Sunday, June 21, 2009


I really was hoping to sleep in this weekend, at least past 6:30. Who knew that having kittens meant that wasn't happening. I had to get up at 6:30 and put them in the other crate with food (they were hungry even though they had dry food overnight). I'm trying to get them to eat dry food but Herman appears to be the stubborn one. I make sure that there is dry food in with the wet, want to cut down on the diarrhea issues. Of course tonight someone hurled all over their box (which I took out to the trash). Good thing I got a replacement box. They like sitting on top of it in the carrier and obviously puking on it just adds to the fun (not).

Ellie was fine overnight with me. She slept on the bed with me but wasn't there to cuddle when I got up. Bummed me out. I like to cuddle with the little tub of lard cat. Bob is well, Bob. He is such an easy going cat. Tomorrow is his 17th birthday....not sure if that is really the day but he was born in 1992 like my youngest nephew so they will share a birthday as far as I am concerned. Wraggs was pretty excited today, she got to eat some cat food!!!! It is always exciting with that happens. Of course she got a loud WRAGGS from me for her effort.

It is wicked hot here. I heard something about a heat index of 107. I believe it. I was roasting here earlier, I have the AC on, fans going and I took a cool shower to help cool me down. It is still warm. The humidity was awful this morning, you could see it at 7 when I finally caved and got up.

So everyone has survived the first week of the heathens being added to the house. I want the little guys to start eating dry food! I am going to have to push this issue I can tell, less wet, more dry.

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