Monday, June 29, 2009

Expensive Hairball

Bob came home today. I talked to Dr Morgan this morning. She said that yesterday Bob threw up a huge hairball. After that she said he started eating and drinking, plus she gave him an appetite stimulant. I was so happy to hear that he was going to be OK. It was a rough weekend all around. Got him home and he is back to exploring, nibbling on some kitten kibble (which is fine by me). And now he is next me on the right, purring, Ellie on the left, purring, heathens in crate, sleeping. Wraggs of course is ticked cause no walkie tonight, it was starting to rain and I melt in the rain.

I dreamt last night that I was holding a ham. Yes, a ham. I think I had Ellie in the crook of my arm most of the night. hehe. My little calico ham.

I made sure this evening that Ellie got the chance to smell kitten hind ends, kittens were still drowsy so they didn't do bad things. Ellie smelled, wrinkled her nose and hissed. At least she didn't run and hide or hit.

So now I have my 4 cats back at home. Bob gets Vaseline daily now, Ellie is on a perpetual diet, Herman and Louie are learning to explore the house and cause some trouble (no, you do not need to be on the dvr). And Wraggs, well, she is the best dog ever. What a good dog to put up with all of the felines in the house.

Life is good!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quiet house

There are 2 kittens, 1 ticked of calico and a dog in my house but it is quiet without my orange boy Bob here. I am hoping he comes home tomorrow. This is the longest a pet of mine has ever stayed at the vets. I am definitely scared....if it is time, it is time but I don't want it to be time yet.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to the sound of Ellie hitting the kitten crate and her hissing. I tried to fall back to sleep, thinking 'kittens will be quiet'. I knew better. I ended up getting up, fixing their plate of breakfast and putting them in the front room crate to eat. I was able to get a little more sleep and have a nice cuddle with Ellie. She insisted on touching my face, no claws, she just wanted to touch me.

Wraggs is doing pretty well too. It is so hot out right now, even early in the morning, I've had to cut down our walks quite a bit. I think she misses them and I know I do. I have to work out a bit more than I have been, I've seen a weight gain and I am not happy about it. sigh.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sick Kitty - Bob

Bob started feeling bad on Wednesday, he stopped eating, had issues with the litter box and hid under the guest bed. I knew he was feeling bad when it continued on Thursday. I tried to tempt him with different foods, nothing worked. So Friday we went off to see Dr Morgan. She checked him out, said his teeth are good for an old guy, slight heart murmur (also due to be an old guy) and then said 'I want to keep him him over night'. Crap. I hate that. I want Bob home with me and the other kids. They told me to call back this morning for an update. sigh. So I called and Dr Morgan called me back. She said his kidney numbers look good for an old guy but he is obviously having some issues so she wanted to keep him for the weekend, flush out his system. I asked, will he be OK? She said yes but I know, he is old, he may not be. She told me that if he isn't eating by tomorrow she will give him an appetite stimulant. Good. I want him eating! I did purchase some human baby food, the starter food that is just meat, no onions, no spices. I know that kitties that do not feel well will usually eat that stuff and I want him eating. I just want him home. Where he belongs. I hope he doesn't think I've left him forever. I would never do that. Ever.

It is so quiet here without him even with the heathens and Ellie and Wraggs. Ellie again slept on my head for part of the night and then this morning she was back on the pillow, touching me, wanting me to pet her and love on her. Of course I did. I had to put the kittens in the front room crate at 6, they were starting to stir so I got their food, put them in crate and let them eat. They are good eaters, that is for sure. Louie is finally having firm poops, yes, I know everyone wants to read that but it is important. Now to get Herman up to speed like that too. He is still having diarrhea. The vet said kittens have diarrhea. I just don't like him having it.

Went to visit Tiger across the street. He is a good cat, all cat. Solid cat. He was licking my toes and I knew what came next, he nibbled on them. I made sure he had his kibble bowls filled, fresh water, scooped his box and played with him for a bit. And of course to help me get out of the house I put down some Temptations treats so he was busy snacking while I left. Much, much easier to get out.

I'm still worried about Bob, it does scare me. I emailed my sister to let her know, since she was his human for many years when she lived with Mom and Dad. She is also worried and just wants him back home with me. I did warn her though, the inevitable will occur and I will do what is right by him.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My new calico hat for night time wear

Last night was a first for Ellie. She has never done this before but.....she slept on my head last night. On the pillow, with her feet around my head all night. Maybe she wanted the heathens to know, "Mom is mine". She has definitely decided that sleeping close to me is a good thing.

I'm worried about Bob. He hasn't been eating, I've gotten out all kinds of food, even went so far as to open a can of tuna. He was having none of it. I'm going to call the vet in the morning, get an appointment and go in tomorrow after work (which I am leaving early due to some overtime that I had last week that I can take off as time I will). I'm hoping that Dr Morgan can help him out, it isn't time for him to go to the bridge yet. I've only had him 6 years this October 1. Yes, he is 17 years old but he didn't come to live with me till 2003 when my parents couldn't keep him anymore. I made him promise me at least 5 years, so I've had those but I am not ready yet. So hopefully Dr Morgan can give him some fluids, a shot, maybe the dreaded enema (yew) and something to get his appetite going again. I'm just not ready.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still a few 'issues'

Ellie is feeling better I 'think', she is at least out a bit more often. I do make sure she knows she is loved and cannot be replaced. And certainly not by 2 little heathens. Bob isn't feeling great right now, he is under the weather. Not eating like he should but I'm sure he will get around to it.

And the heathens.....right now they are running round my front room, attempting to break something. Whew, just put them back in their crate in the family room, time out time. They both look like they are getting better at their 'movements'. They appear to be more 'firm'. It has been a rough few days. Ah, they are finally asleep and quiet. Man, Louie has a LOUD meow. And he knows how to use it. I love to watch Herman walk with those paddles of his. I have a feeling that both kittens will be big boys...those are already some moose feets they got. Of course, since I just wrote that, they will be end up being petite and delicate. Yeah, right. Big boys, I want big boys.

Wraggs was ticked, she didn't get to eat any cat food today and she was FORCED to eat the green beans that I add to her kibble (she is on a perpetual diet). She was so happy on Monday when I left the crate open and she got to eat the kitten kibble. And of course I could not reprimand her, it was my fault. I know better. This is why the room where Ellie eats has the door partially closed. This is why, if I am not in the bedroom, the kibble that is in my master bath is up on the counter (she sees it, it is hers!!!!).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Louie and Herman's not so excellent adventure

We made a trip to the vet this afternoon. I've been worrying cause they have both been dealing with diarrhea and I know that they can get dehydrated and die way too quickly. I don't want that to happen. So off to Dr. Morgan we go. An hour later they both had sub-q fluids, a B-12 shot, anti-diarrhea meds, worm meds and lots of awwwww how cute from the techs there. Both of them are feeling pretty good now, full of well, piss and vinegar.

I think Ellie is turning the corner where they are concerned. Slowly but surely she will adjust. She slept on my bed last night as usual but was as close to me as she could get. I would touch her and she would roll over so I could rub her fat little belly. And when I was up and about, in my office reading the comics, checking emails and news I hear 'crunch, crunch'. She came in to snack while I was there, she actually walked by the HEATHENS!!!! I did pick her up and walk back in the room, showed her kittens/heathens in the crate.....growl, hiss. I think every little bit of interaction helps.

Starting Wednesday I am pet sitting my neighbors cat, Tiger. I've sat for him before, he is a good boy and well, I spoil him just a touch. Not that his Mom doesn't spoil him, she does. But it is a new person and new stuff so it is soooo much better then when Mom does it. I like visiting Tiger, he is all boy cat, a big boy. And Toni said it is ok to bring Wraggs over too so she will visit, Tiger will try to bite her and Wraggs will try to eat his food. Everyone wins!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I really was hoping to sleep in this weekend, at least past 6:30. Who knew that having kittens meant that wasn't happening. I had to get up at 6:30 and put them in the other crate with food (they were hungry even though they had dry food overnight). I'm trying to get them to eat dry food but Herman appears to be the stubborn one. I make sure that there is dry food in with the wet, want to cut down on the diarrhea issues. Of course tonight someone hurled all over their box (which I took out to the trash). Good thing I got a replacement box. They like sitting on top of it in the carrier and obviously puking on it just adds to the fun (not).

Ellie was fine overnight with me. She slept on the bed with me but wasn't there to cuddle when I got up. Bummed me out. I like to cuddle with the little tub of lard cat. Bob is well, Bob. He is such an easy going cat. Tomorrow is his 17th birthday....not sure if that is really the day but he was born in 1992 like my youngest nephew so they will share a birthday as far as I am concerned. Wraggs was pretty excited today, she got to eat some cat food!!!! It is always exciting with that happens. Of course she got a loud WRAGGS from me for her effort.

It is wicked hot here. I heard something about a heat index of 107. I believe it. I was roasting here earlier, I have the AC on, fans going and I took a cool shower to help cool me down. It is still warm. The humidity was awful this morning, you could see it at 7 when I finally caved and got up.

So everyone has survived the first week of the heathens being added to the house. I want the little guys to start eating dry food! I am going to have to push this issue I can tell, less wet, more dry.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Growling is progress I guess

Last night I was shocked. The kittens (aka Heathens) were in the bedroom crate, everyone was down for the night and I got up for a second and found Ellie, sitting next to the crate, just looking. This is the closest I have seen her to them since they arrived on Monday. She was interested, very interested. But not upset. This morning at 6:15 the Heathens woke me up so I figured I would move them to the other crate and get more sleep. I got up to move then and what did I see? Ellie. Sitting there again. So I sat back on the bed and watched her. She was just sitting there but the kittens were a little active. Ellie hissed and growled. She has been here over a year now and this is the first time I have EVER heard her growl. It was a low, low rumble. Not angry really, just a sound to let them know where they stand in her life (at the bottom, after pond scum).

Good Saturday. I was able to play with the kittens a few times. Keep them occupied. Tonight I played with them in the bathroom, got some great snaps and video but I needed to do things. Like take the dog for a quick walk. So I left them locked in the bathroom. I came back to put them back in the front room crate and found....poop and puke. All on rugs. sigh. I am washing 2 rugs now, will wash 3rd in a bit. They are both adjusting to new food so it is expected that they will have diarrhea. And they have been good about it. Last night I heard the sound of puking and figured it was Bob so I got up, turned on the light so I knew where it was so I could clean before stepping in it. Instead it was Louie, puking in the litter box. Now that is a good kitty, doing it there. I think Herman is the pooper, Louie is the puker. Other than that they are doing good, they are eating, they are drinking and well, the other stuff is to be expected. It takes time for them to adjust to something different.

Everyone else is adjusting. Bob still acts like a curmudgeon. It is to be expected, he is a geezer kitty. And Wraggs is just dang excited by the little ones. Wait until they weigh in at 15 pounds each and can nail her with those paws. She may not be that excited then! I am hoping they are big cats, not fat cats, but big cats.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I think everyone is adjusting as I expected them to. There hasn't been a 'fight', just a few cat noses out of joint but they are all coming around I think. Bob is the easiest going cat I have ever seen. I'm not sure if it is due to his being orange, old or just Bob, but he has no problem with the kittens. Ellie is doing better. She spent much time on my bed last night before it was bedtime, cuddling with me. The kittens were in the room in the other crate and she wasn't upset. In fact she slept most of the night next to me. And this morning before I left for work she was up on the bed waiting for her 'goodbye' treats. Wraggs is Wraggs, she is pretty much a good dog with the exception of being a little TOO excited with the kittens.

I took Louie and Herman into my bathroom to let them play, I sat there on the floor with them. It really is just fun to watch them run and jump at each other and attack. Of course along with attacking each other they attacked my toes. ouch. I am going to have to take them in there to wear them out, it is a safe room, I can close all doors and there is no furniture to hide behind. It is a big bathroom but not that big. They are having fun with each other. I'm glad I got the kitten would have been lonely, at least the two of them have each other to play with and cuddle (for now). Aunt Bob was watching them play earlier, just watching. Like the old guy at the end of the street - you kids get off of my lawn before I turn this hose on you!!! damned whipper snappers. Harrumph, in my day I didn't do things like that, I attacked the old Chihuahua in the house, Dino, and got yelled at constantly - BOB STOP THAT, BOB GET DOWN FROM THERE, BOB BOB BOB. Yeah, I miss the good old days.

So all appears to be going well. I'm wearing the kittens out in the evening so that they sleep. Tomorrow may be a test 5 am I may be up putting them out in the living room crate when they start being too active in there. I want to sleep!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ellie - day 3

I've been worrying so much about how Ellie is reacting. She spends most of her time under my bed. Of course I have to remember, this is where she likes to spend most of her time. She came out after dark last night again. I went to find her and talk to her, comfort her. She ran to my office again...worried that I might make her see THOSE heathens. I left her to her own devices and went to bed. I woke up at 1:30 when she ran across my back. I ended up cuddling her most of the night. I think she missed me, I hope she missed me.

The kittens are wonderful. They are both eating like they should. Louie is more of a piggy but Herman gets his fair share of the food too. I've seen Louie eating the crunchies and I figure Herman will join in when he is ready. They are both climbers. I'm glad the crate has a top on it or they would both be out of there!!!

Had a small incident with Wraggs this morning. One of the kittens ran by her and she got a bit too excited. Tried to 'chase' or play. She got swatted on the butt and she went to the bedroom cause she KNEW she was naughty. No real issues but I still worry that she might do something so I will continue to watch and keep them separated for the most part.

Bob is just Bob. He is dealing pretty well with the new kids. He pretty much ignores them. Typical Bob behavior. He is a good cat, I want him to have some influence on the squirts.

And the squirts are now resting together in the crate. I'm going to get them out and play with them in a few minutes. I'm glad I got 2 kittens, they can keep each other busy and company.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am still worried about how Ellie is reacting. She is back under my bed again. I left treats on my bed for her, they were uneaten when I got home so I put them under the bed for her. She did come out last night, finally. The lights were off and the kittens were quiet so she knew it was safe to come out from under the bed. I found her in the front room and talked to her...she ran into my office which is also her 'safe' room, where her food, water and litterbox are located. I followed her in there and sat with her, got her to come out to me and I loved on her. I told her she is my heart kitty, that I love her and that nothing will change that. I spent a good 15 - 20 minutes with her. She did purr so that is good. And she didn't run from me. I am not pushing her at all, she has to do this on her time. She will come around, maybe not LOVE the kittens but tolerate them is all I want.

The other 'kids' are doing better. Wraggs still loves them, although....she got yelled at this morning when she was a bit too aggressive for my tastes. I'm not sure if she thinks they are her babies, food or what I really feel....she wants to eat their food. Yes, that is it. Bob is awesome. He hissed at them in their nighttime bed but other than that he has been fine. He met me at the door tonight when I got home from work.

I was able to sleep thru the night without hearing MEW MEW MEW. Mostly because I took my tylenol PM and my allergy pill..knocked me out totally which was what I wanted. I need to sleep.

That is all that is interesting here. I'm going to get the kittens out in a few minutes and play with them, cuddle them...wear out their little cat butts!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome Herman and Louie

They were delivered to my office yesterday morning and spent the day at work with me. They spent a couple of hours in with one of the managers....she loves kitties and had a great time. I did get them to the vet for their appointment, it was just a 'intro' visit. No shots but those will happen.

Then we came home. OMG, that was interesting. Bob smelled the carrier and was not impressed. Once he saw the boys he went into the closet to hide. I took them into see Ellie who was on my bed. She had a look of 'those are NOT my kittens' and she went under the bed. Once Wraggs came in from her potty trip she saw the babies. She is acting like a new Mom with them. She was all excited, licking fronts and bottoms. I'm not sure if she is tasting them or wanting to be Mom with them. So the first evening was pretty much uneventful. Then came morning.

At 5 am they started mewing in the cloth carrier in my bedroom, I got up and put them on the bed...wanted to sleep but it wasn't happening. I finally put them in the crate in the family room for some peace. I did my usual stuff and then I thought 'I haven't seen Ellie, where is she', I started looking. I looked under the bed at least 4 times, no Ellie. I searched the entire house. NO ELLIE. I started thinking she got outside but nope, she didn't. She hates outside more than she hates kittens so she wasn't out there. I did finally find her. I thought maybe she was in the comforter that lives in my bathtub (safe place and I hate making the bed with it since cats usually sleep on my bed). No Ellie but then I started to pick it was HEAVY. There she was. Hiding in the comforter. I pulled her out, she was very stiff and scared. I took her to my office which is her room. She bolted back to my bedroom and under the bed. I hate that we have digressed a bit but I am sure she will come around, she likes human contact with me too much (I hope).

Everyone did ok today. Ellie is still under the bed. Bob is in the guest room hiding. Wraggs is still excited by the new little ones.

Herman appears to be the more outgoing kitten. He is the one with extra toes. Louie follows Herman's lead. I'll get them out in a bit for more play time, I want to wear them out a bit more before bed time. 6 weeks old is very little. I did find them eating dry food so that is good. I heard one of them crunching away this morning. They both are using the litter box like good kitties. It is going to be an interesting time with everyone.

I just want Ellie to not be hurt. We have made such progress. I don't want this to set her back too far.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Kittens Arriving Tomorrow

I did it. I finally did it. I'm adopting kittens. They are 6 weeks old today. Two sweet, little furry kittens will be arriving at my office tomorrow. Imagine what it is going to be like tomorrow in the everyone will be. It will be a zoo.

I have no idea the gender of either kitten but then I don't really care. I always thought I should have male cats because that is what I've always had, even growing up the majority of our cats were male. But last year I added Ellie into the household. She is all girl and my heart kitty, cannot imagine not having her in my life. I also have Bob, my parents cat who came to live with me almost 6 years ago. He turns 17 this summer (June 22 is the date I picked for his birthday, he and my youngest nephew are the same age and amazingly have the same birthday). And of course I cannot forget Wraggs, my dog. She was also in my parents house and came to live here with me 6 years ago. It will be interesting to see how the three current residents feel about the fresh kittens. I'm hoping (yes, hoping) that Ellie will be maternal with them, that Bob will be Aunt Bob and Wraggs will be terrified yet thrilled to have more cats in the house. I'm sure that is a dream. It may end up as a huge animal brawl in my house.

This is the start of my story. I hope to keep my blog updated with new and interesting things that occur but I'm sure you know how it is, I'll get distracted, there will be cat puke to clean up, a fight to break up, dog hair to vacuum. All the normal things that occur in a house with pets.