Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome Herman and Louie

They were delivered to my office yesterday morning and spent the day at work with me. They spent a couple of hours in with one of the managers....she loves kitties and had a great time. I did get them to the vet for their appointment, it was just a 'intro' visit. No shots but those will happen.

Then we came home. OMG, that was interesting. Bob smelled the carrier and was not impressed. Once he saw the boys he went into the closet to hide. I took them into see Ellie who was on my bed. She had a look of 'those are NOT my kittens' and she went under the bed. Once Wraggs came in from her potty trip she saw the babies. She is acting like a new Mom with them. She was all excited, licking fronts and bottoms. I'm not sure if she is tasting them or wanting to be Mom with them. So the first evening was pretty much uneventful. Then came morning.

At 5 am they started mewing in the cloth carrier in my bedroom, I got up and put them on the bed...wanted to sleep but it wasn't happening. I finally put them in the crate in the family room for some peace. I did my usual stuff and then I thought 'I haven't seen Ellie, where is she', I started looking. I looked under the bed at least 4 times, no Ellie. I searched the entire house. NO ELLIE. I started thinking she got outside but nope, she didn't. She hates outside more than she hates kittens so she wasn't out there. I did finally find her. I thought maybe she was in the comforter that lives in my bathtub (safe place and I hate making the bed with it since cats usually sleep on my bed). No Ellie but then I started to pick it up...it was HEAVY. There she was. Hiding in the comforter. I pulled her out, she was very stiff and scared. I took her to my office which is her room. She bolted back to my bedroom and under the bed. I hate that we have digressed a bit but I am sure she will come around, she likes human contact with me too much (I hope).

Everyone did ok today. Ellie is still under the bed. Bob is in the guest room hiding. Wraggs is still excited by the new little ones.

Herman appears to be the more outgoing kitten. He is the one with extra toes. Louie follows Herman's lead. I'll get them out in a bit for more play time, I want to wear them out a bit more before bed time. 6 weeks old is very little. I did find them eating dry food so that is good. I heard one of them crunching away this morning. They both are using the litter box like good kitties. It is going to be an interesting time with everyone.

I just want Ellie to not be hurt. We have made such progress. I don't want this to set her back too far.

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  1. Oh poor Ellie! I hope that with extra loving from you she will come around and maybe come to like the litte guys.

    Many hugs,