Monday, August 3, 2009

Is there such a thing as Laundry Karma?

I must have horrible karma. My new dryer, that was installed today....did not work. All installed, it is ready, we go to turn it on, it doesn't turn on. Seems the door does not shut properly so it won't turn on. Amazingly the manager called my house right while the installer was talking to someone at the store. I told the manager that it doesn't work...and I hear 'JESUS'. Yeah, he can't believe it either. He talked to Angel the installer, nope, dryer is bad, will go back to the store. The manager said he will find me a dryer tomorrow. I told him good, just make sure it is not a floor model. Oh, and yes they did indeed give me the floor model. I was shown how they tag the floor models and there it was...right there. Hopefully someone got reamed over that, maybe not fired but told that the company just installed a used dryer and sold it as new and that is fraud. Of course they may have to upgrade me on their dime. hahaha, yeah, right. They have been bending over backwards to make me feel better. This one was just too much for me. I can't help but laugh. This time it is no ones fault but the manufacturer. It is not the stores fault, not the installer, but Whirlpool. Who knew I wanted to do laundry so bad. I really do.....I am checking to see what my closet holds...I have to make it to Friday, I can wear jeans the rest of the week, drag out some different tops. I'll be fine but dang....I want to do laundry.

Hermie is a trouble maker. He ran into the bedroom and right under the bed to bother Ellie. She was not pleased. She didn't hit him that I could tell but hissed at him for sure. And the silly cat did it a second time. He is like the biggest pest: Hi Ellie, Ellie, look at me, wanna play, my name is Hermie, you are cute, wanna play?

Now Louie, he has his moments too but I think Hermie is the trouble maker. Louie is a bit more 'subdued' I guess. Not real subdued but a little bit more than Hermie. Loves to play. And he is the one who will wake me up in the middle of the night cause he wants. Not sure what it is he wants but he wants. So at that point I take them both out of the crate and put them into the guest room so I can sleep. And get purred at for my trouble.

Not that I slept last night. I woke up at 12:15 and thought it was 2:15, Louie woke me so off they went to the guest room. I woke up again at 2:15 and was confused about it being 2:15 again. Woke at 3, 3:45, 4, was an awful nights sleep. Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.

Desperately wanting to do laundry.

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