Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scratches from Hermie

I have them. Scratches. From Hermie. I had him on the bed with me this morning, cuddling him, he was quiet. Then I did the fake human purr sound and he freaked out. He launched himself off of me in fear. While doing that he proceeded to give me some very nasty scratches. Six inches of scratches across my stomach, probably 4-5 inches across one breast (along with some holes from the claws), a couple of scratches on arms and one little one on my shoulder area. Yeah, they hurt. yeah, they look scary. Good thing the only one who will see them is me. I don't think I will be doing pictures of the scratches. I'm putting neosporin and band aids on the worst spots (the holes), the other will air heal.

Ellie does the bunny kick thing with me too. Not where she hurts me but just little bunny kicks. I think she is playing but sometimes she likes to bite too. Little witch has some sharp teeth. Now if she would only use both the bunny kicks and bites on Louie maybe he would stop being aggressive with her.

Louie. What can I say. He is a gentle guy except with Ellie. He LOVES to have his head rubbed and will get the sweet little look on his face that makes me smile.

Yesterday was bath day for Wraggs. Yeah, that was fun. I always come away with so much fur on my hands. She sheds like there is no tomorrow. I learned to give her the bath outside after the first try in my tub, shoving 70 pounds of of uncooperative dog into a garden tub. Then there was the hair in the tub. Grossed out. After that all baths for dogs occur outside! Of course she is my only dog. After she dried out a bit I saw she needed a good brushing so out came the shedding brush. LOTS of hair came off. It was disgusting. The cats enjoyed it though.

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