Thursday, September 3, 2009

Queen of Heathens

Yes, that is me. Someone on the stuff on my cat board called me that and you know what? I like it. It works for me.

Wraggs had her surgery yesterday and came home very loopy. I swear her eyes rolled back in her head about 8pm. They had to remove 1 tooth, she has stitches and gets to eat soft food (canned food) for 2 weeks. I thinks she is happy with that. And all the rest of her teeth were good, just stained so they cleaned them up. She now has a bright white pepsodent smile. I have to give her a pain pill and antibiotics daily. Of course the vets office says just use peanut butter, she will eat them. Not Wraggs, no way, no how. So I got out a can of cat food and stuffed then in a little bit of that. She ate them right up. not a problem. Hope she doesn't catch on but shoot, cat food and wet dog food, she is totally loving this.

Louie is feeling poorly tonight. Or he was. I walked into their room when I got home and someone had thrown up. Wasn't sure who until Louie came into the office to throw up in front of me. His tummy was just upset. He must be feeling better, he ate some dry food and I could not tempt him with the cat treats earlier. Plus he and Hermie were racing around the house and up and down the couch and someone, not sure which one, gave me some very nice long scratches on my shoulder blade. Kind of makes me think of a werewolf scratch. Only this is a heathen scratch.

Ellie is doing great. She has this new habit of wanting to touch me when she sleeps. She will come in and plop her fat little body next to mine, this will be great in winter when it is colder but in summer....mmm, hot, very hot and not in a good way hot. She really is my little love.

I ordered a photo album from KodakGallery. I did one of Bob and Wraggs, thru the years. If it is nice and I hope it is, I will order a second one and send it to my sister as part of her Christmas gift. She was their human when they all lived with my parents and she loves them as much as I do. If I didn't think they would have a fit I would put a little bit of Bob's fur inside the book but someone might think that was something bad. Anyway, the book should be here tomorrow. It left Jacksonville this morning so usually that means that UPS will deliver it tomorrow for me. It ought to be on the delivery truck tomorrow.
and the picture up top is Louie, who decided my fridge would be an interesting place to investigate.

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