Monday, November 2, 2009

Ellie turns 3

So much as happened in the last month. The heathens got 'tutored' (neutered). Surgery went well for them, well, maybe, they lost their balls. While they were there I had them micro chipped too. I've had to send the paperwork back a second time to the chip folks. They missed the fact that Hermie was neutered and that he is a poly dactyl, plus they had his coloring wrong. Louie's paperwork was wrong too. So I sent them both back to be corrected, they are finally coming into my mailbox.

While I took some time off to be home with the boys I decided to try out the idea of letting them out during the day when I am not here. It has been a rousing success. Louie still wants to 'attack' Ellie and she runs which makes Louie chase. Tonight he was met with the squirt bottle and he did NOT like that. Too bad, you do not hurt my little Ellie at all.

Wraggs had a great time on Halloween. She got to see all the kids who came to the door. At one point I had to call her back in, she was taking off down the sidewalk cause there were KIDS!!! She does love kids, she is very good with them. Kids and old people. The few times we have met some rather elderly folks in the neighborhood Wraggs was excited and very gentle. I always explain that she was raised by my parents and so she has this fondness for the older generation.

Ellie had her 3rd birthday last week. We had a party. OK, not really but I did let her know that I love her and that I am always grateful that I walked down that street that February morning. She is my little love, I will never let bad things happen to her (so Louie jumping her isn't good). I wish she would turn around and smack the snot out of Louie. That is what he needs. She needs to assert herself as the alpha in this house. And Louie needs to remember he is a heathen. And will always be a heathen.

I've started my Christmas planning. I am going to get a small fake tree, maybe 4 feet high. I purchased some cheap plastic ornaments last week and will put those on the tree. I also got my annual ornaments, one for each pet and one for me. Everyone gets ornaments. It is a tradition. Mom started it with me when was a baby. Robin and Tony (two of my brothers) picked it out, it is a glass ornament. It still survives after 49 years. It hasn't been on a tree in over 15 years. I do not trust it to not end up on the floor. This year it won't even be coming out of the box.

I will try to be more current on here. I got preoccupied with other stuff. Nothing important, just stuff.