Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lizards, laundry and an extra cat

Definitely an exciting day in MY house. Slept like crap, partly due to Ellie deciding that she needed to knead my breasts in the middle of the night with her pins out. OUCH. She was definitely goofy over night. Not sure what that was about.

Got up early because I was expecting a delivery this morning, my new dryer. Took Wraggs outside and let Ellie play on the patio (bad idea). Ellie brought in a toy. A lizard. Which is now under my couch after giving some evening entertainment to Louie. Not sure the lizard will make it thru the night with Ellie around. I just hope she doesn't bring me a gift in the middle of the night. If you hear a scream, that is me.

So, my dryer gets delivered. sigh. It sounds like crap when it goes around so they take it back to the store and bring another one. Again, sounds like crap the second time around. I decided to go back to Lowe's and get a different dryer and washer. Now I have a front load washer and dryer being delivered tomorrow. I am worried that the dryer won't fit. It is a very tight squeeze in there. I am thinking that due to the bottom part of the dryer having a little extra room then the fit will be BETTER than before, I am trying to be hopeful. All I can say is I HATE the dryer that is in there. and want my new one. I want to do laundry and am actually excited to do laundry. Yes, that is weird. I look forward to using less water and having things actually work again. And they better for the price I am paying.

And this afternoon when Wraggs and I came home from our walk we were met at the door by an orange tabby cat. A friendly orange tabby. Who answered when I said 'Tiger'. I picked him up and brought him in the house, locking everyone up of course (the heathens were out and about). Tiger is my neighbors cat, the one I cat sit for. He likes to escape and get into trouble so he did it again tonight but he came to the right house, mine. I think he recognized me and came out from my bushes to see me. I called my neighbor thinking that I saw them go off to church but the husband answered and said yeah, he got out. I went over and returned the kitty. I soooo wanted to call Toni (tigers human mom) and ask if she wanted the 15 pound thing I found that is covered with orange fur. I'm just glad he came over here to be safe. He is always welcome with me, not so much with the heathens (Hermie was not pleased) but with me, yeah, he is welcome. And he was good with Wraggs. He just was upset in my house, it wasn't HIS house. But I was not about to let him back out the door without holding him and getting him home.

That was my exciting Saturday. I hope Sunday is less exciting.

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