Friday, June 19, 2009


I think everyone is adjusting as I expected them to. There hasn't been a 'fight', just a few cat noses out of joint but they are all coming around I think. Bob is the easiest going cat I have ever seen. I'm not sure if it is due to his being orange, old or just Bob, but he has no problem with the kittens. Ellie is doing better. She spent much time on my bed last night before it was bedtime, cuddling with me. The kittens were in the room in the other crate and she wasn't upset. In fact she slept most of the night next to me. And this morning before I left for work she was up on the bed waiting for her 'goodbye' treats. Wraggs is Wraggs, she is pretty much a good dog with the exception of being a little TOO excited with the kittens.

I took Louie and Herman into my bathroom to let them play, I sat there on the floor with them. It really is just fun to watch them run and jump at each other and attack. Of course along with attacking each other they attacked my toes. ouch. I am going to have to take them in there to wear them out, it is a safe room, I can close all doors and there is no furniture to hide behind. It is a big bathroom but not that big. They are having fun with each other. I'm glad I got the kitten would have been lonely, at least the two of them have each other to play with and cuddle (for now). Aunt Bob was watching them play earlier, just watching. Like the old guy at the end of the street - you kids get off of my lawn before I turn this hose on you!!! damned whipper snappers. Harrumph, in my day I didn't do things like that, I attacked the old Chihuahua in the house, Dino, and got yelled at constantly - BOB STOP THAT, BOB GET DOWN FROM THERE, BOB BOB BOB. Yeah, I miss the good old days.

So all appears to be going well. I'm wearing the kittens out in the evening so that they sleep. Tomorrow may be a test 5 am I may be up putting them out in the living room crate when they start being too active in there. I want to sleep!!!!

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