Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still a few 'issues'

Ellie is feeling better I 'think', she is at least out a bit more often. I do make sure she knows she is loved and cannot be replaced. And certainly not by 2 little heathens. Bob isn't feeling great right now, he is under the weather. Not eating like he should but I'm sure he will get around to it.

And the heathens.....right now they are running round my front room, attempting to break something. Whew, just put them back in their crate in the family room, time out time. They both look like they are getting better at their 'movements'. They appear to be more 'firm'. It has been a rough few days. Ah, they are finally asleep and quiet. Man, Louie has a LOUD meow. And he knows how to use it. I love to watch Herman walk with those paddles of his. I have a feeling that both kittens will be big boys...those are already some moose feets they got. Of course, since I just wrote that, they will be end up being petite and delicate. Yeah, right. Big boys, I want big boys.

Wraggs was ticked, she didn't get to eat any cat food today and she was FORCED to eat the green beans that I add to her kibble (she is on a perpetual diet). She was so happy on Monday when I left the crate open and she got to eat the kitten kibble. And of course I could not reprimand her, it was my fault. I know better. This is why the room where Ellie eats has the door partially closed. This is why, if I am not in the bedroom, the kibble that is in my master bath is up on the counter (she sees it, it is hers!!!!).

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