Sunday, October 4, 2009

Serious progress

Hugely major update!!! Ellie and the Heathens are getting along!!! I've found all three on my bed at the same time and there wasn't any fighting. I've allowed the boys to be out and about without any monitoring and everyone has behaved. I'm very, very pleased. Proud of everyone.

I've been a good girl and exercised every day for the last week, watched what I ate (no eating out, eating healthy and not eating garbage). I'm down 2 pounds!!! I only have 18 and a smidge to go! I'm trying to promise myself something GOOD if I get to my goal, or even freaking close (5 pounds close would be fine). A nice camera, a digital SLR. Of course I've promised myself that before and got nothing.

A tad worried that I will be told that my time off this next week is canceled. Swine flu is going thru the office. My manger has been sick, lots of coworkers too. And if there is no one there to handle the beeper, I may be told I can't take off. But I have appointments scheduled specifically due to time off. So I am hoping no one says 'oh, we are canceling your time off'. It happened to me before and my supervisor said 'I've done this to others', that was a bunch of crap there. He did it cause I wasn't his favorite, his favorite was the fat chick who did everything (not really, she just said she did and said it loudly every single day). Last night I dreamt that I was told I would be taking the beeper again and again and again. Yes, it was stressful. I was glad to get sleep at all.

I had to purchase some gold posts for my ears today. I've had pierced ears for almost 36 years now but I have been rather lazy about putting in earrings. I put a pair in last week and ouch ouch ouch.....the holes were closing over! So I went out and got some nice gold posts that I can wear all the time now. Thank goodness for Kohl's and their discounts and coupons. Nice earrings and they didn't set me back an arm and a leg.

Time to check on the heathens. I'm sure they are in the front room playing or looking at Ellie. She seems to be going out of her way to visit them now.