Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heathens in Trees

No, not outside. There will be no outside time for the boys. I got them a cat tree. It is very nice, was easy to put together (with some kitten help of course). They have been on it and have been playing there so it appears to have been a good investment.

Wraggs, Hermie and Louie all made a trip to the vet on Monday. The heathens got their rabies and last distemper shots. They each weigh in at 5.5 pounds. At 4 months old. Yeah, they are gonna be big (hopefully). Wraggs is going in on Wednesday morning for dental surgery. She has a broken tooth which is causing her some facial swelling and probably pain issues. This will be her first surgery since she was spayed 12 years ago. yeah, I am nervous but I do trust my vet, she is a good person.

And today I got another litter box for the boys. Neighbors put their Booda clean step box out for free....shoot, I'll take it. That is a $50 litter box. Hopefully they just got the cat something better and didn't get rid of the cat. I can always use another box in the house. The heathens prefer to use Ellie's litter box, would like that to stop but of course they will continue to do the most foul things in it.
This afternoon I was in the office, playing on the computer when I hear meowing in the boys room....I went in to see what was going on. There was Hermie, staring intently out the window at a lizard while the lizard stared intently in the window at Hermie. This is a different lizard than last week (was a green lizard then, this was a brown one today). Would love to know what they were each thinking.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The sound of a dog puking at 6 am

This is what I had to deal with first thing this morning. I heard it, ran in the room in my underwear and she had just hurled on the carpet so I took her out into the back yard while I contemplating cleaning it up. OK, I was getting ready to puke myself. I can clean up cat puke, clean poopy cat butts but dog puke....omg, I cannot handle it. I finally was able to do the cleanup by shoving a washcloth in my mouth...somehow that seemed to keep me from gagging.

The heathens are growing so fast. They have nice long legs now. And they love to jump. Lots of jumping. They are always up for a great game of 'feather'. They certainly do entertain me that is for sure.

I so need to work on my holiday pictures. I have many of the heathens but not near enough of Wraggs and Ellie. I am obviously going to have to work on that.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kisses from Ellie

Just a quick update: Brought heathens in to see Ellie and she licked both of them. Not a single hiss out of her but she licked them. I have no idea what that means but I see it as a major change!!!

Money in the 'Kitty'

Wow. This afternoon I pulled out my lottery tickets and checked online to see how I did. I won $72!!!! I had 4 of the 6 numbers in the Florida Lottery. Dang, 1 number more and it would have been almost $6000 and 2 numbers and I so would not be going to work. I did cash out my ticket and put the money in my 'kitty'. My 'I want something fun' fund. Sure could have done with a few cool million.

I have to find a dress for a wedding in October. October in Florida is still warm. Not sure what to get or where to get it. I may have to travel to another mall rather than my local one in order to find something. The wedding is for Amy, the daughter of the neighbors across the street. They have all been really nice to me and I want to go to it. I might even see some friends that we have in common (which is funny, 6 degrees and all). I'm actually sort of looking forward to the wedding (I know, shocking). I do not do well at weddings.

I've been enjoying the new washer and dryer. I have clean sheets and blankets (love that), the dryer does an AWESOME job. The blankets were dry in 35 minutes. Yes, really. Old dryer would have been at least 2 hours. I think they are definitely cleaner than before, I'll have to ask Ellie, she is sleeping on the bed right now since the heathens are out and about and causing trouble.

Woke up this morning with Ellie in my arms, she was as close to me as she could get. I hated to move. It was wonderful, I actually slept, had a little help with a benadryl but I slept. I needed to, I am so tired...insomnia sucks.

The heathens are doing well, they are growing like crazy. They are probably teenagers in human physiology. All legs and goofiness. Love the goofies that they get. I go back and forth on who is the naughtiest. I think it really is Hermie and then Louie does something that makes me think it is him. They are both good kitties and then they are naughty. They INSIST that they need to poop in Ellie's litter box, they have one, it is clean but hers is 'better'. I've taken down the dog/cat crates and they now sleep in the guest room. That will continue until Ellie is feeling better about them (that has to be advanced by me of course) and they are calmer. Probably after neutering in October. That is just around the corner. They are 'developing'...I want them to get a little testosterone so that they can be bigger but I want to avoid them spraying so at 5 months they will get snipped. I'm not telling them that of course. We will just be going to see Dr Morgan for 'fun'.

I had my hair appointment yesterday, I thought it was for NEXT Saturday. Anyway, got my hair cut and highlighted. I came home and Louie gave me this look of 'who the hell are you?'. I think it was the smell of my hair. It isn't like I have gone blond, but the products do smell. Shoot, I have to wash my hair when I come home, I can't stand the smell. The cut and color look good. Maybe next time I will ask for her to darken it a bit, more caramel, less blond. Never red. Ever.

And Wraggs. She has some sort of cyst under her right eye, it swells and then goes down. She will be seeing the vet this month for her annual and I will ask about it. It seems to fill with fluid and then go down. I've felt it and it isn't hard like a tumor but still a cyst isn't good. It doesn't seem to bother her, just me and then of course it bothers her when I am touching it and fussing about it. I do know that if it is something like cancer that there will be no heroic measures. She is 12 years old and a big dog. Her life span at best will be 16 years old. I don't want to do major things that will not do any good and just make her uncomfortable and my wallet lighter. I will make sure she is happy. To me that is the most important thing.

Still enjoying doing laundry. And I like having the cat crates packed away, more room and I now won't stub my toe on them in the middle of the night. Instead I will hit my leg against an end table and then wonder later why I have a bruise.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lizards and Laundry part IIIIII or something like that

I finally received a brand new, working dryer yesterday. It was quite exciting. I finally have clean clothes!!! Yeah, I had clean clothes but wanted all clean clothes. I like the front load washer, it is a little weird to get used to but I like it. And the dryer does a good job of what it is supposed to do (dry of course). I was actually looking around this afternoon for things to wash. Wraggs had clean blankets. I'm sure there is other stuff for me to wash. hmmmm, more dog bedding for sure.

Ellie brought in another toy from the patio (lizard) this morning. Again, I couldn't get the little guy...she ate his tail (they can disengage them to to keep their life...and grow back their tails!). I kept checking today, thinking she ATE the whole lizard and would puke it up later. But she was very, very interested in what was behind my nightstand. So I moved it...little lizard was there. And ran under my bed!! sigh. Ellie gave chase....I finally was able to get the lizard and return him to the patio so that he can be captured again by the mighty calico lizard hunter named ELLIE!

I worked from home today so the heathens had many opportunities to jump on me and scratch me. I am not sure my desk chair will survive their kitten hood. They were climbing it and pretending they were vultures on the back....and then climbing down by using my back as their leverage. Oh yea, that is good. They finally passed out after all that excitement and slept for at least 2 hours. I heard sweet little kitten snoring.

Wraggs of course doesn't get why I am home but is happy. Shoot, she is happy about most everything. Except baths. Which she is most likely going to get this weekend. She is rather pungent.

Lizards and laundry - this has been my week so far. hmmm, here is hoping tomorrow is less lizardy

Monday, August 3, 2009

Is there such a thing as Laundry Karma?

I must have horrible karma. My new dryer, that was installed today....did not work. All installed, it is ready, we go to turn it on, it doesn't turn on. Seems the door does not shut properly so it won't turn on. Amazingly the manager called my house right while the installer was talking to someone at the store. I told the manager that it doesn't work...and I hear 'JESUS'. Yeah, he can't believe it either. He talked to Angel the installer, nope, dryer is bad, will go back to the store. The manager said he will find me a dryer tomorrow. I told him good, just make sure it is not a floor model. Oh, and yes they did indeed give me the floor model. I was shown how they tag the floor models and there it was...right there. Hopefully someone got reamed over that, maybe not fired but told that the company just installed a used dryer and sold it as new and that is fraud. Of course they may have to upgrade me on their dime. hahaha, yeah, right. They have been bending over backwards to make me feel better. This one was just too much for me. I can't help but laugh. This time it is no ones fault but the manufacturer. It is not the stores fault, not the installer, but Whirlpool. Who knew I wanted to do laundry so bad. I really do.....I am checking to see what my closet holds...I have to make it to Friday, I can wear jeans the rest of the week, drag out some different tops. I'll be fine but dang....I want to do laundry.

Hermie is a trouble maker. He ran into the bedroom and right under the bed to bother Ellie. She was not pleased. She didn't hit him that I could tell but hissed at him for sure. And the silly cat did it a second time. He is like the biggest pest: Hi Ellie, Ellie, look at me, wanna play, my name is Hermie, you are cute, wanna play?

Now Louie, he has his moments too but I think Hermie is the trouble maker. Louie is a bit more 'subdued' I guess. Not real subdued but a little bit more than Hermie. Loves to play. And he is the one who will wake me up in the middle of the night cause he wants. Not sure what it is he wants but he wants. So at that point I take them both out of the crate and put them into the guest room so I can sleep. And get purred at for my trouble.

Not that I slept last night. I woke up at 12:15 and thought it was 2:15, Louie woke me so off they went to the guest room. I woke up again at 2:15 and was confused about it being 2:15 again. Woke at 3, 3:45, 4, was an awful nights sleep. Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.

Desperately wanting to do laundry.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lizard, Laundry and Sniffles

The lizard that Ellie brought in the house yesterday was brought into my bedroom at 6:50...Ellie, she was playing. I tried to get it out of the house then but he ran under my bed and I decided he was going to have to meet his fate. I went in later and Ellie was sitting on Wraggs bed all proud of herself. I looked under and there was the lizard, with his mouth clamped on the bed. I did get him outside. Not sure if he has survived but he at least made it back outside and away from the calico from hell!!!! (not really, she is a good kitty, she just likes to hunt lizards)

Laundry. Well, my washer and dryer were delivered and installed by 12:15. The washer is wonderful, I tested it out a bit with an empty load (to clean it as they suggested) and it is fine. The dryer needed feet still so the drivers were going to come back at 6 and put them on. So, being me, I went up to the store to get my money refunded from the last dryer that didn't work out. I walked back to the appliance section and saw that the dryer I ordered was no longer on the floor so I asked a clerk, did I get the floor model. Oh no, not at all. I don't know why it isn't there but you didn't. So I go to customer service to get my money back, clerk had to call manager to see that they could refund my money even though the dryer was not back in their store (yes, they could). I asked again, did I get the floor model. Oh no, we would not have done that without telling you. ok, fine, I came home and got the manual out of the dryer to see what was what. I sat down and saw a Samsung manual. Funny, I purchased a Whirlpool dryer. I called the store and said I wanted the manager. I talked to him and told him what I have in my house and my displeasure. He said let me call around and see if I can get you one in the box. He called back and yes, he can get one from the Lakeland store. I said fine. It will be delivered tomorrow. I will have to take time off of work in order to be here for delivery. I also have to make sure when I speak to the delivery manager in the morning that they have the right pedestal, it is new and that there are feet on it. Oh yes, there will be a letter to Lowe's detailing the entire debacle. I spent a lot of money, they need to treat me right. So as of Monday, if you include the original dead dryer, there will have been 5 dryers in my house in 3 days.

Sneezing. I started sneezing this morning, sniffles. They seem to come and go. Not sure if it is a cold or what. It feels a bit like a cold. Just perfect.

The heathens have been lots of fun today. Although I could do without having my legs scratched by Hermie. He likes to play on my lap all the time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lizards, laundry and an extra cat

Definitely an exciting day in MY house. Slept like crap, partly due to Ellie deciding that she needed to knead my breasts in the middle of the night with her pins out. OUCH. She was definitely goofy over night. Not sure what that was about.

Got up early because I was expecting a delivery this morning, my new dryer. Took Wraggs outside and let Ellie play on the patio (bad idea). Ellie brought in a toy. A lizard. Which is now under my couch after giving some evening entertainment to Louie. Not sure the lizard will make it thru the night with Ellie around. I just hope she doesn't bring me a gift in the middle of the night. If you hear a scream, that is me.

So, my dryer gets delivered. sigh. It sounds like crap when it goes around so they take it back to the store and bring another one. Again, sounds like crap the second time around. I decided to go back to Lowe's and get a different dryer and washer. Now I have a front load washer and dryer being delivered tomorrow. I am worried that the dryer won't fit. It is a very tight squeeze in there. I am thinking that due to the bottom part of the dryer having a little extra room then the fit will be BETTER than before, I am trying to be hopeful. All I can say is I HATE the dryer that is in there. and want my new one. I want to do laundry and am actually excited to do laundry. Yes, that is weird. I look forward to using less water and having things actually work again. And they better for the price I am paying.

And this afternoon when Wraggs and I came home from our walk we were met at the door by an orange tabby cat. A friendly orange tabby. Who answered when I said 'Tiger'. I picked him up and brought him in the house, locking everyone up of course (the heathens were out and about). Tiger is my neighbors cat, the one I cat sit for. He likes to escape and get into trouble so he did it again tonight but he came to the right house, mine. I think he recognized me and came out from my bushes to see me. I called my neighbor thinking that I saw them go off to church but the husband answered and said yeah, he got out. I went over and returned the kitty. I soooo wanted to call Toni (tigers human mom) and ask if she wanted the 15 pound thing I found that is covered with orange fur. I'm just glad he came over here to be safe. He is always welcome with me, not so much with the heathens (Hermie was not pleased) but with me, yeah, he is welcome. And he was good with Wraggs. He just was upset in my house, it wasn't HIS house. But I was not about to let him back out the door without holding him and getting him home.

That was my exciting Saturday. I hope Sunday is less exciting.