Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting a jump on the new year

I have a whole week off from work!!! So I don't get paid for that week off but I need some time to recharge. I need it. I handed the beeper off to someone from work this morning, we met in a parking lot and I was quite happy to see the little freaking thing leave (the beeper not my friend from work, she is nice).

Many things to do this week. I am updating my resume and posting it out on Monster again. I just looked at it, looks pretty darned nice right now, even has my current job responsibilities in it. So not much to do there. I want to work on my backup plan too, my pet sitting website. That is the plan. I have to sit and figure out what I want, how to put it on there and once I have it to my liking on my PC I will have to purchase some space on a server and a web name to advertise and get ready with that. It is scary out there. I need to take care of me. I am sure my current job will disappear this year, they are purchasing a new point of sale system and I am not involved with it. I'm on the maintenance team, the team that keeps the stores running now with the old stuff. I really do have to prepare for my next job. I cannot be without a job.

I have been trying to eat better. I actually threw out chocolate yesterday. And I cleaned my freezer out of all the bad crap. I won't deny there is still chocolate in my house but the good stuff. 20 pounds to lose. I know what I am supposed to look like and this isn't it. I'm not huge but I need to be fit, it will help my blood pressure and my overall health. So, eating right and exercising. Not like I did 6 years ago when Wraggs and I would go for 2 mile walk in the morning, then another 1.5 miles in the afternoon, I'd do the elliptical for 45 minutes and then attempt to take Wraggs for another walk at night (she pretty much refused). I was FIT. I will get there again. Wraggs of course can't do that long of walks anymore. She is an old lady of 12. I got her to do almost a mile this morning but it was a SLOW walk. My doctor tells me 'get a dog, they will make you walk' and I say I have one but she is old and can't walk fast (unless there is another dog in front of her, then she walks fast) and she can't walk far. Anyway, gotta do this for my health.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Heathen Holiday

Ah, Christmas with the heathens. I have a very small tree. Only about 4 feet high. They took it down 2 times. I had planned for that though, plastic ornaments. They had a good time and that is all that matters.

Santa arrived here the night of the 24th as scheduled. He left lots of toys for the cats and dog. And then they got to enjoy them. Of course Ellie refused to participate. She just doesn't want to partake of the partying. The heathens got lots of new toys. And Hermie got a watch. He LOVED it. I had to put it way, he was busy eating the leather band. And lots of toys for Louie so he was cool with it all. And of course Wraggs had her fair share of stuffed animals and greenies. Ellie is getting lots of cuddles, which is what she really wants.

Finally broke down today and removed the old caulk from my shower. Time to recaulk. Then I looked at my shower head. Time for a new shower head too. Of course this confuses the heathens cause Mom is in THEIR play room getting wet. (I have to shower in the guest bathroom, they like to play in the tub and there is Mom, all wet, yew.)

Got some Feliway today. I am so tired of Hermie and Louie going after Ellie. Today was the last straw. She was screaming and when I got into the bedroom there was Ellie hair on the floor. I was NOT happy. So got the Feliway. Everyone appears to be calm right now. Louie was up smelling the diffuser earlier. I just want them to all play nice and be nice to their sister. I want Ellie's life to be nice, never have her fear anything again.

I have NO IDEA what the hell was howling last night at about 2 am but something was. It woke me up and Ellie was on alert (as in ready to bolt and hide under my bed). No idea what it was but it was weird for sure. No, it was not vampires or wolves.

Started my 'diet' and eat healthy kick today. I'm trying to clean up what I eat. I cannot eat all that crap anymore. I have to lose weight, I am not happy where I am I go. Being Healthy.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Have a Heathen Holiday

It is again that time of year.....holidays. I decided this year to have a tree but just a small tree. I figured the boys would have way too much fun with my nice ornaments. Plastic ornaments are a good thing. Trust me. The tree was down 2 times on Friday morning...within 15 minutes of each other. Oh yes, it was funny. I laughed and laughed and then put the tree back up. It is only 4 feet tall so not much damage. None really.

The Heathens have really grown up. Louie is now almost 12 pounds. Hermie is just about 10. I am so not saying what I weigh or what Ellie or Wraggs weigh. Lets just say that the females need to lose some weight. sigh. I am back on the elliptical/treadmill again this week. It is so hard to lose this weight. So easy to gain and sucks.

I have many kitty toys for the boys. I don't think Ellie is much into the holidays. I tried to get her into the holiday pictures. That did not go over well. She really just refuses to participate. I'm looking forward to see how the heathens react to bags of toys under the tree. When Bob was around he actually dug into the toys a week before Christmas, I had to put the bag away. And Wraggs...she KNOWS that she has some new stuffies under the tree when the time comes. I've been gathering stuffed animals when I see them on sale. After Easter you can can get sweet little toys 90% off. Nice, very nice toys that are fine for a dog like Wraggs.

I was 'reprimanded' today for not writing in my blog enough (I"m teasing CC....I need to be better about doing this..sometimes I need a kick in the pants to get moving). I will try my best to be better about writing on here.

Cookies are almost done, need to get them out and put the chocolate kisses on top. I'm taking them to work along with some chocolate covered toffee. Hopefully everyone will like the treats that I am bringing in. They liked the peanut clusters last week. I'm even going to make another batch of those later this week and share some more. I love to bake when I am in the mood and right now this is a good mood.