Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am still worried about how Ellie is reacting. She is back under my bed again. I left treats on my bed for her, they were uneaten when I got home so I put them under the bed for her. She did come out last night, finally. The lights were off and the kittens were quiet so she knew it was safe to come out from under the bed. I found her in the front room and talked to her...she ran into my office which is also her 'safe' room, where her food, water and litterbox are located. I followed her in there and sat with her, got her to come out to me and I loved on her. I told her she is my heart kitty, that I love her and that nothing will change that. I spent a good 15 - 20 minutes with her. She did purr so that is good. And she didn't run from me. I am not pushing her at all, she has to do this on her time. She will come around, maybe not LOVE the kittens but tolerate them is all I want.

The other 'kids' are doing better. Wraggs still loves them, although....she got yelled at this morning when she was a bit too aggressive for my tastes. I'm not sure if she thinks they are her babies, food or what I really feel....she wants to eat their food. Yes, that is it. Bob is awesome. He hissed at them in their nighttime bed but other than that he has been fine. He met me at the door tonight when I got home from work.

I was able to sleep thru the night without hearing MEW MEW MEW. Mostly because I took my tylenol PM and my allergy pill..knocked me out totally which was what I wanted. I need to sleep.

That is all that is interesting here. I'm going to get the kittens out in a few minutes and play with them, cuddle them...wear out their little cat butts!!!

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  1. Kittens are for cuddling WEB! I hope you got lots of good cuddles tonight.

    Don't worry so much about Ellie. I understand "heart kitty" Gabby was mine. But I bet Ellie's just mad about the competition for your attention.

    I have to admit that I've never conquered the jealousy thing with my babies. But folks who have more kitties than I all say "you have to let them work it out." I suggest you just treat Ellie as you normally would instead of (like I would do!) looking for her as soon as you get home and telling her "oh my darling precious sweetheart! Mommy loves you best! Please don't be upset!" I think overcompensating will just make her resent them more. But what do I know???