Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lizards and Laundry part IIIIII or something like that

I finally received a brand new, working dryer yesterday. It was quite exciting. I finally have clean clothes!!! Yeah, I had clean clothes but wanted all clean clothes. I like the front load washer, it is a little weird to get used to but I like it. And the dryer does a good job of what it is supposed to do (dry of course). I was actually looking around this afternoon for things to wash. Wraggs had clean blankets. I'm sure there is other stuff for me to wash. hmmmm, more dog bedding for sure.

Ellie brought in another toy from the patio (lizard) this morning. Again, I couldn't get the little guy...she ate his tail (they can disengage them to to keep their life...and grow back their tails!). I kept checking today, thinking she ATE the whole lizard and would puke it up later. But she was very, very interested in what was behind my nightstand. So I moved it...little lizard was there. And ran under my bed!! sigh. Ellie gave chase....I finally was able to get the lizard and return him to the patio so that he can be captured again by the mighty calico lizard hunter named ELLIE!

I worked from home today so the heathens had many opportunities to jump on me and scratch me. I am not sure my desk chair will survive their kitten hood. They were climbing it and pretending they were vultures on the back....and then climbing down by using my back as their leverage. Oh yea, that is good. They finally passed out after all that excitement and slept for at least 2 hours. I heard sweet little kitten snoring.

Wraggs of course doesn't get why I am home but is happy. Shoot, she is happy about most everything. Except baths. Which she is most likely going to get this weekend. She is rather pungent.

Lizards and laundry - this has been my week so far. hmmm, here is hoping tomorrow is less lizardy

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