Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A 'casualty' of the Heathens

It was bound to happen. There has been a 'casualty' in my home. A piece of pottery that we brought back from Mexico in 1968 (and then it sat in my parent's basement forEVER) took a dive off of the plant shelf. There used to be a cup on top of it. And that is no more...it shattered since the whole thing fell down about 10 feet. I'm glad the vessel itself survived. I sent the picture to my brother, sister in law and sister. I heard from my sister in law, she remembered where it 'lived' in my parents house. In the basement on a shelf at the bottom of the stairs. Oh and the heathen who caused the casualty: Louie. I totally figured it would be Hermie.
Wraggs is recovering quite well from her surgery. She is thrilled to get her antibiotics now, they come in cat food!!! Of course this mornings pill didn't get eaten so she got it tonight. She is still getting soft dog food, I'm sure she would like some of her crunchy treats but she can't have them. Yeah, I gave her a few biscuits today, just I felt bad for her.
And tonight was a small meet and greet for Ellie and the Heathens. She was in the living room and I let them out but held onto her. Each kitten came up to her and then they went straight for her butt to smell. And each came back with the 'yew' face. Poor Ellie. I finally let her go back to my bedroom where it is safe for her.
Ah, life is always entertaining here. I'm about to take Wraggs for another short walkie before winding down for the night. I need to walk more but she can't handle the longer walks, age and bad hips. I can do it, she can't (I'm not THAT old and my hips are just fine, thank you very much!).

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