most of the night next to me. And this morning before I left for work she was up on the bed waiting for her 'goodbye' treats. Wraggs is Wraggs, she is pretty much a good dog with the exception of being a little TOO excited with the kittens.

I took Louie and Herman into my bathroom to let them play, I sat there on the floor with them. It really is just fun to watch them run and jump at each other and attack. Of course along with attacking each other they attacked my toes. ouch. I am going to have to take them in there to wear them out, it is a safe room, I can close all doors and there is no furniture to hide behind. It is a big bathroom but not that big. They are having fun with each other. I'm glad I got the kitten would have been lonely, at least the two of them have each other to play with and cuddle (for now). Aunt Bob was watching them play earlier, just watching. Like the old guy at the end of the street - you kids get off of my lawn before I turn this hose on you!!! damned whipper snappers. Harrumph, in my day I didn't do things like that, I attacked the old Chihuahua in the house, Dino, and got yelled at constantly - BOB STOP THAT, BOB GET DOWN FROM THERE, BOB BOB BOB. Yeah, I miss the good old days.

So all appears to be going well. I'm wearing the kittens out in the evening so that they sleep. Tomorrow may be a test 5 am I may be up putting them out in the living room crate when they start being too active in there. I want to sleep!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ellie - day 3

I've been worrying so much about how Ellie is reacting. She spends most of her time under my bed. Of course I have to remember, this is where she likes to spend most of her time. She came out after dark last night again. I went to find her and talk to her, comfort her. She ran to my office again...worried that I might make her see THOSE heathens. I left her to her own devices and went to bed. I woke up at 1:30 when she ran across my back. I ended up cuddling her most of the night. I think she missed me, I hope she missed me.

The kittens are wonderful. They are both eating like they should. Louie is more of a piggy but Herman gets his fair share of the food too. I've seen Louie eating the crunchies and I figure Herman will join in when he is ready. They are both climbers. I'm glad the crate has a top on it or they would both be out of there!!!

Had a small incident with Wraggs this morning. One of the kittens ran by her and she got a bit too excited. Tried to 'chase' or play. She got swatted on the butt and she went to the bedroom cause she KNEW she was naughty. No real issues but I still worry that she might do something so I will continue to watch and keep them separated for the most part.

Bob is just Bob. He is dealing pretty well with the new kids. He pretty much ignores them. Typical Bob behavior. He is a good cat, I want him to have some influence on the squirts.

And the squirts are now resting together in the crate. I'm going to get them out and play with them in a few minutes. I'm glad I got 2 kittens, they can keep each other busy and company.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am still worried about how Ellie is reacting. She is back under my bed again. I left treats on my bed for her, they were uneaten when I got home so I put them under the bed for her. She did come out last night, finally. The lights were off and the kittens were quiet so she knew it was safe to come out from under the bed. I found her in the front room and talked to her...she ran into my office which is also her 'safe' room, where her food, water and litterbox are located. I followed her in there and sat with her, got her to come out to me and I loved on her. I told her she is my heart kitty, that I love her and that nothing will change that. I spent a good 15 - 20 minutes with her. She did purr so that is good. And she didn't run from me. I am not pushing her at all, she has to do this on her time. She will come around, maybe not LOVE the kittens but tolerate them is all I want.

The other 'kids' are doing better. Wraggs still loves them, although....she got yelled at this morning when she was a bit too aggressive for my tastes. I'm not sure if she thinks they are her babies, food or what I really feel....she wants to eat their food. Yes, that is it. Bob is awesome. He hissed at them in their nighttime bed but other than that he has been fine. He met me at the door tonight when I got home from work.

I was able to sleep thru the night without hearing MEW MEW MEW. Mostly because I took my tylenol PM and my allergy pill..knocked me out totally which was what I wanted. I need to sleep.

That is all that is interesting here. I'm going to get the kittens out in a few minutes and play with them, cuddle them...wear out their little cat butts!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome Herman and Louie

They were delivered to my office yesterday morning and spent the day at work with me. They spent a couple of hours in with one of the managers....she loves kitties and had a great time. I did get them to the vet for their appointment, it was just a 'intro' visit. No shots but those will happen.

Then we came home. OMG, that was interesting. Bob smelled the carrier and was not impressed. Once he saw the boys he went into the closet to hide. I took them into see Ellie who was on my bed. She had a look of 'those are NOT my kittens' and she went under the bed. Once Wraggs came in from her potty trip she saw the babies. She is acting like a new Mom with them. She was all excited, licking fronts and bottoms. I'm not sure if she is tasting them or wanting to be Mom with them. So the first evening was pretty much uneventful. Then came morning.

At 5 am they started mewing in the cloth carrier in my bedroom, I got up and put them on the bed...wanted to sleep but it wasn't happening. I finally put them in the crate in the family room for some peace. I did my usual stuff and then I thought 'I haven't seen Ellie, where is she', I started looking. I looked under the bed at least 4 times, no Ellie. I searched the entire house. NO ELLIE. I started thinking she got outside but nope, she didn't. She hates outside more than she hates kittens so she wasn't out there. I did finally find her. I thought maybe she was in the comforter that lives in my bathtub (safe place and I hate making the bed with it since cats usually sleep on my bed). No Ellie but then I started to pick it was HEAVY. There she was. Hiding in the comforter. I pulled her out, she was very stiff and scared. I took her to my office which is her room. She bolted back to my bedroom and under the bed. I hate that we have digressed a bit but I am sure she will come around, she likes human contact with me too much (I hope).

Everyone did ok today. Ellie is still under the bed. Bob is in the guest room hiding. Wraggs is still excited by the new little ones.

Herman appears to be the more outgoing kitten. He is the one with extra toes. Louie follows Herman's lead. I'll get them out in a bit for more play time, I want to wear them out a bit more before bed time. 6 weeks old is very little. I did find them eating dry food so that is good. I heard one of them crunching away this morning. They both are using the litter box like good kitties. It is going to be an interesting time with everyone.

I just want Ellie to not be hurt. We have made such progress. I don't want this to set her back too far.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Kittens Arriving Tomorrow

I did it. I finally did it. I'm adopting kittens. They are 6 weeks old today. Two sweet, little furry kittens will be arriving at my office tomorrow. Imagine what it is going to be like tomorrow in the everyone will be. It will be a zoo.

I have no idea the gender of either kitten but then I don't really care. I always thought I should have male cats because that is what I've always had, even growing up the majority of our cats were male. But last year I added Ellie into the household. She is all girl and my heart kitty, cannot imagine not having her in my life. I also have Bob, my parents cat who came to live with me almost 6 years ago. He turns 17 this summer (June 22 is the date I picked for his birthday, he and my youngest nephew are the same age and amazingly have the same birthday). And of course I cannot forget Wraggs, my dog. She was also in my parents house and came to live here with me 6 years ago. It will be interesting to see how the three current residents feel about the fresh kittens. I'm hoping (yes, hoping) that Ellie will be maternal with them, that Bob will be Aunt Bob and Wraggs will be terrified yet thrilled to have more cats in the house. I'm sure that is a dream. It may end up as a huge animal brawl in my house.

This is the start of my story. I hope to keep my blog updated with new and interesting things that occur but I'm sure you know how it is, I'll get distracted, there will be cat puke to clean up, a fight to break up, dog hair to vacuum. All the normal things that occur in a house with pets.