Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heathens have a way of healing hearts (hopefully)

I worked from home today and let the heathens out with me most of the day. I got jumped on quite a bit, they are proud of themselves when they jump up on my chair and they have discovered that they can get up on the back of the chair by climbing me a bit. I'm pretty sure I have some scratches on my back. They are so good together. They play a lot and then they sleep and they sleep together. THAT I really like. Maybe someday, in the far out future, there will be a cat pile on my bed, Hermie, Louie and Ellie. I can hope.

Ellie has really come out of the bedroom more and more. I'm quite pleased. She will come out and sit in front of the pantry looking for a treat (OK, sweetie, you are a tubby but I love you, you can have a couple treats). I am starting to think that they guessed her age wrong when I first found her. She was much smaller length wise than now. I understand the width, that is tubbyness, but the length has got to be that she was much younger than a year and a half. I don't know for sure, she isn't telling me.

Wraggs is Wraggs. We go for walks in the morning after I eat something and before I spend time with the cats. I think and know she looks forward to the walks. I do too. It is actually very nice in the morning, a tad dark but lots of lights and cars around. Plus, she is a large black dog. No one is going to mess with us!

And it has been one month today since Bob passed away. I need to go and find the final urn for him but I just haven't had the heart to do it. I want something with his picture on the front, the one I got for Misty is nice, a bit big but nice. Too bad they went out of business. Anyway, I need to start looking for a nice urn for him, the one he is in is nice but I want something special for Bob. Plus I have to have room to put in his favorite toy. I pulled it out and put it up so that no one would play with it. It is one of those catnip fish from pet stages. I have quite a stash of them since he liked them so well. (the heathens are enjoying them too). It just doesn't seem like it has been a month but it has. 4 weeks. Still miss the little guy. He was quite the personality. Never thought he would like me, not after the way he acted towards me when he lived with my parents (he was sometimes aggressive with me...but then I could tick him off real well). Maybe he knew that coming to live with me was just what was supposed to happen, that I would make sure he was safe and loved. And he was. Miss you still little guy.

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