Friday, July 3, 2009

Bob - you will be missed

It is strange without Bob in the house. For those that do not know, Bob passed way Wednesday night. When I got home that day he was in serious distress, having a hard time breathing, his eyes were weird, something was wrong, very, very wrong. I called the vet, said I thought it was time and they said come in now. They confirmed what I thought, he needed to go to the other side. It hurt, I will admit it. I made sure to tell him that I loved him and I was sorry, that I wanted him to live forever. But it was time. So they helped him go over. I stayed. I felt I owed him. I know I owed him. He went peacefully.

So quiet in the house without him. I know the heathens are here and I have Ellie and Wraggs but I keep looking for Bob. I heard him meow at me yesterday, I know, he wasn't here, but I heard him. His scratchy meow.

I will write more about his life later, right now I just can't deal with it.

Bob, Bobberooo, I will miss you. You were a wonderful kitty.

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  1. Andrea, my heart goes out to you. I'm sitting here thinking of my pets that have gone to the Bridge. It still hurts and reading about Bob brings hot tears to my eyes.

    He is only a thought away. Hang in there. We miss you.