Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lizard, Laundry and Sniffles

The lizard that Ellie brought in the house yesterday was brought into my bedroom at 6:50...Ellie, she was playing. I tried to get it out of the house then but he ran under my bed and I decided he was going to have to meet his fate. I went in later and Ellie was sitting on Wraggs bed all proud of herself. I looked under and there was the lizard, with his mouth clamped on the bed. I did get him outside. Not sure if he has survived but he at least made it back outside and away from the calico from hell!!!! (not really, she is a good kitty, she just likes to hunt lizards)

Laundry. Well, my washer and dryer were delivered and installed by 12:15. The washer is wonderful, I tested it out a bit with an empty load (to clean it as they suggested) and it is fine. The dryer needed feet still so the drivers were going to come back at 6 and put them on. So, being me, I went up to the store to get my money refunded from the last dryer that didn't work out. I walked back to the appliance section and saw that the dryer I ordered was no longer on the floor so I asked a clerk, did I get the floor model. Oh no, not at all. I don't know why it isn't there but you didn't. So I go to customer service to get my money back, clerk had to call manager to see that they could refund my money even though the dryer was not back in their store (yes, they could). I asked again, did I get the floor model. Oh no, we would not have done that without telling you. ok, fine, I came home and got the manual out of the dryer to see what was what. I sat down and saw a Samsung manual. Funny, I purchased a Whirlpool dryer. I called the store and said I wanted the manager. I talked to him and told him what I have in my house and my displeasure. He said let me call around and see if I can get you one in the box. He called back and yes, he can get one from the Lakeland store. I said fine. It will be delivered tomorrow. I will have to take time off of work in order to be here for delivery. I also have to make sure when I speak to the delivery manager in the morning that they have the right pedestal, it is new and that there are feet on it. Oh yes, there will be a letter to Lowe's detailing the entire debacle. I spent a lot of money, they need to treat me right. So as of Monday, if you include the original dead dryer, there will have been 5 dryers in my house in 3 days.

Sneezing. I started sneezing this morning, sniffles. They seem to come and go. Not sure if it is a cold or what. It feels a bit like a cold. Just perfect.

The heathens have been lots of fun today. Although I could do without having my legs scratched by Hermie. He likes to play on my lap all the time.

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