Sunday, August 9, 2009

Money in the 'Kitty'

Wow. This afternoon I pulled out my lottery tickets and checked online to see how I did. I won $72!!!! I had 4 of the 6 numbers in the Florida Lottery. Dang, 1 number more and it would have been almost $6000 and 2 numbers and I so would not be going to work. I did cash out my ticket and put the money in my 'kitty'. My 'I want something fun' fund. Sure could have done with a few cool million.

I have to find a dress for a wedding in October. October in Florida is still warm. Not sure what to get or where to get it. I may have to travel to another mall rather than my local one in order to find something. The wedding is for Amy, the daughter of the neighbors across the street. They have all been really nice to me and I want to go to it. I might even see some friends that we have in common (which is funny, 6 degrees and all). I'm actually sort of looking forward to the wedding (I know, shocking). I do not do well at weddings.

I've been enjoying the new washer and dryer. I have clean sheets and blankets (love that), the dryer does an AWESOME job. The blankets were dry in 35 minutes. Yes, really. Old dryer would have been at least 2 hours. I think they are definitely cleaner than before, I'll have to ask Ellie, she is sleeping on the bed right now since the heathens are out and about and causing trouble.

Woke up this morning with Ellie in my arms, she was as close to me as she could get. I hated to move. It was wonderful, I actually slept, had a little help with a benadryl but I slept. I needed to, I am so tired...insomnia sucks.

The heathens are doing well, they are growing like crazy. They are probably teenagers in human physiology. All legs and goofiness. Love the goofies that they get. I go back and forth on who is the naughtiest. I think it really is Hermie and then Louie does something that makes me think it is him. They are both good kitties and then they are naughty. They INSIST that they need to poop in Ellie's litter box, they have one, it is clean but hers is 'better'. I've taken down the dog/cat crates and they now sleep in the guest room. That will continue until Ellie is feeling better about them (that has to be advanced by me of course) and they are calmer. Probably after neutering in October. That is just around the corner. They are 'developing'...I want them to get a little testosterone so that they can be bigger but I want to avoid them spraying so at 5 months they will get snipped. I'm not telling them that of course. We will just be going to see Dr Morgan for 'fun'.

I had my hair appointment yesterday, I thought it was for NEXT Saturday. Anyway, got my hair cut and highlighted. I came home and Louie gave me this look of 'who the hell are you?'. I think it was the smell of my hair. It isn't like I have gone blond, but the products do smell. Shoot, I have to wash my hair when I come home, I can't stand the smell. The cut and color look good. Maybe next time I will ask for her to darken it a bit, more caramel, less blond. Never red. Ever.

And Wraggs. She has some sort of cyst under her right eye, it swells and then goes down. She will be seeing the vet this month for her annual and I will ask about it. It seems to fill with fluid and then go down. I've felt it and it isn't hard like a tumor but still a cyst isn't good. It doesn't seem to bother her, just me and then of course it bothers her when I am touching it and fussing about it. I do know that if it is something like cancer that there will be no heroic measures. She is 12 years old and a big dog. Her life span at best will be 16 years old. I don't want to do major things that will not do any good and just make her uncomfortable and my wallet lighter. I will make sure she is happy. To me that is the most important thing.

Still enjoying doing laundry. And I like having the cat crates packed away, more room and I now won't stub my toe on them in the middle of the night. Instead I will hit my leg against an end table and then wonder later why I have a bruise.

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