Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Kittens Arriving Tomorrow

I did it. I finally did it. I'm adopting kittens. They are 6 weeks old today. Two sweet, little furry kittens will be arriving at my office tomorrow. Imagine what it is going to be like tomorrow in the everyone will be. It will be a zoo.

I have no idea the gender of either kitten but then I don't really care. I always thought I should have male cats because that is what I've always had, even growing up the majority of our cats were male. But last year I added Ellie into the household. She is all girl and my heart kitty, cannot imagine not having her in my life. I also have Bob, my parents cat who came to live with me almost 6 years ago. He turns 17 this summer (June 22 is the date I picked for his birthday, he and my youngest nephew are the same age and amazingly have the same birthday). And of course I cannot forget Wraggs, my dog. She was also in my parents house and came to live here with me 6 years ago. It will be interesting to see how the three current residents feel about the fresh kittens. I'm hoping (yes, hoping) that Ellie will be maternal with them, that Bob will be Aunt Bob and Wraggs will be terrified yet thrilled to have more cats in the house. I'm sure that is a dream. It may end up as a huge animal brawl in my house.

This is the start of my story. I hope to keep my blog updated with new and interesting things that occur but I'm sure you know how it is, I'll get distracted, there will be cat puke to clean up, a fight to break up, dog hair to vacuum. All the normal things that occur in a house with pets.

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