Saturday, June 20, 2009

Growling is progress I guess

Last night I was shocked. The kittens (aka Heathens) were in the bedroom crate, everyone was down for the night and I got up for a second and found Ellie, sitting next to the crate, just looking. This is the closest I have seen her to them since they arrived on Monday. She was interested, very interested. But not upset. This morning at 6:15 the Heathens woke me up so I figured I would move them to the other crate and get more sleep. I got up to move then and what did I see? Ellie. Sitting there again. So I sat back on the bed and watched her. She was just sitting there but the kittens were a little active. Ellie hissed and growled. She has been here over a year now and this is the first time I have EVER heard her growl. It was a low, low rumble. Not angry really, just a sound to let them know where they stand in her life (at the bottom, after pond scum).

Good Saturday. I was able to play with the kittens a few times. Keep them occupied. Tonight I played with them in the bathroom, got some great snaps and video but I needed to do things. Like take the dog for a quick walk. So I left them locked in the bathroom. I came back to put them back in the front room crate and found....poop and puke. All on rugs. sigh. I am washing 2 rugs now, will wash 3rd in a bit. They are both adjusting to new food so it is expected that they will have diarrhea. And they have been good about it. Last night I heard the sound of puking and figured it was Bob so I got up, turned on the light so I knew where it was so I could clean before stepping in it. Instead it was Louie, puking in the litter box. Now that is a good kitty, doing it there. I think Herman is the pooper, Louie is the puker. Other than that they are doing good, they are eating, they are drinking and well, the other stuff is to be expected. It takes time for them to adjust to something different.

Everyone else is adjusting. Bob still acts like a curmudgeon. It is to be expected, he is a geezer kitty. And Wraggs is just dang excited by the little ones. Wait until they weigh in at 15 pounds each and can nail her with those paws. She may not be that excited then! I am hoping they are big cats, not fat cats, but big cats.

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