Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Heathen Holiday

Ah, Christmas with the heathens. I have a very small tree. Only about 4 feet high. They took it down 2 times. I had planned for that though, plastic ornaments. They had a good time and that is all that matters.

Santa arrived here the night of the 24th as scheduled. He left lots of toys for the cats and dog. And then they got to enjoy them. Of course Ellie refused to participate. She just doesn't want to partake of the partying. The heathens got lots of new toys. And Hermie got a watch. He LOVED it. I had to put it way, he was busy eating the leather band. And lots of toys for Louie so he was cool with it all. And of course Wraggs had her fair share of stuffed animals and greenies. Ellie is getting lots of cuddles, which is what she really wants.

Finally broke down today and removed the old caulk from my shower. Time to recaulk. Then I looked at my shower head. Time for a new shower head too. Of course this confuses the heathens cause Mom is in THEIR play room getting wet. (I have to shower in the guest bathroom, they like to play in the tub and there is Mom, all wet, yew.)

Got some Feliway today. I am so tired of Hermie and Louie going after Ellie. Today was the last straw. She was screaming and when I got into the bedroom there was Ellie hair on the floor. I was NOT happy. So got the Feliway. Everyone appears to be calm right now. Louie was up smelling the diffuser earlier. I just want them to all play nice and be nice to their sister. I want Ellie's life to be nice, never have her fear anything again.

I have NO IDEA what the hell was howling last night at about 2 am but something was. It woke me up and Ellie was on alert (as in ready to bolt and hide under my bed). No idea what it was but it was weird for sure. No, it was not vampires or wolves.

Started my 'diet' and eat healthy kick today. I'm trying to clean up what I eat. I cannot eat all that crap anymore. I have to lose weight, I am not happy where I am I go. Being Healthy.

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