Friday, July 24, 2009


Ellie has started meowing a little more often than before. Tonight I heard someone meowing really loud and thought it was the heathens. It was actually Ellie. She was quite loud. She started this when Bob was still around, like she was competing with him (he was an outstanding yodeler). It is almost like she is channeling Bob. She certainly has come out of her shell since the heathens arrived. It is good to see.

And the Heathens...well, they have discovered this cat bed that I purchased last year for Ellie, thinking she would like it. She didn't. They do. They like it so much I've found them nursing on it. It isn't a bad thing, it is actually very sweet. Bob loved the blue bath robe, Ellie loves the blue blankie, they love the white fluffy thing.

Wraggs of course is an awesome dog. She has adjusted to the kittens being in the house. She pretty much lets them to do anything to her. I've watched while they looked at her dinner before she ate (she wasn't worried), they chase her tale (she is confused), Louie tried to walk under her (that freaked her a bit). Over all, she is a dog that likes cats but only HER cats. Not strange cats. Plus she has me telling her she cannot chase them. She chased Ellie once...and got a stern lecture. I don't hit. I lecture. It works.

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