Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heathens have a way of healing hearts (hopefully)

I worked from home today and let the heathens out with me most of the day. I got jumped on quite a bit, they are proud of themselves when they jump up on my chair and they have discovered that they can get up on the back of the chair by climbing me a bit. I'm pretty sure I have some scratches on my back. They are so good together. They play a lot and then they sleep and they sleep together. THAT I really like. Maybe someday, in the far out future, there will be a cat pile on my bed, Hermie, Louie and Ellie. I can hope.

Ellie has really come out of the bedroom more and more. I'm quite pleased. She will come out and sit in front of the pantry looking for a treat (OK, sweetie, you are a tubby but I love you, you can have a couple treats). I am starting to think that they guessed her age wrong when I first found her. She was much smaller length wise than now. I understand the width, that is tubbyness, but the length has got to be that she was much younger than a year and a half. I don't know for sure, she isn't telling me.

Wraggs is Wraggs. We go for walks in the morning after I eat something and before I spend time with the cats. I think and know she looks forward to the walks. I do too. It is actually very nice in the morning, a tad dark but lots of lights and cars around. Plus, she is a large black dog. No one is going to mess with us!

And it has been one month today since Bob passed away. I need to go and find the final urn for him but I just haven't had the heart to do it. I want something with his picture on the front, the one I got for Misty is nice, a bit big but nice. Too bad they went out of business. Anyway, I need to start looking for a nice urn for him, the one he is in is nice but I want something special for Bob. Plus I have to have room to put in his favorite toy. I pulled it out and put it up so that no one would play with it. It is one of those catnip fish from pet stages. I have quite a stash of them since he liked them so well. (the heathens are enjoying them too). It just doesn't seem like it has been a month but it has. 4 weeks. Still miss the little guy. He was quite the personality. Never thought he would like me, not after the way he acted towards me when he lived with my parents (he was sometimes aggressive with me...but then I could tick him off real well). Maybe he knew that coming to live with me was just what was supposed to happen, that I would make sure he was safe and loved. And he was. Miss you still little guy.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Ellie has started meowing a little more often than before. Tonight I heard someone meowing really loud and thought it was the heathens. It was actually Ellie. She was quite loud. She started this when Bob was still around, like she was competing with him (he was an outstanding yodeler). It is almost like she is channeling Bob. She certainly has come out of her shell since the heathens arrived. It is good to see.

And the Heathens...well, they have discovered this cat bed that I purchased last year for Ellie, thinking she would like it. She didn't. They do. They like it so much I've found them nursing on it. It isn't a bad thing, it is actually very sweet. Bob loved the blue bath robe, Ellie loves the blue blankie, they love the white fluffy thing.

Wraggs of course is an awesome dog. She has adjusted to the kittens being in the house. She pretty much lets them to do anything to her. I've watched while they looked at her dinner before she ate (she wasn't worried), they chase her tale (she is confused), Louie tried to walk under her (that freaked her a bit). Over all, she is a dog that likes cats but only HER cats. Not strange cats. Plus she has me telling her she cannot chase them. She chased Ellie once...and got a stern lecture. I don't hit. I lecture. It works.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Movin' on Up

Today I spent time getting all the stuff out of my guest room, it was cluttered. I wanted breakables moved out of the way of the heathens. There really wasn't that much in there it was just messy. It is all straightened out now so they have a whole big room to play in. Do they want to? Nope. I will get them used to it in time. I let them play in the whole house for a bit and then put them in the bedroom for nap time. They have the big kitty litter box now too! Did they use it? Of course not. They went into my office where Ellie's litter box is and used hers. So I took the gift out of that box and put it in theirs. I am sure they will get the idea. They much preferred using the little box that is in the crate. And tonight bedtime isn't in the guest room but is back in the cloth crate I have sitting in my bedroom. They feel safe in there. The transition will take time.

I've been a little blue lately. It is amazing how our 4 legged friends pick up on those feelings. Ellie sure did. She made sure she was in my arms at night to make me feel better. I cannot imagine life without her. I thank my lucky stars every day that she and I found each other. I'm sure she must thank those same stars.

Found out Ellie has great eyesight. I took Wraggs out to go potty and stayed out on the patio while she was doing her business. Ellie joined me and then rushed over to the screen, she saw a tiny, and I mean tiny, lizard and was going to catch it dammit. And I wouldn't let her. The lizard was a baby, not very big and she saw it. I do think she was a bit upset with me but oh well. There will be other lizards.

Wraggs is as always, a wonderful dog. Except for the fact that she ate cat poop yesterday she is wonderful. Yes, it was my fault. I know better and she was very happy to help me out with my cleaning. Other than that she is a great companion. She was very excited to get a walk this afternoon even though it was really hot and humid. I'm going to get up early tomorrow and take her for a decent walk. We both need it.

And tomorrow I am planning on working out. I've been very bad about it recently and it isn't helping my health at all, physical and emotional. I'm going to be good about this exercise thing. I don't care about pounds so much but I care about my health. I'm not obese but I could stand to lose 15-20 pounds. So, I am back on the elliptical or treadmill, depending on my mood. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and get back on track.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heathens, you gotta love 'em

I will say, having kittens in the house does make me more active: NO LOUIE GET DOWN FROM THERE, HERMIE DO NOT CATAPULT OFF OF MY CHEST, IT HURTS. Ah yes, they are a handful and I love them to pieces. Now how does Ellie feel? Well, last night I was in the living room, playing on the computer (go figure) and the heathens were out with me while Ellie was in the safe room (my bedroom). Louie was very interested in my bedroom door and I kept hearing what sounded like pounding. I went over, opened the door and there was Ellie....and Louie was on the other side of the door putting his toes under the door to see her and maybe, just maybe, Ellie was playing. She wasn't attacking that is for sure. She is curious. I really do not think she has a mean bone in her body, if she did she would have hurt Bob but she didn't. Now with the kittens she is curious and does come out a bit more often than before. I also got her to play just a little last night with the feather toy. Not chasing it but rolling over and over to get it.

My neighbors came home over the weekend so my stint of pet sitting the French kissing cat, Tiger, is over with. I found out that Tiger got out Sunday night and didn't come in till Monday morning. He was pretty banged up. Scratches over both eyes, his mouth had a bit of a scratch and some blood, he was sore. He is declawed in the front but did a valiant effort at defending himself. I didn't see any other marks on him. I haven't heard that he is bad off still, told Toni to call me if he still had problems by Wednesday (today). He was so good for me, didn't try to get out or anything but when Mom and Dad come home after a long time away, he gets rambunctious. I do hope he stays inside. I hate the idea of the big guy being outside. It would be like Ellie going out (which she won't, outside is scary), she would be helpless even though she has her claws, she would be scared and at the mercy of some mean animal or human. Nope, she is safe in my house forever and she knows it.

I'm ready for the weekend. I have so much to do. I have to get to the recycle place to get rid of my 25 year old non-working TV, take some other things that do not go in the trash up there. I am going to get stuff out of my guest room and put things in the closet out of heathen way as they are going to be going in there either this coming week or the week after. I have to take down the curtains cause I don't feel like having them ripped to pieces. I'll put the blinds up to the top and tie the cords up too (kittens/cats can strangle on those things). I don't have breakables in there but there are some things under the bed that I don't want them to get into (like my Dad's Marine uniforms, hats, some computer books). Just lots of things to do in there. I want Hermie and Louie moved in there so I can get a full nights sleep and they can have more room to play during the day while I am at work. I think they will have fun. They are also going to graduate to the big boy litter box (they have been using Ellie's when they are in my office with me, I am sure that thrills her). They don't eat the litter like some kittens so that won't be a problem. yeah, they need to go to the guest room soon, I want to sleep more than I am. The 4 am wake up call that moved to 3 and is now at 2 am is really killing me. I WANT TO SLEEP!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ellie and the Heathens (plus Wraggs)

It has been an interesting week. A bit quiet without Bob but the house is so busy it isn't so sad.

Ellie - I do think she has definitely decided this is HER house and the heathens will have to bow down to her. I'm still making sure she sees them as often as I can. I put them on the bed with her making sure everyone is nice and control. She hisses a little but does not run and hide. I see that as a good thing. Last night was something major in my mind at least. I had the kittens out in the front room and didn't put Ellie back in my bedroom (gave her the option of going there though). So there are the kittens, playing and Ellie was interested so she went into the front room and watched. Hermie saw her and went to investigate....Ellie decided that was enough for her so she started waddling to my bedroom, Hermie followed, Ellie ran, so did Hermie. Well, she turned on him and gave him a few swats to let him know to back off. He hid under a piece of furniture, I had to get him out and make sure he was ok. He was. Just shocked at the swatting. Of course Ellie ran to the bedroom and at that moment Louie got into the act and ran in there. I saved him the trouble of the swatting.

Wraggs is quite confused cause they heathens keep bothering her tail when she wags it. She has such a perplexed look on her face when they are playing with it. Someday I will get a picture of that.

And last night. Sigh. I lost the J key on my laptop because someone (Hermie) jumped from my couch to the coffee table on top of my keyboard and pulled the J key off. I spent almost 30 minutes getting it back on. Needless to say, they spent time in time out in my bathroom for their 'crime'. It could have been worse I guess, they could have peed on my keyboard. No, please, do not give them any ideas! They are good about coming up with mischief on their own.

That has been what has been going on around here. I miss Bob but Hermie, Louie, Ellie and Wraggs are keeping me focused.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bob - you will be missed

It is strange without Bob in the house. For those that do not know, Bob passed way Wednesday night. When I got home that day he was in serious distress, having a hard time breathing, his eyes were weird, something was wrong, very, very wrong. I called the vet, said I thought it was time and they said come in now. They confirmed what I thought, he needed to go to the other side. It hurt, I will admit it. I made sure to tell him that I loved him and I was sorry, that I wanted him to live forever. But it was time. So they helped him go over. I stayed. I felt I owed him. I know I owed him. He went peacefully.

So quiet in the house without him. I know the heathens are here and I have Ellie and Wraggs but I keep looking for Bob. I heard him meow at me yesterday, I know, he wasn't here, but I heard him. His scratchy meow.

I will write more about his life later, right now I just can't deal with it.

Bob, Bobberooo, I will miss you. You were a wonderful kitty.