Monday, November 1, 2010

I am alive!

I'm still alive here.  I've been working on Ellie's blog more than here.  This is Ellie's blog if you want to see it:
Ellie's Blog

I am still looking for a job.  I am picky, yes, but I don't want to be in the same situation again and again.  I'm tired of the nastiness.  I want something good but right for me.  I did do a round of pet sitting for my neighbors.  Tiger is a good cat, I enjoyed taking care of him.  Quite a lovely boy. 

Seriously enjoying my at home time with the kids.  I almost had another cat but thankfully she has a home and they came and got her at the vet's office.  Whew!  Not sure I could have handled another in the house.  I would have if it had come down to it but it didn't happen.  Whew!  Really, Whew! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tiger comes for a visit

It is really nice here these days. I've opened two windows at the front of the house so the boys can get some fresh air and so can my house. I LOVE perfect weather that is not hot but not cold either. Anyway, after opening the window I walked into the kitchen then walked back in the room and the boys were both staring intently out there so I went over to see what was so exciting. OMG, an orange cat with green eyes, on my doorstep, looking in. And meowing at me. I know the cat. He is Tiger who lives across the street and gets out from the house at times. He came to see me! I think he knew this was a safe house to go to. I put on my shoes and opened the door. Tiger was ready to come into my house, no problem. Instead I walked him back across the street (Tiger walking in front of me, in case I didn't know where to go) and rang the doorbell for him, he isn't tall enough to reach. Toni, his Mom came to the door and I hear 'who is it?' So I yelled "It's Tiger, can I come in?". She was surprised to see him outside. And asked the usual question: how did he get out? Shoot, he can slip out easily when you don't notice. He did it on me when I pet sat last time. I noticed but he is FAST. Tiger is home again, he walked in the front door of his house like there was never an issue. Stinker.

So I am really pleased at how the Heathens behaved. There wasn't any fussing from them, they were good boys, no growling when they saw Tiger, just interest. Guess I am good at raising social cats. They easily accepted Robin coming into the house. I love my Heathens, good boys, very good boys.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heathens, you have to love them. No, really you do!

Seems it is never a dull moment in my house. The boys, all three of them, keep me on my toes. And Ellie, well, she has her ways of keeping me in line too.

I had an allergy attack on Sunday, so bad that I had to take some Dayquil to help me out a bit. I hate taking stuff like that but sometimes it is just needed. Being stupid at times, I left the package out on the bathroom counter and left an unopened foil package out of the box, on the counter. BTW, that is a stupid thing to do. So I took my pills and went into my office to read my favorite sites and eat some lunch. I got up to take my lunch dish out to the kitchen when I see Hermie. Oh SHIT, it looks like he got into cobwebs but there aren't any in my house. I tried to chase after him to see what was all over his face but he ran from me. And ran from me again. And again. DAMMMIT! I was finally able to grab him and wipe cat spit off his face. He was drooling and throwing cat spit everywhere. I panicked and ran to my bathroom. I saw an empty Dayquil package in the litter box, all chewed up. Then I saw the foil package that I left on the counter, now on the floor. Crap, Crap, Crap! And Crap! It had been chewed on. I was worried, what did Hermie ingest? Then I looked closer at the package. Just a few cat teeth marks into the pill area and the pills had a few little marks on them. He didn't ingest any. He just got a taste of nastiness. And me? I was so relieved. I did watch him all afternoon, fearing that there was going to be an emergency room visit for us. He was fine, a little perturbed that I kept bothering him. But he was fine. Me? Not so fine.

Last week one night, I was getting ready to get the boys into their rooms for the night. Since I am tired of having to chase Hermie around, I picked him up and was carrying him out of my bedroom when who knows what, but something, freaked out Louie who scattered quickly. Which in turn freaked out Hermie who dug his back claws into my chest (yes, really) and his front claws into my back. I now have bruises on my breasts from cat claws. This running from me at bedtime is a new game for Hermie. It is FUN to have me get pissed at him and have to chase him thru the house in order for him to be put in his room.

And Louie. Mr. Poops-outside-of-da-box. Not sure what else needs to be said. He also has some bedtime fun with me. He will run OUT of their room if given the chance cause I haven't had enough exercise chasing after Hermie.

Notice, Robin isn't an issue at all. He really is a good cat. I have to give him his anti-depressant 2 times a day and he takes it pretty well. I've learned to sit down beside him, pet him a little bit then scruff him, open his mouth and put the pill in. He looks so hurt (at least to me) when I do that. I make sure he is OK when we are done, I try to give him love but Robin, so not into it. I'm not sure what Robin's life was like before he came here. I don't think it was all fun. He hates, absolutely hates, being picked up. He cries like he is afraid. I pick him up for short times, trying to get him used to it but I always put him down as soon as he protests too much. I just think maybe someone hurt him when they picked him up. He will never be hurt in this house. Ever.

And Ellie, she is on a 'diet'. She gets 1/2 cup of kibble a day. There are no bowls of kibble sitting around for her to snack on, she has her bowl and that is it. Sometimes the Heathens eat a bit if it so I do replenish but I am not overfeeding her. I want her weight to come down. I am trying (hahahaha) to get her to exercise. Imagine carrying 15 pounds of cat out into the front room so that she waddles back into the bedroom, hissing the entire time. Or worse, I carry her to the guest room (where the heathens sleep at night) and put her on the bed, where she growls and hisses then she runs (hahahaha), waddles really, back into my bedroom. Yes, it goes well. She does seem to be interested in a little bit of play action so I am trying to do that. She is nothing like the boys but she will chase the stick a little bit and the one feather toy is OK to look at and bat at too.

The weather here in Florida has definitely cooled down. For Florida it is gorgeous! OK, it is a tad chilly at 6:30 am when I go for my morning walk. On Monday I dressed as I usually do, workout Capri's, workout tank, running shoes. I walked out my front door and felt COLD. The sun wasn't close to being up yet and yes, it was chilly. I didn't turn home though to change clothes. I did the walk. It was, as my Mom always said in 'cold' weather, invigorating. On Tuesday I got smarter. I wore long pants and a long sleeved shirt. I was warmer but still, just a little cold. So Wednesday I layered up. Bad, bad move. I was dying it was so damned hot. Today I just cuddled Ellie and decided to skip the morning walk. I will be out there again tomorrow morning.

I'm still looking for a job. There are mainframe jobs out there (I am a computer programmer) but I do not have all the qualifications that they want. I recently moved into EUC also known as Emergency Unemployment Compensation. If you do not know what this is, let me give you a quick synopsis. This is when you have used up all of your state unemployment you move into the federal program, you know, the one that pisses off folks. Yes, that one. I'm sorry but unless you are in this situation, you have no idea what it is like. It is SCARY. I am going to meet with my financial guy next week to see if I can hit some of my retirement now, take a loan on it. I know I will end up paying for that but I will not lose my house. I will not have my pets hungry and I won't go hungry either. I am very, very frugal. I don't spend needlessly. I would love to have new things. Can I? Nope. I sure hope (snark) no one ever makes a comment about unemployment to me. They may not like how I reply.

And when I am employed again, how will it be? I'm sure I will feel just like I did last time. Fear. Of when will it happen again. I will again save all that I can because honestly, no one is safe. If you think you are safe, that your job is may be in for a rude awakening. It isn't a fun thing but I do know how to deal with it. Kind of surprising. I am a stronger person than folks take me fore. I'm pretty sure people expect me to fall apart, to go over the edge. HA! I don't fall apart. This is life. I choose to deal with what is thrown at me. I don't roll up into a ball and hide in the corner. Yes, it is difficult but I'm stronger and smarter than a few folks think. Too bad, so sad.

I'm going to be pet sitting Tiger again! Whoohoo, I love that orange dude. He is quite the cat. It is only for a week but that is OK, he will get some time with the food lady (me). And I will get the enjoyment of spending some time with him, just being there. I won't get in the pool this round, Toni said it is a little chilly now. Bummer. Still I will sit out at the pool with him and just contemplate, meditate, day dream. Good things to do.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October, what the hell?

Seven years ago yesterday my cat Misty passed away. He had a very long life...he was 20.5 years old when he died. He was a gorgeous cat, pure white with blue eyes and a forked tail. I think he had angora in his ancestry. I know there was Siamese, I saw his mother. Yes, Misty was very special. At least to me. And sometimes he was the cat from hell. Yeah, I have the scars to prove it.

On that same day I acquired Bob the cat. When my brother and I came back from the Vet's, my brother told me I needed to take Bob home with me. I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure Bob would tolerate me. I did agree to bring Bob back home to Florida with Wraggs and me. It was a very good decision as Bob became my best little orange cat friend.

October is one of those months that I love and I hate. I love the cooler weather. I hate many of the memories that pop up.

Three years ago this month I lost my job. It was not a good time for me but I learned that I am a strong woman and that I have friends and people who care about me. I learned that being a kind, good person gets you more than being a bitch. I could have been really nasty when I left there but I left with my head held high, I left with my self respect, I left with my dignity. I left.

Four years ago my Mom passed away. Mom left us many years before. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease. It takes a person's personality and leaves the shell of the body. Which is what it did to my Mom. Yes, Mom had her moments where, well, she was a bitch. And at times I don't think she liked us kids that much, we weren't 'her birth family'. My cousins were the worst folks on the planet (unwed mothers, meth dealers, moochers) yet they were better than her own children. It took helping my mother get to bed one night to change my attitude about her. Mom and Dad were still living at home and I had come up to check on them (I would fly up every 3 months to check on them, mostly for my peace of mind). On one of those trips I was helping Mom get ready for bed. I was tucking her into bed, much like you do a small child and I leaned down to kiss her on the cheek and tell her I love her and I felt this huge weight lifted off of me. I am not sure how or why but I let my hurt and anger go at that moment. It is hard to explain, it really is. The hurt was gone, I only felt love and compassion for the woman who gave birth to me almost 50 years ago.

And Ellie has a birthday at the end of the month, on the day Mom passed away. Since the vet said Ellie was a little over year old when I found her, I decided her birthday would be the day Mom passed....since Ellie was full of piss and vinegar when I found her. Angry and hissing. Kind of reminded me of Mom. This year Ellie will be 4 years old. She is no longer an angry kitty but a very sweet, tubby little girl.

So October isn't totally a bad month.

What have I learned from my layoffs and other things in life? I've learned that I control how I react to things. I choose whether I am going to go off the deep end or deal with what life hits me with. And guess what I do? I deal with what life throws at me. Life is too short to sit and worry about what others think or might or might not do. I cannot control what others are going to do but I sure as hell can control how I react. I guess I've learned something.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bumps in the Road

Ah, life in my house is ever so exciting. No, really. Yawn.

I decided last week, again, that since I am not working at the moment that I will instead, work out like a crazy woman. Yup, 2 hours a day I work out. I walk 2.5 miles at 6:30 in the morning (sometimes I jog a little bit of it). I really like the early morning hours. It is normally quite quiet. Except for one corner in the neighborhood.

This corner is a bus stop for school kids and at 6:30 it is the high school kids that are waiting for their bus to hell. Anyway, this corner is special. There are three girls that wait for the bus, sometimes they are friendly to each other but most times they are bitches.

Two weeks ago I was out walking and I hear one girl yell at the girl who isn't a skinny witch and tell her 'do me a favor, don't wear that blue skirt again till you learn how to sit like a lady, cause you look like crap in it'. To which the other girl looks at her and says 'You look like you are dressed for the 80's' (she was). Oh I was by them by then but I heard Miss 80's say 'I'll have you know I am dressed with style'. Oh yeah, you sure are.

Last Friday I am walking and the same 3 girls are there. Only this time two have distanced themselves from Miss 80's. They are yelling at each other 'It is YOUR fault that I lost my best friend, blah blah blah'. Yeah, sure it is, with that mouth? Ah then it gets fun. Across the street is another bus stop, this one inhabited mostly by boys. I hear one of the boys yell 'SHUT UP ASHLEY' to which Miss 80's says 'thank you very much'. And man, I love this kid, he yells back 'you too Zoe'. Miss 80's, being the smart young lass that she is, yells back' BITE ME BITCH'. Isn't she sweet? I can not imagine her not having everyone gathered around her asking for her fashion advice. And honestly, I wanted to give the boy across the street an award cause he answered her 'BITE ME' remark with 'no thanks, I don't want rabies'.

And this week....Monday same corner only this time Zoe, Miss 80's is on one side of the street while the other two girls are on the other side, waiting for the bus. Miss 80's and another girl have their phones out and are texting someone. Miss 80's yells 'ARE YOU TEXTING NINA?' mmmm, no, I am not,thanks. 'THEN WHY IS SHE TEXTING ME, YOU ARE TEXTING HER AREN'T YOU!!!'. Lord help me, I want to smack the shit out of that girl. It gets to the point where Miss 80's again shows the depth of her knowledge of the English language and yells to the girl who isn't texting Nina 'you are a fucking liar bitch'.

Now why did I ramble on this? I can picture Zoe, Miss 80's intellectual, in an office environment someday. Making sure she bullies others in the office, cause we all know, they need to be put in their place. I've worked with bullies before, female bullies. They try to make themselves feel better by making others feel like shit. I don't get how that works. I've been treated like that before, in an office environment and it is ALWAYS women who do it. I can only hope that one day, the girl that Zoe talked down to in high school is the woman who is her boss and treats her well and with respect and Zoe, well, she will sit and wait for the bully to appear, because that is what she expects to occur, it is how she operates. Yes, I am way down with office bullies.

The three boys are doing well. Robin is taking his pills like a good boy. He seems to feel better and he is eating, drinking, using the litter box as he should. He definitely isn't as active as before, no aggression. Probably cause the anti-depressant kicks his butt and makes him sleepy. I do hope that in a few months when he is done with the meds, that he is playful again.

Hermie has a couple of bumps from the vaccine injections he got last month. I panicked when I found them and called the Vet's office first thing Monday morning. They told me that some cats have a slight reaction like that, but that they will disappear in a few weeks. I will keep watch on them and stop touching his little 'booby'. I can see very single muscle on that cat...I've never known such a muscular cat before. All that jumping pays off for him.

Louie, what can I say. He is a lover. Loves to show me his tummy whenever he can, in hopes that I will pet it. And he doesn't like it if I try to give him kisses but is more than happy to let me kiss his tummy. Isn't that just like a guy?

Ellie is on a 'diet'. She only gets 1/2 a cup of dry food a day. I try to make her exercise. That goes over REAL well. I carry her in from the bedroom to the front room and put her down, where she will hiss at me and turn and run/gallop back into the bedroom. Hey, it is exercise. I need to figure out how to get her to do more. I don't think the treadmill is an option.

I talked to my neighbor Chris last night. She told me how sad they were to hear about Wraggs. And that when her middle daughter heard, she was terribly upset. That is a good kid, actually all three of their girls are very good kids. Anyway, I asked that she make sure that the girls know that Wraggs is as peace and happy and running again. Chris asked if I was getting another dog. Told her I will...just not now. Money and I am not ready. When I talked about Wraggs I caught myself starting to cry. I'm not ready.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Robin's Sex Change

Ah, life has been interesting this week. Frogs earlier this week (yipeeeeeee) and now, Robin. On Wednesday 'someone' peed on the dog/cat bed. The choices were Louie, Hermie or Robin. I didn't know who it was...I went on pee patrol. In case you don't know, a watched cat does not pee. That is a little known fact.

Thursday I went out for my walk/jog at 6:30, yes, in the morning. I got home and saw that 'someone' had again peed on the dog/cat bed. Robin. And I knew it was her. The boys had locked themselves in the guest room. Louie pushes the door shut and both Louie and Hermie were behind a shut door. Sigh. I took my shower and got presentable for the day and gave the Vet's office a call. They told me to bring her in between 7:00 and I got the cat crate out. More fun, I have to get Robin in the crate. Step one, remove Louie from the crate. Step two, remove Hermie from on top of the crate. Step three, grab Robin who was not happy that I picked her up and was trying to shove her in the box, noooooooooooooo. I had to upend the crate and drop her in. No problem, oh yeah, no problem at all. So off we go to the vet. I'm use to how the heathens are on the trip, meowing, yowling. Not Robin. She was quiet and wanted to rub against my fingers when I put them inside to touch her. I dropped her off and they took her back to do the vet kind of things and I came home.

They called me at 11:30 to talk about my little boy cat Robin. Yeah, seems Robin, who was a girl when I took him to the vet, decided that he was really a boy! He has sterile cystitis which is an inflamed bladder, makes it hard to pee and it hurts. He is on a human anti-depressant, amitriptyline for a few months. This will ease the pain that he is feeling and help with the stress of the heathens, which, now he is one of them!

I had to pill him the first time last night. I read up and it said the pill is nasty tasting so I thought I could put a little food on it and get it down him. Was I ever wrong. He got some of it, that is all that matters. This morning it was much better. He was relaxing, I was relaxed and I bent down to his level and scruffed him and shoved the pill down his gullet. I did what I always did with Bob after he took the pill. Kissed him on the nose. Tell him what a good boy he is and make sure he is fine. Side effects for the pill are lethargy (how can I tell, this is a CAT, they bylaws say, lay around all day). Actually I can tell he is tired, he under the guest bed resting. There are other side effects that I will monitor. At least this drug will help his aggression issues (very few of them) but he won't be trying to bite his brothers.

Heathens....three of them. Poor Ellie. Three boy cats. And at least Robin's name is very neutral. His middle name is now Mark not Markie. I think my brother would like that my little kitty is named after him totally, Robin live on in the form of a little gray and white kitty.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frog Invasion!

I'm still at home, still unemployed. I've had a few nibbles but nothing substantial, yet. I know it will happen, the question is when. I'm not stupid, I'm educated, I have skills. I just need to find a job that is right for me, or semi-right for me. And in the mean time I am home with the cats, which really is a nice thing.

Lately it has been rather, reptile like in the house. Sunday morning Louie, Hermie and Robin were quite interested in something behind my television. I figured it was a bug (cockroach), I live in Florida, they happen. I moved the TV a bit and there it was but it moved back under the TV so I left it. I went on about my business, fixed my breakfast and there I see Hermie all excited, he had whatever it was. I didn't want him eating a roach so I went over to get it. Yeah, right. Hermie dropped it out of his mouth, put his big paw over it and then lifted the paw and it scurried under the love seat. Again, I left to do other stuff. Then I see Robin and Hermie very excited, Louie too. Hermie had it, he had it good, in his mouth and he was not letting me take it from him! Dang, that little guy can growl. I got the roach out of his mouth and into a paper towel and took it into the trash..not a roach but a little tiny frog! Crap, no idea how that go in the house at all. Louie of course was still looking behind the television.

So Monday morning I went to let everyone out of their rooms. Boys have the guest room, Robin has my office. I let Robin out and went to pick up the food dish and saw food on the floor, shiny food. It wasn't food. I thought again, roach. Nope, little tiny frog that had been played to death. Two frogs in my house in two days. I don't know how they are coming in but this is not a good house for them to be in. It is frog season though. I heard them croaking like crazy when I was out walking this morning at 6:30.

Yeah, 6:30 in the morning and it was 79 degrees out. I wasn't the only one out there either, that is good to see. There are quite a few folks out walking and jogging. I do walking and a little jogging. I'm trying, very, very hard to be healthier. I don't have junk food in the house to eat. I eat healthy meals, I don't skip meals. And even yesterday I got on the elliptical and did 35 minutes on that and will do it again today. I did upper body workout too yesterday and sit ups. Yeah, I can feel those when I sneeze!

All the kitties are doing good. Robin fits in real well here. She keeps the heathens on their toes. She is a very good kitty. Well, except that this morning she contemplated jumping down 10 feet from the plant shelf. Bad enough she jumps down to the floor from the top if the fridge. The 10 feet up thing scares me. There isn't a clear place for her to jump down to from there. I did get her down properly with the useful tool of cat treats. yes, my cats will follow me anywhere for cat treats. Pretty much. Unless they are really busy being naughty.

And, sigh, last night Louie discovered that he can open the closet door where DA BIRD lives. Hermie is his accomplice. Hermie is the climber and attempted to get to the top shelf (he has done it before) but stuff fell and made a noise and I went in and got them out of there. Now I pretty much have to close my bedroom door. Which makes Ellie happy, means that she is pretty much heathen free all day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Odds and ends

Wraggs has been gone for 2 weeks....but her soul is still here. And her ashes came home on Saturday. I was fine when I picked them up. I was doing great. And then I read the card that was in the bag with her urn. "Wraggs, faithful companion to Andrea......." I started crying then. She really was a faithful friend to me. And her cats. Yeah, the cats have noticed that she is missing. Robin has decided that she can sit in the front room with the heathens. She has decided that Wraggs' dog bed is now hers, renamed it a cat bed. Ellie is still being watchful. She looks at the floor and sleeps on the dog (now cat) bed that is on my bedroom floor. She and Wraggs used to sleep on that thing together. I don't know what it is like to not have a dog and cat get along.

I'm still job hunting. I know it is awful out there, in case anyone doesn't believe it. I don't want another crap hole job. I want something that I enjoy and someplace where I am treated well, like I am competent. I never want to be in the situation that I was in previous jobs. I am sure it will occur. Too many employers know that folks are scared...and that they can treat their employees like crap. The employees won't leave, they need a job. Even a crappy job.

My nephew comes home from Iraq this week!!!! Whoohoo!!!! Yeah, we are all happy. He was never in the combat units. He was in 'support' aka Intelligence. Yes, my nephew is very smart. He is fluent in multiple languages. He has had lots of training. He will do well in life and thank goodness he will be back in the states this week. I know his Mom and Dad (my SIL and brother) are thankful he is going to be home. Welcome home Andrew!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wraggs - rip sweetie

Wraggs was one cool dog as can be seen in this picture!

Wraggs health had deteriorated for a few weeks. I had been force feeding her for at least 6 weeks and she had started to not tolerate it. She didn’t bite me but she wouldn’t take it and if she did, she most likely would throw it back up a little later. The last few days of her life she was miserable. You could see it in her eyes. She tried to stay happy for me but her lights were flickering. She still loved her once a day walk. We didn’t go very far, maybe a block total. She followed me everywhere. If I walked in the bedroom, she followed and when I left the bedroom, she would go back in the front room to lie down. As long as she knew where I was, she was okay.

On August 1st she told me, she told me in her own way, “I’m ready, please help me”.

I called the Vet’s office the next morning and made THE appointment. I started crying as I made the appointment, knowing that this was inevitable and that the decision was final. I spent all day Monday and Tuesday with her and Tuesday afternoon I put her leash on her one last time. We went out to the garage so I could get her into the Jeep. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to lift her, she used to be close to 70 pounds. I was easily able to lift her; she had lost so much weight. In the back seat she went and off we drove. Wraggs looked out the window on the trip, which was different for her, because she never liked looking out the window, maybe she knew ‘I need to look now’.

We got to Dr. Morgan’s office and I helped her out of the Jeep and took her over to pee and if she felt the need, poop. And we walked in the door. Sharon the receptionist was there and said ‘are you sure?’ I told her yes and that she was not allowed to make me cry. While we waited for the doctor a guy with two large Rottweiler’s came in, the idiot couldn’t control the 2 dogs. Yeah, good idea dude. Bring 2 very large dogs into the vets waiting room cause it is your right and you are a moron. They took him in thru the side door cause HE WAS AN IDIOT!!! Back to waiting….we are waiting and a woman walks in the door and is standing there and I recognize her as someone I worked with at Verizon. She has many cats, think she said 16 at her house (she has a cattery). I networked a bit because she works at a company that I would like to work at. And then it was our turn to go in the back.

The vet tech beckoned us in and Wraggs couldn’t or wouldn’t get up so the tech came over and picked her up and set her on the scale (she needed to see how much sedative was going to be required). 46.6 pounds. Wraggs had lost 20 pounds. Shit. I felt horrible and still do. We went into the patient room and they had a nice blanket on the floor and immediately Wraggs decided she wanted to go out the door. I had to convince her that this was a good thing and to come over to me and be with me. The tech gave her the sedative in her butt and Wraggs immediately sat down. It took a good 15-20 minutes for the sedative to take effect. In the meantime I get to listen to the moron idiot yell ‘DO YOU THINK I AM A GOOD PET OWNER? I DO ANYTHING FOR MY PETS. HOW MUCH WILL THAT COST, I DON’T HAVE MUCH MONEY’. I wanted to walk out there and tell him to shut the hell up and enjoy his healthy young dogs. They finally got rid of him. The tech came in to check on us but Wraggs hadn’t settled down enough so she gave us more time. She came back a second time and Wraggs was still not resting so she gave her just a touch more sedative and we waited a bit more. Then it was time.

I won’t tell you other than to say that it is very peaceful. I held Wraggs head as she passed. They left us alone and let me sit with her for a bit to say my goodbyes (Yes, I cried and I cried hard). Then I walked out the side door and cried the entire way home.

Came home to a very quiet house. Who knew how much room one dog could take up.

Ellie is the one cat that has noticed that Wraggs is missing. I have a ritual at bedtime, I go into the guest room (Heathen room) and clean up cat poop (cause Louie always does his thing at bedtime) then I lay down with them for a few minutes and cuddle. I leave them and I go out on the front room couch to relax, for some reason I can really wind down there. So I laid down on the couch and Ellie practically ran/waddled over and jumped up on my chest to purr at me, trying to make me feel better. Yeah, I am sure many cats do this all the time but Ellie doesn’t. She just doesn’t. She did this night though because she wanted to comfort me.

I finally made it into my bed and fell asleep only to be woken up by Ellie meowing, really loud, 15-20 times. Again, big deal, right? Cats tend to meow. Not Ellie. She doesn’t meow. It is rare. I don’t know what she was talking about but it made me run out to see if she was ok. She was fine. I like to think she was calling Wraggs, telling her to get her furry butt home this minute! Ellie has also been watching the bedroom floor where Wraggs slept. Like she is seeing her. Our pets know things that we don't know or realize. The mourn and are sad just like their humans. Ellie knows.

Wraggs is at peace now. She isn’t hurting anymore. And I am sure she would not want anyone to mourn her passing but would prefer folks celebrate her life. And that is what I am doing. I celebrate the 7 years she lived with me. I celebrate that she knew my parents and loved them for 6 years. I celebrate that she integrated 4 cats into this house along with Bob the orange cat that moved down here with her. I celebrate Wraggs.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wraggs 1997 - 2010

My sweet girl Wraggs passed away yesterday at the age of 13. She was an awesome dog. I choose not to mourn her passing but to celebrate her life.

I'll write more when I feel up to it, right not up to it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Addition

I now have 4 cats. Yes, 4. I am crazy but I am a nice crazy, not a crazy crazy.

So, the story of how the latest addition arrived. I was at lunch with my neighbors (they are good peeps) and Toni started telling me about a friend of hers who is feeding a stray. Actually a bunch of the ladies in the friends neighborhood are feeding her but they want the kitty to have a home. I knew where this was leading and I told her I can't, I can't handle another cat. But for some reason, when I was taking Wraggs for a short walkie I started thinking and decided I would take the cat. I called Toni and she called her friend to let her know that yes, Andi would take the kitty. But they needed to trap her. This was Wednesday night.

Thursday they didn't see her but they knew she had eaten cause the food they put out was gone. Friday they didn't see her till late and the older lady picked up the kitty and brought her into her house. Unfortunately, one of her cats saw the kitty and gave chase, out the door and across the street with lady running behind. Saturday came and no word on the kitty. I went to Target and prepped cause I knew she was going to be here. I wanted the 'intake' room ready (my guest bathroom). New litter box, put the cat cave in there, food and water bowls. All ready. Of course I hadn't filled the litter box, put food or water in there when my neighbor called....they had the kitty. So off we go in her car and get the kitty. I have only seen a few pictures of her at this time and know she is gray and white and has long legs.

I got her home and put her in the guest bathroom. There were 2 heathens at the door wanting to know what just went in there. Of COURSE they did. Had to fill the litter box and food and water bowls and I let her get acquainted with the room. She knew immediately that the cat cave was a good place....she went right in there and made herself comfy.

That night I visited her a few times, just to introduce myself. I made sure the door was shut and the lights were off and I went to bed. I went in to say night to the heathens (it is a ritual, I go in and clean the litter box and then lay down with them for a bit). I walked out of their room and there was Ellie, sitting in front of the bathroom door. She knew there was someone in there. Ellie spent the first 2 months she was with me in that bathroom so she knows what it is like in there. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and woke up 2 hours later having a hard time breathing cause Ellie was laying on top of me...all 15 pounds of her. I swear she is making sure that the new one knows 'MOM IS MINE'.

Now as to the kitty's name. I name after family. Ellie is named after my Mom. Hermie and Louie are named after my Dad. Wraggs is named after a dog named Rags that my dad had as a kid (he named her). So I've been thinking of names for the kitty. I decided on Robin. My brother Robin died in 1989. It has been long enough that we can say the name again. And he would be honored to have the little stinker named after him I think. I was a bit torn, I thought about using his middle name and making it feminine. Markie....that was so not going to work. So her name is Robin and yes, her middle name is Markie. I think.

We are a little over a week into this. I've had her out in the front room in the crate that the heathens slept in when they first arrived here. She's had a view of the boys, of Wraggs. They've seen her. No incidents. Hermie was not impressed. Louie was very curious. Wraggs was excited (a new kitty!!!) Ellie is pissed! Robin is, sweet. I've started letting her roam the house while everyone else is locked up. I've sat with her on the couch, brushing her while I let the others out. I was surprised, both Hermie and Louie have been up to her nose to nose. They hissed but nothing else. Wraggs has been out with her and Robin is fine and Wraggs is fine. Now Ellie is going to take a bit of doing. I am making sure that Ellie knows that she is number 1. She is my heart cat, you can't change that. She is and always will be the most special kitty to me.

That is my house.

Recently an online friend had to help her little kitty to the bridge. I know she is heart broken to lose her. And yeah, we feel guilty about everything where our pets are concerned and my friend is no different. The thing is, we, as humans, are able to ease the pain of our fur friends and help them pass with no pain. It is the kindest thing we can do. And it is the ultimate in love. It isn't easy for the human to do....we want to keep our little furry friends with us, we want them to be healthy and happy but sometimes that just isn't possible. For my friend, I want you to know that you are very special and your little girl thanks you for helping her out...that she wanted to stay and help you but she was hurting and you helped her feel better. You have much love to give a little furkid. Take your time and when it is right, it is right, you will know it. The new one does not replace the recently lost furry one, that piece of your heart will always belong ot her. You are going to grow a new piece to your heart when a new fur kid comes into your life. Please take care of yourself.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working on me

I've allowed things that I cannot control to control me. Like stress. I allowed stress to stop me from taking care of myself, from caring about my health and weight. Since I am now pretty much stress free, I am doing a little bit of working on me. I've started exercising again, finally. I've been doing it since I became unemployed but not to the level I am now. I get out in the morning and walk/jog 2 or 2.5 miles. I get out very early, before the heat of the day. This is Florida, by 8 am it is hot and humid. Actually it is hot and humid at 6 am. But that isn't enough exercise for me, noooooooo. I have started my afternoon routine up again. Time on the elliptical trainer. I'm very glad to have one in my home. I got an elliptical the first time 9 years ago, got it cheap ($25) from a woman who got one and said it was 'too hard' for her (I saw her, I can understand why). Anyway, I used that thing for 2 years. It really did help. I saw huge differences in my body and health. So I invested in a better elliptical and have that now. Well worth the money. If I am consistent about using it, I can get the weight off and keep it off. Now I am not obese, but I have a little weight to lose. I'm getting there.

The keys are: exercise and diet. I'm not dieting, I am changing how I eat for life. I know I cannot have ice cream, I like it, but my heart and health cannot do it on a regular basis. I have to limit things that are bad for me. I'm going to eliminate beef from my diet, going more for chicken, fish and vegetarian. Lots of vegetables. And yes, the occasional bad thing but I cannot eat out that often (too expensive and I like to know what goes into what I am eating).

And once I am employed again, I am not going to let anything get in the way of taking care of me. I have to take care of this one body I have. I don't get another. This is it. Exercise and eating right, not just for not, but for always.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wraggs is doing good

She is doing pretty good right now. She will not recover totally but she definitely feels better. I've been giving her 10mg of pecid 2 times a day, that works better than the one dose of 20mg was doing. She is more than happy to eat ham, chicken, shredded cheese but dog food is a struggle. I've finally started force feeding her, which entails warming the gooshy expensive kidney food that she has, mixing in the supplement and then using my fingers and forcing her to eat (shoving food in her mouth a little at a time). She is getting the supplement, that helps a lot. She is perkier, yes, really. We actually did 2 walks today. She has only been able to do 1 walk before and now...2. yippeeee. She is like a child who hates her food. If I put it in her face, she will turn away from it. So since she refuses to be cooperative, I will be mean and make her eat the healthy food. It helps. And I truly believe the supplement helps, it pulls the toxins out of her body so that her kidneys don't have to do all the work.

It has been almost a year since Bob passed away. I still miss him, he was such a good kitty. Funny isn't it, how they worm their way into our hearts, even though we think that they aren't going to like us, they do. Bobberoo, miss you sweetie. You will always be in my heart. Always.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

And Life Goes On

My sister had to have her cat put to sleep the other day. She is heartbroken and I so understand the feeling. It hurts to lose the little ones that we adore and who adore us. A.C. was a good kitty, my sister was his third home. She went to the RSPCA to find a cat a few years ago, she had one all picked out but called them back and told them she changed her mind. They feared she didn't want any cat but nope, not my sister. She told them she wanted a cat that didn't have much of a chance to find a home. A.C. came with baggage. His former owners didn't take care of the mite issue he had in his ears and he scratched his ear flaps off. He also continued to have ear issues which required medication daily. But he found my sister who loved his little earlessness. I'm glad A.C. rescued my sister. Isn't that how it is? We aren't quite whole without a cat or a dog or any pet in our life. At least that is how it is for me.

I asked my sister last night, if she was going to let another cat rescue her. She said she had already stopped at the vet and asked them to be on the look out for a cat who doesn't have much chance of finding a home. My big sister has a huge heart.

Rest in peace A.C. (and I like the new ears you are sporting)

Aunt Andi

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow, she ate again!

Wraggs ate again this morning. I brought in some more deli turkey for her....SHE ATE! So did Ellie and Louie. Hermie isn't interested in that food but dang if the others didn't want to partake too. I'm just glad Wraggs ate. I'm not saying we are over the hump but getting her to eat is 1/16th of the battle. There was an urp incident this morning but she made it outside in time. She held it till she was safely outside, which was nice of her. I guess I will buy another packet of the deli turkey for her. I think it is gentler on her tummy and she likes it. And to tell the truth, as long as she eats, I don't care what she eats. I know she should eat the kidney failure food cause it has less protein but she needs to eat. She won't eat that stuff. So deli turkey it is!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She ate!!!!

I gave her part of my dinner (chicken breast) and she gobbled it up. So I got her some turkey deli meat. also 'gobbled' up! She went for more of it too! And the Heathens were right there while she was getting yummy noms. Louie LOVES turkey lunch meat. Hermie meh, not so much. But WRAGGS ATE!!!!!!! Now hoping that it stays down for the night and morning. Food stay down, food stay stay down.....


My sweet dog Wraggs is not doing well. She isn't eating much at all, I try and tempt her and she isn't up for it. I woke up at 5:15 to the sound of hurling so I ran her outside. She threw up a little bit on my bedroom floor but that isn't a big deal. When I went for my walk she came out and threw up next to the patio door (she knew she wanted out there). sigh. Not fun for anyone is it. This morning I force fed her about 2 tablespoons of dog food which again, not fun to force a dogs jaw open so you can put food in her mouth.

I am not sure how much longer I can allow this to go on. I don't think it is right but I am not ready yet. I've talked to Wraggs about the situation and have told her that if it is time for her, she can go, I will understand.

She isn't totally unhappy. She comes out to watch the heathens play and she also went for a short walkie this morning and she enjoys going out in the back yard with me. Her tail wags and she smiles so it isn't all sad news.

Like my vet has told me before, our pets let us know when it is time. Wraggs is starting to tell me, it is time. But not quite yet.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swimsuit hell

I am pet sitting my neighbors cat, Tiger, for 3 weeks and they said 'use the pool' so I will. I decided it might be a good idea to see how my swimsuit fits. I forgot, I have 2 of them. One fits fine, the other, well, the top is fine if I feel like letting the girls out. So I had to go and get a new top half tankini. Kohl's was the place to go, I had a discount and the swimsuit separates were $16.00. Now I am sure you wondering 'what the hell is she talking about and why do we give a frak about her shopping'? I'm getting there.

I am in Kohl's wandering thru the meager selection of suits, picking stuff out when I see a Dad and his teenager daughters shopping for swimsuits. Dad looks at one of the suits and said 'THIS is a swimsuit?'. mmm, yeah, Dad, it is. Then he asks 'how can you try on a swimsuit?'. Poor daughters, I looked at him and told him they try them on over their underwear (men are so clueless at times). I grabbed 2 tops to try on and skedaddled over to the dressing room.

Crap, had to get a different size cause the girls were going to put on a show if I didn't.

I was back at the swimsuit area looking again. I hear Dad tell daughters 'it is just a swimsuit'. Another woman and I both told him: it is more than that and it takes a lot for a woman to find the right suit. He tells his daughters: I just pick one out and buy it, it is just a swimsuit. I asked the girls if their Dad has embarrassed them yet....and let them know, he will, he will. Dad was trying and that was awesome. When I went to pay I was still laughing, told the cashier about the Dad shopping with his daughters. She saw them earlier and said 'yup, Dad had a shell shocked look to him'.

Made me remember shopping with my parents. I was always cautious about buying things, having them spend money on me. Mom would make me try on things, Dad would say 'get all of them'. Not sure Mom wanted me to have everything but Dad was well, Dad. I was his baby girl (youngest child).

Now I can go swimming in the neighbors pool while their cat gets some patio time! And I won't be embarrassed too much.

Wraggs is doing so so. She totally refused to eat the healthy dog food yesterday and she refused the pedigree dog food. Acted like it was all poison. Today I went to the health food store and got food that I was hoping she would like. It is the dog version of the cat food I used to get Bob when he was off his feed. I gave her half a can, she was good with it. Of course I came home from checking on Tiger to find dog puke on the floor. Thank goodness for floor cleaner.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who knew Ellie could climb

Ellie, up where she belongs
When I can't sleep, which is often these days, I will go in and cuddle the heathens for a little bit and then I will go out in the front room and lay on the couch and Ellie will come over for some cuddling. Well, the other night I again could not fall asleep. I got up, didn't put on my glasses (I am seriously myopic) and everything was a blur, I can get around my house but seeing definition is difficult. Anyway, I had heathen time then I came out to see where Ellie was. She wasn't on the floor, wasn't on the couch, wasn't at the watering hole (water bowl). I didn't see her, of course that means nothing cause of my eyesight. I finally looked UP at the cat tree and realized, omg, SHE IS ON AN UPPER LEVEL! Higher up than I am tall. I think she was quite proud of herself. She was rolling around, showing off. I didn't think she could do it, she is rather....plump. Yes, she needs to lose weight but short of making her run on the treadmill, she won't exercise. I guess jumping up on the cat tree is exercise.

And I really cannot catch a break. I finally (I think) got the COBRA subsidy straightened out. At least they finally responded to Humana with my paperwork. YES, so I should be seeing insurance premiums that are substantially less. So, what I cannot catch a break on? My air conditioner. Last night at about 4:30 it started squealing. And squealing loud. I pounded on top and that got my frustration out but it really didn't stop it for long. I thought it was going to scream all night but it didn't. Maybe because it cooled down. It isn't screaming this morning, yet. I called the repair folks and they have someone coming out this afternoon for $96. That is just the service call. They suggested that I run the air conditioner all day. No problem. This is Florida, it is hot here, I'll run it. Hopefully it will scream for them when they get here. And it won't be too expensive to fix. Doesn't matter, I have to get it fixed anyway.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wraggs - Renal Failure

Wraggs has been 'off' for a few weeks. She just stopped eating her dog treats and she LIVES for dog treats. She has also been throwing up a bit, drinking a lot of water....just things out of the ordinary. So I made an appointment with my vet. My usual vet is out of the country on a vacation so we saw the replacement vet (the same vet who last year helped Bob cross over.....). Off we go to the vet.

I thought it was going to be hell getting Wraggs into and out of my jeep. She isn't a young dog and not very athletic and jumping up in there can be difficult. She really had no problem. We visited with the Vet. Wraggs got weighed, they took her vitals (temperature taken thru the back end, she was not happy!) The Vet and the techs kept saying what a good dog she is, such curly hair and a great disposition. They couldn't find anything obviously wrong so she (the Vet) suggested that Wraggs needed blood work. I kind of figured that would be the case so I agreed. They wanted to check her kidney function and her thyroid.

I got the call later that afternoon from the Vet. Renal failure. Wraggs has about 25% function of her kidneys. She has to eat special food and she also gets a supplement. And of course, none of this is inexpensive. Yes, unemployed and a dog that has to have expensive food!

Now a week into this, Wraggs will eat the wet food, she turns her nose up at the dry (glad I got the small bag and not the big bag!). If I have the audacity of putting kibble in with the wet, she will walk away completely. She gets one Pepcid a day. It isn't hard to give it to her. She will open her mouth to let me put it down her throat. And of course there is love after that for her. I hugged her tight this morning.

I know I won't have her next year. I'm not sure if I will have her at the end of the summer. I won't let her suffer. For now she is happy, she eats the wet food and an occasional crunchy dog treat. She enjoys her walks, they are short but she likes them. She has her cats to keep her company and of course me.

Wraggs is a great dog, I could not ask for a better companion. She has had some great folks in her life: Dad, Mom. My sister (who really babied Wraggs too when she was at home with my folks). I know my sister is as worried and upset as I am. It is harder for her in a way, not being here to spend time with Wraggs. She knows that I am good to Wraggs, that this is a good life for her.

Anyway, I am going to cherish every day I have with Wraggs. She is a good dog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hermie and Louie - one year old

May 10th was their first birthday. It was AWESOME, just ask them. They got 'da bird', a flying toy that amazingly wore them out. I've never seen a cat pant before, Hermie was exhausted but wanted more! Both Hermie and Louie fly at DA BIRD. Hermie is just more athletic that Louie but they both are into jumping. It was great. I now have many replacements for it. I am hoping for many years with my boys.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The story of Bob

Bob. What can I say about Bob.

One day in 1992 my Dad walked out his front door and found a small, orange kitty. Poor little guy was covered in dirt and his tail, OMG, someone had mutilated his little orange tail. Off to the vet they went, to see Dr. Raatz (yes, rats). The Vet had to remove the little guys tail. He told my Dad that the kitty might not develop correctly, he might not have the ability to control his bowel movements. Seems the spine/tail all have to do with their ability to go to the bathroom properly. But the little guy came home.

Dad named him Bob, as in Bob Cat. I think deep down, Dad was naming him a bit for my brother Robin who passed away 3 years prior. Bob had a new home. The most wonderful home ever. With Herman and Helen.

He grew up nicely but was full of energy. It was a little hard for my older parents to deal with all that energy. Mom and Dad had an elderly chihuahua at the time and Bob didn't understand or get it that you are not supposed to pounce on the little doggie. But everyone got along quite nicely.

When I would come up to visit Mom and Dad over the years at Christmas, Bob would always be there..waiting. I thought he hated me...he would attack my feet when I arrived. Little did I know...he wanted to play. When I would sit on the floor he would sit in front of me, waiting...just waiting for me to push him away and play rough. He loved it. But I thought he hated me.

Fast forward to 2003. Mom and Dad had moved into a nursing home/Alzheimer's facility and Bob moved with them. They allowed pets and it might be good for Mom and Dad to have Bob there with them.

I went up to retrieve their dog, Wraggs. While up there I had to have my ancient kitty Misty put to sleep (Dr. Raatz again). When we got back to my brother's house, he made us lunch and sat down and said 'you need to take Bob'. I wasn't sure. I mean he was with Mom and Dad. But we talked to the manager of the facility and she told us that it might be a good idea. Mom was hitting at Bob and one of the other residents was muttering 'kill the cat, kill the cat'. So, I ended up with Bob too. I was technically without a cat for about an hour. I wasn't sure how Bob would adjust to me or now he would handle a 2 day drive in the car. I mean, I thought Bob hated would he deal with me?

Surprisingly it went well. The drive was great, Bob was great and Wraggs was awesome. I got them to my house here in Florida and let them out. The patio was a hit. Within days Bob discovered lizards and was quite prolific at the hunt. He loved it here, warm weather, good food, lots of love from me. We had almost 6 years together here. I lost Bob last year. It has been almost 9 months now. I still miss his yodeling in the middle of the night, even though I yelled at him. I miss him laying on top of me purring up a storm in the middle of the night. I miss him coming to me to ask me to wipe his mess butt (he had issues). Shoot, I miss him.

Every pet I've ever had has been special. Bob was special because he was part of Mom and Dad. He was my Dad's cat, although Mom took possession of him too. He was just special.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The story of Wraggs

Wraggs has history. In the fall of 1997 she was being fed on the sligh by my 5 year old nephew, Graham, he is a good kid. His Mom found out and thought, we cannot have another dog so she called my Dad and asked him if he would like a dog. Dad said no so Donna took Wraggs up to the Humane Society.

My sister was residing with my parents, helping them out. She would go over to visit my brother and his family.... so one day after Wraggs went to the Humane Society my sister in law told my sister that she was sorry that they didn't take the dog. My sister was livid. She totally figured it was Mom who decided that the dog shouldn't be there. My sister and Mom had history, not saying my Mom was perfect, she was anything but.....but sister always assumed the worst. Sis drove back to the parents and point blank asked Mom, 'WHY DID YOU NOT WANT THAT DOG??' My mother asked, 'What dog? Herman, we want that dog'. So my poor Dad, who didn't want a dog, got a dog.

Dad had reasons he didn't want a dog. He was 76 years old and worried what would happen to the pets when he and Mom could no longer care for them. Understandable, but in my family....we LOVE our pets. Wraggs would always have a home.

In order to placate Dad, make Wraggs his dog, he got to name her. He named her Rags after a dog he had as a kid. He always talked about that dog. My sister decided the name needed to be more unique so she spelled it Wraggs. It works.

Wraggs had a great home. She LOVED her old people.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, I've been home and unemployed for a week now. I'm still stressing about the old job. I dreamt about it this morning and when I woke up at 6:30 I was thinking about the whole thing. How I was treated, what went on, when it went on......I'm ready to be over that place. I need to get them out of my system. And my mind.

I've been good about working out. I've started running as part of my morning workout. I don't run far or fast but it is a start for me. I do my best to work out every day. It is hard but I do it. Actually it isn't hard and I am motivated. Of course I will get the lecture from the Doc's office tomorrow (you need to lose weight). Well, DUH!

Ah, the heathens....Hermie has learned a new 'trick' to climb to the top shelf of my closet. He won't give up, he has to go to the top. MUST GO UP MOM!!! Louie is the good boy. Now that is a shock to me. Louie still is interested in harassing Ellie. That won't change. He is who he is. I love them both. And they are great photo subjects.

Wraggs is getting more walkies and less treats. The more walkies thrill her but the less treats ticks her off.

And Ellie...she LOVES having Mom home. She really is the sweetest tub of lard.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Why is the hooman home all the time now?

I have a feeling the pets are going to be asking that next week.

Today was my last day at my job. I was told on Wednesday that my last day would be today. Normally I guess they give contractors 30 days notice. I got three. Nice.... My replacement is the guy they fired a year and a half ago because he just would not show up on time, or at all and if he did he was hungover. It sounds like a great choice to me!

I came home and applied for unemployment. I will get another job, a better job, a job that is good fit for me.

But for the time being, I will enjoy the time with the Heathens, Ellie and Wraggs. I am going to be good and exercise every day, helps my mind and my body (which needs some work). I need to feel good about me again.

I'm pretty sure the pets are going to get tired of me being home but I will enjoy every minute with them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life is never dull with a few Heathens around.....

It has been an interesting week or so in my house. Where to start.....

Last Monday I walked into my bedroom to find my jewelry box smashed open on the floor. No, I was not burglarized, I was Heathenized. Hermie LOVES my watches and wants them. And he was so intent on it he must have pushed the box off the dresser and there it was. I'm sure he was excited by the chance to get to my watches. I put everything back into the broken box and then panicked a bit. I wasn't sure I had seen all of my rings....went back to see, everything was accounted for. No one had ingested jewelry.

Tuesday was uneventful.

Wednesday I walked in the house, bag still on my shoulder to find more carnage. One of my living room lamps was smashed on the floor. Now I have a naked end table. I will have to wait to find the 'right' lamp. I just got out the broom and dust pan and cleaned it up. Both boys came in to see what I was doing and to tell me Wraggs did it.

The rest of the week was good. Then came Sunday.

I got out the feather toy to play with the boys a bit. My fault, I got the feather toy too close to my face and Hermie went for it and got me instead. I closed my eyes in time and he just got the top of my nose. It could have been worse.

Then today, Tuesday.

I always let the boys play on the patio (screened in) while I let Wraggs go in the back yard to do her business. I went out to get the boys in the house, I had Hermie in my arms and then saw Louie jump straight into the air and catch a WASP!!! He came down with it and I went to grab at him but I wasn't fast enough.....he got it on the nose! I did worry for a bit, not sure if he was going to have issues or not. I checked on the Internet to see if there were adverse reactions to wasp stings and what I read didn't scare me. I did continue to check on him though. He is fine.

I can hardly wait to see what they will do next! No really, I can wait............................

Monday, February 15, 2010

2 years ago today

Ellie on 2/16/2008

Ellie at Christmas 2009

2 years ago today, on February 16th, 2008, I found my heart cat, Ellie. It was a cool Saturday morning and Wraggs and I were off on our morning 2 mile walk. We were just over 1/2 a mile into it when we came upon a little calico on the sidewalk. I stopped to say hello to her and then walked on. But not for long. I made it about 10 feet before I turned around and ran home to get a carrier, a towel, gloves and threw them into my jeep and tore back up there. I wasn't sure she would be there. I figured if she was there, then she was meant to be with me. SHE WAS THERE!!!! I stuffed her into the carrier (she was VERY angry at me) and took her home and called Dr. Morgan's office to see if we could get in that day. They worked me in so I was up there early (I am always early for things) and they tested her. I was pacing back and forth, worried that she would be positive for awful kitty diseases and I would lose her before I even got to know her. When they walked in and said she was all clean I was so relieved. Dr. Morgan asked me what I was going to do with her. I gave her a look and said 'keep her'. I swear Dr. Morgan smiled (she is a wonderful vet). She gave her some shots, gave me antibiotics to give her and sent us on our way home.

I've never had to deal with a feral cat before. I was moving into a new arena for me. I went to my sources for help: the AOL cat message board and SOMC. The folks on the AOL board gave me lots of info, which I am so thankful for. And I was new to SOMC and was sharing my experience with them. The second day into our journey, Ellie nailed my on my lip with a good old scratch. Did you know that lips bleed? A lot? They me. Ellie came into heat soon after she came into my house so I had her spayed before anything bad could happen. She had already been a mom, it was obvious when I picked her up that she had been nursing sometime in the recent past (there were no kittens with her so I have no idea what happened to them). She was spayed so there would never be a question of her having to be a mom again.

Ellie, you may wonder, why the name Ellie. When I picked her up on the street she was hissing and angry....I felt like she was channeling my Mom (who passed in 2006) so I figured she should have Mom's name, or one of them (mom had many names). I think Mom would have gotten a kick out of it really.

Anyway, after 2 months of Ellie being in my guest bathroom and me sitting on the floor talking to her, scratching her with the back scratcher, I moved her to my office for a bit more room. So at the end of March I moved Ellie to my office. At the beginning of April I was finally able to hold her!!! I've never felt such joy before.

Now, 2 years later, Ellie sleeps with me at night, cuddled up next to me. She no longer is 4.5 pounds but is now a hefty 16 pounds. She was an adult when I found her, a very tiny adult who was quite sick. Now, of course, she gets good food, a safe house, lots of love...what more could a girl kitty ask for (except for a heathenless house but that is not happening!!!)

Happy anniversary Ellie, so glad you are my heart kitty


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dogs can learn

Who said an old dog can't learn.

Last night I took Wraggs out in the back yard, shutting the sliding glass doors to leave the heathens in the house (not up for running after them to get them back in the house off the patio). So, the sliders are closed. I called Wraggs in after she pottied, she comes running in and BAM, ran right into the sliders. Really hard. Yes, I laughed. She was fine but I laughed.
Fast forward to tonight. I made sure the heathens were locked in my room this time (again, no chasing them on the patio) and took Wraggs out in the back yard. The vertical blinds were drawn on the patio door but sliders were open. In comes Wraggs and she stops at the entry and won't go in. I had to show her that it was ok to go in. (and yeah, I laughed). By tomorrow she will have forgotten. Have mentioned she has run into the sliders before? A couple of times? yup

She has slowed down in the last 2 years. I used to take for a 2 mile walk in the morning, another 1.5 miles in the afternoon and a short one in the evening. Now I can get her to do 1/2 a mile tops. 12 years old on a large dog is old. I am hoping for 3 more years with her. She is a very special dog. Came to me via my parents. I'm so glad that I have her. She is a great companion. And she loves the cats. She loves my neighbors cat. When the neighbors cat escapes their house I can grab Wraggs and take her over and Tiger will come up to us so I can grab him.
I make sure she always knows she is loved. She is one of my best friends.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scratches from Hermie

I have them. Scratches. From Hermie. I had him on the bed with me this morning, cuddling him, he was quiet. Then I did the fake human purr sound and he freaked out. He launched himself off of me in fear. While doing that he proceeded to give me some very nasty scratches. Six inches of scratches across my stomach, probably 4-5 inches across one breast (along with some holes from the claws), a couple of scratches on arms and one little one on my shoulder area. Yeah, they hurt. yeah, they look scary. Good thing the only one who will see them is me. I don't think I will be doing pictures of the scratches. I'm putting neosporin and band aids on the worst spots (the holes), the other will air heal.

Ellie does the bunny kick thing with me too. Not where she hurts me but just little bunny kicks. I think she is playing but sometimes she likes to bite too. Little witch has some sharp teeth. Now if she would only use both the bunny kicks and bites on Louie maybe he would stop being aggressive with her.

Louie. What can I say. He is a gentle guy except with Ellie. He LOVES to have his head rubbed and will get the sweet little look on his face that makes me smile.

Yesterday was bath day for Wraggs. Yeah, that was fun. I always come away with so much fur on my hands. She sheds like there is no tomorrow. I learned to give her the bath outside after the first try in my tub, shoving 70 pounds of of uncooperative dog into a garden tub. Then there was the hair in the tub. Grossed out. After that all baths for dogs occur outside! Of course she is my only dog. After she dried out a bit I saw she needed a good brushing so out came the shedding brush. LOTS of hair came off. It was disgusting. The cats enjoyed it though.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inappropriate Notes

I rarely use my cell phone. It is one of those trac phones, I use it when I need to and I don't have that many folks I want to talk to. Anyway, I had to get some insurance info so I've been using the phone. Today I turned it on and had a phone message. So I listened.

Seems my 'son' (I do not have any children other than furkids) gave a girl at school an inappropriate note. The counselor called me to tell me of this note. I started giggling when I heard it. Yeah, my kid would do that. NOT.

Actually I think one of the heathens for SURE would do it.

ELLIE, I tink you is hot, i wants to do stuff to ya i dont know wat but stuff, hopes you likes me too.....Louie

Yeah, I can see Louie doing that totally. Hermie is more into chasing the ball (he is the athlete, Louie is the 'lover' at least in his eyes he is). No, I didn't call the counselor back. Why? I do not have any children and it is not my business at all.

Feeling like shit tonight. I've been fighting something the last 2 days and tonight...I'm am burning up. My head is pounding, my throat is feeling swollen. Yeah, this is good. I'll probably be fine by tomorrow so off to work for me. oh goody. (I have a job, I have a job, I have a job)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weigh In

I figured it was time for another cat weigh in. I wanted to know what everyone weighs (ok, I even want to know my disgusting weight).

So, here goes

Hermie - 11 pounds!!!!

Louie - 12.8 pounds!!!!

Ellie - 16 POUNDS!!!!

Notice, my weight is NOT there and it won't be! I'm working on it. Really, I am. I'll do the elliptical tomorrow dammit.

Anyway, they are all healthy kitties. Yes, Ellie could stand to lose a few pounds. I am not sure how to get her to lose weight. She doesn't go outside, she doesn't play, I can't take food away, she doesn't eat that much anyway. She is just very sedentary. Not like I can get her to get on the treadmill. I do get her to play a little bit but for Ellie it is 'very little'.

I decided it was time to scan and transcribe my Dad's letters to my Mom from WWII. When the time comes I will create a new blog specifically for the letters, pictures, my thoughts. I was just so tickled to read the letters, see how much he loved her. And to see his sense of humor.

omg, Ellie just attacked the feather toy!!!! It is just sitting there but she attacked it! That's my little girl.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We have had some cold weather here. Yes, I am sure that you are saying 'cold, you don't know cold'. Actually I do know cold. I grew up in Nebraska, spent 30 years there so I do know it. Today in Florida, we have cold. It was about 33 when I got up this morning and it was raining. Rain here but there were reports and pictures of some snow in other parts of the region. I see the prediction is for a temp of 28 tonight. The heat is running constantly.

I took Wraggs for a few walks today. She seems to enjoy the cold weather. No problem doing a mile walk. I had on my warm coat with the hood up. When I got home my legs were COLD. The cold air went right thru my jeans.

The cold weather has Ellie wanting to sleep really close to me at night. Last night I even put the little blankie over her so she would be warmer, not a problem for her, she was happy with that. Probably not happy that I was up a few times. I didn't sleep well. Just things on my mind. I love when she plops down next to me, it has to be on my left side only and she molds herself to my side. I have a king size bed....and I get to sleep on about 2 feet of it. I need to push her over a bit I guess.

And the Heathens do NOT like rain and cold. They always have to escort Wraggs outside when she potties. They stay on the screened in patio while Wraggs goes out. It is a ritual and fun to watch the escorting. This morning I didn't have to chase them around to get them in the house. They were more than willing to come in to eat some breakfast.

I am actually enjoying the cold weather, it is hard on the plants here. I've lost a few plants in my yard and garden area. I'm sure the strawberry farmers are really stressed from the freezing temps. I've been going thru my closet looking for warm things to wear. I really need some nice cotton sweaters. I guess I should go online and find some but I won't use them till next year. But a good sweater will last...wish I hadn't given that red and white cotton sweater to goodwill last year.