Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scratches from Hermie

I have them. Scratches. From Hermie. I had him on the bed with me this morning, cuddling him, he was quiet. Then I did the fake human purr sound and he freaked out. He launched himself off of me in fear. While doing that he proceeded to give me some very nasty scratches. Six inches of scratches across my stomach, probably 4-5 inches across one breast (along with some holes from the claws), a couple of scratches on arms and one little one on my shoulder area. Yeah, they hurt. yeah, they look scary. Good thing the only one who will see them is me. I don't think I will be doing pictures of the scratches. I'm putting neosporin and band aids on the worst spots (the holes), the other will air heal.

Ellie does the bunny kick thing with me too. Not where she hurts me but just little bunny kicks. I think she is playing but sometimes she likes to bite too. Little witch has some sharp teeth. Now if she would only use both the bunny kicks and bites on Louie maybe he would stop being aggressive with her.

Louie. What can I say. He is a gentle guy except with Ellie. He LOVES to have his head rubbed and will get the sweet little look on his face that makes me smile.

Yesterday was bath day for Wraggs. Yeah, that was fun. I always come away with so much fur on my hands. She sheds like there is no tomorrow. I learned to give her the bath outside after the first try in my tub, shoving 70 pounds of of uncooperative dog into a garden tub. Then there was the hair in the tub. Grossed out. After that all baths for dogs occur outside! Of course she is my only dog. After she dried out a bit I saw she needed a good brushing so out came the shedding brush. LOTS of hair came off. It was disgusting. The cats enjoyed it though.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inappropriate Notes

I rarely use my cell phone. It is one of those trac phones, I use it when I need to and I don't have that many folks I want to talk to. Anyway, I had to get some insurance info so I've been using the phone. Today I turned it on and had a phone message. So I listened.

Seems my 'son' (I do not have any children other than furkids) gave a girl at school an inappropriate note. The counselor called me to tell me of this note. I started giggling when I heard it. Yeah, my kid would do that. NOT.

Actually I think one of the heathens for SURE would do it.

ELLIE, I tink you is hot, i wants to do stuff to ya i dont know wat but stuff, hopes you likes me too.....Louie

Yeah, I can see Louie doing that totally. Hermie is more into chasing the ball (he is the athlete, Louie is the 'lover' at least in his eyes he is). No, I didn't call the counselor back. Why? I do not have any children and it is not my business at all.

Feeling like shit tonight. I've been fighting something the last 2 days and tonight...I'm am burning up. My head is pounding, my throat is feeling swollen. Yeah, this is good. I'll probably be fine by tomorrow so off to work for me. oh goody. (I have a job, I have a job, I have a job)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weigh In

I figured it was time for another cat weigh in. I wanted to know what everyone weighs (ok, I even want to know my disgusting weight).

So, here goes

Hermie - 11 pounds!!!!

Louie - 12.8 pounds!!!!

Ellie - 16 POUNDS!!!!

Notice, my weight is NOT there and it won't be! I'm working on it. Really, I am. I'll do the elliptical tomorrow dammit.

Anyway, they are all healthy kitties. Yes, Ellie could stand to lose a few pounds. I am not sure how to get her to lose weight. She doesn't go outside, she doesn't play, I can't take food away, she doesn't eat that much anyway. She is just very sedentary. Not like I can get her to get on the treadmill. I do get her to play a little bit but for Ellie it is 'very little'.

I decided it was time to scan and transcribe my Dad's letters to my Mom from WWII. When the time comes I will create a new blog specifically for the letters, pictures, my thoughts. I was just so tickled to read the letters, see how much he loved her. And to see his sense of humor.

omg, Ellie just attacked the feather toy!!!! It is just sitting there but she attacked it! That's my little girl.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We have had some cold weather here. Yes, I am sure that you are saying 'cold, you don't know cold'. Actually I do know cold. I grew up in Nebraska, spent 30 years there so I do know it. Today in Florida, we have cold. It was about 33 when I got up this morning and it was raining. Rain here but there were reports and pictures of some snow in other parts of the region. I see the prediction is for a temp of 28 tonight. The heat is running constantly.

I took Wraggs for a few walks today. She seems to enjoy the cold weather. No problem doing a mile walk. I had on my warm coat with the hood up. When I got home my legs were COLD. The cold air went right thru my jeans.

The cold weather has Ellie wanting to sleep really close to me at night. Last night I even put the little blankie over her so she would be warmer, not a problem for her, she was happy with that. Probably not happy that I was up a few times. I didn't sleep well. Just things on my mind. I love when she plops down next to me, it has to be on my left side only and she molds herself to my side. I have a king size bed....and I get to sleep on about 2 feet of it. I need to push her over a bit I guess.

And the Heathens do NOT like rain and cold. They always have to escort Wraggs outside when she potties. They stay on the screened in patio while Wraggs goes out. It is a ritual and fun to watch the escorting. This morning I didn't have to chase them around to get them in the house. They were more than willing to come in to eat some breakfast.

I am actually enjoying the cold weather, it is hard on the plants here. I've lost a few plants in my yard and garden area. I'm sure the strawberry farmers are really stressed from the freezing temps. I've been going thru my closet looking for warm things to wear. I really need some nice cotton sweaters. I guess I should go online and find some but I won't use them till next year. But a good sweater will last...wish I hadn't given that red and white cotton sweater to goodwill last year.