Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ellie - day 3

I've been worrying so much about how Ellie is reacting. She spends most of her time under my bed. Of course I have to remember, this is where she likes to spend most of her time. She came out after dark last night again. I went to find her and talk to her, comfort her. She ran to my office again...worried that I might make her see THOSE heathens. I left her to her own devices and went to bed. I woke up at 1:30 when she ran across my back. I ended up cuddling her most of the night. I think she missed me, I hope she missed me.

The kittens are wonderful. They are both eating like they should. Louie is more of a piggy but Herman gets his fair share of the food too. I've seen Louie eating the crunchies and I figure Herman will join in when he is ready. They are both climbers. I'm glad the crate has a top on it or they would both be out of there!!!

Had a small incident with Wraggs this morning. One of the kittens ran by her and she got a bit too excited. Tried to 'chase' or play. She got swatted on the butt and she went to the bedroom cause she KNEW she was naughty. No real issues but I still worry that she might do something so I will continue to watch and keep them separated for the most part.

Bob is just Bob. He is dealing pretty well with the new kids. He pretty much ignores them. Typical Bob behavior. He is a good cat, I want him to have some influence on the squirts.

And the squirts are now resting together in the crate. I'm going to get them out and play with them in a few minutes. I'm glad I got 2 kittens, they can keep each other busy and company.

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  1. I think for Day 3, everything seems to be going very well. You are keeping an eye on Wraggs so she won't get too excited with them. It won't be long til they are big enough to play with her more.
    Thank goodness Bob is laid back and not having issues with them.

    As for Ellie, I agree with Julia (?) that she is a bit jealous and probably unsure of the degree of threat by them. They will work it out. I think it's important to spend some one on one with her daily, even if it's for 10 minutes. As the kittens grow, maybe she will join in and play laser chase with them.

    I'm enjoying the blog :-)