Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heathens in Trees

No, not outside. There will be no outside time for the boys. I got them a cat tree. It is very nice, was easy to put together (with some kitten help of course). They have been on it and have been playing there so it appears to have been a good investment.

Wraggs, Hermie and Louie all made a trip to the vet on Monday. The heathens got their rabies and last distemper shots. They each weigh in at 5.5 pounds. At 4 months old. Yeah, they are gonna be big (hopefully). Wraggs is going in on Wednesday morning for dental surgery. She has a broken tooth which is causing her some facial swelling and probably pain issues. This will be her first surgery since she was spayed 12 years ago. yeah, I am nervous but I do trust my vet, she is a good person.

And today I got another litter box for the boys. Neighbors put their Booda clean step box out for free....shoot, I'll take it. That is a $50 litter box. Hopefully they just got the cat something better and didn't get rid of the cat. I can always use another box in the house. The heathens prefer to use Ellie's litter box, would like that to stop but of course they will continue to do the most foul things in it.
This afternoon I was in the office, playing on the computer when I hear meowing in the boys room....I went in to see what was going on. There was Hermie, staring intently out the window at a lizard while the lizard stared intently in the window at Hermie. This is a different lizard than last week (was a green lizard then, this was a brown one today). Would love to know what they were each thinking.

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