Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sick Kitty - Bob

Bob started feeling bad on Wednesday, he stopped eating, had issues with the litter box and hid under the guest bed. I knew he was feeling bad when it continued on Thursday. I tried to tempt him with different foods, nothing worked. So Friday we went off to see Dr Morgan. She checked him out, said his teeth are good for an old guy, slight heart murmur (also due to be an old guy) and then said 'I want to keep him him over night'. Crap. I hate that. I want Bob home with me and the other kids. They told me to call back this morning for an update. sigh. So I called and Dr Morgan called me back. She said his kidney numbers look good for an old guy but he is obviously having some issues so she wanted to keep him for the weekend, flush out his system. I asked, will he be OK? She said yes but I know, he is old, he may not be. She told me that if he isn't eating by tomorrow she will give him an appetite stimulant. Good. I want him eating! I did purchase some human baby food, the starter food that is just meat, no onions, no spices. I know that kitties that do not feel well will usually eat that stuff and I want him eating. I just want him home. Where he belongs. I hope he doesn't think I've left him forever. I would never do that. Ever.

It is so quiet here without him even with the heathens and Ellie and Wraggs. Ellie again slept on my head for part of the night and then this morning she was back on the pillow, touching me, wanting me to pet her and love on her. Of course I did. I had to put the kittens in the front room crate at 6, they were starting to stir so I got their food, put them in crate and let them eat. They are good eaters, that is for sure. Louie is finally having firm poops, yes, I know everyone wants to read that but it is important. Now to get Herman up to speed like that too. He is still having diarrhea. The vet said kittens have diarrhea. I just don't like him having it.

Went to visit Tiger across the street. He is a good cat, all cat. Solid cat. He was licking my toes and I knew what came next, he nibbled on them. I made sure he had his kibble bowls filled, fresh water, scooped his box and played with him for a bit. And of course to help me get out of the house I put down some Temptations treats so he was busy snacking while I left. Much, much easier to get out.

I'm still worried about Bob, it does scare me. I emailed my sister to let her know, since she was his human for many years when she lived with Mom and Dad. She is also worried and just wants him back home with me. I did warn her though, the inevitable will occur and I will do what is right by him.

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  1. For some reason your prior post showed up for me first as most recent. Again, I'd suggest Olde Furts as a great group for advice and support re: older kitties.

    I'm so sorry about Bob.