Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life is never dull with a few Heathens around.....

It has been an interesting week or so in my house. Where to start.....

Last Monday I walked into my bedroom to find my jewelry box smashed open on the floor. No, I was not burglarized, I was Heathenized. Hermie LOVES my watches and wants them. And he was so intent on it he must have pushed the box off the dresser and there it was. I'm sure he was excited by the chance to get to my watches. I put everything back into the broken box and then panicked a bit. I wasn't sure I had seen all of my rings....went back to see, everything was accounted for. No one had ingested jewelry.

Tuesday was uneventful.

Wednesday I walked in the house, bag still on my shoulder to find more carnage. One of my living room lamps was smashed on the floor. Now I have a naked end table. I will have to wait to find the 'right' lamp. I just got out the broom and dust pan and cleaned it up. Both boys came in to see what I was doing and to tell me Wraggs did it.

The rest of the week was good. Then came Sunday.

I got out the feather toy to play with the boys a bit. My fault, I got the feather toy too close to my face and Hermie went for it and got me instead. I closed my eyes in time and he just got the top of my nose. It could have been worse.

Then today, Tuesday.

I always let the boys play on the patio (screened in) while I let Wraggs go in the back yard to do her business. I went out to get the boys in the house, I had Hermie in my arms and then saw Louie jump straight into the air and catch a WASP!!! He came down with it and I went to grab at him but I wasn't fast enough.....he got it on the nose! I did worry for a bit, not sure if he was going to have issues or not. I checked on the Internet to see if there were adverse reactions to wasp stings and what I read didn't scare me. I did continue to check on him though. He is fine.

I can hardly wait to see what they will do next! No really, I can wait............................

Monday, February 15, 2010

2 years ago today

Ellie on 2/16/2008

Ellie at Christmas 2009

2 years ago today, on February 16th, 2008, I found my heart cat, Ellie. It was a cool Saturday morning and Wraggs and I were off on our morning 2 mile walk. We were just over 1/2 a mile into it when we came upon a little calico on the sidewalk. I stopped to say hello to her and then walked on. But not for long. I made it about 10 feet before I turned around and ran home to get a carrier, a towel, gloves and threw them into my jeep and tore back up there. I wasn't sure she would be there. I figured if she was there, then she was meant to be with me. SHE WAS THERE!!!! I stuffed her into the carrier (she was VERY angry at me) and took her home and called Dr. Morgan's office to see if we could get in that day. They worked me in so I was up there early (I am always early for things) and they tested her. I was pacing back and forth, worried that she would be positive for awful kitty diseases and I would lose her before I even got to know her. When they walked in and said she was all clean I was so relieved. Dr. Morgan asked me what I was going to do with her. I gave her a look and said 'keep her'. I swear Dr. Morgan smiled (she is a wonderful vet). She gave her some shots, gave me antibiotics to give her and sent us on our way home.

I've never had to deal with a feral cat before. I was moving into a new arena for me. I went to my sources for help: the AOL cat message board and SOMC. The folks on the AOL board gave me lots of info, which I am so thankful for. And I was new to SOMC and was sharing my experience with them. The second day into our journey, Ellie nailed my on my lip with a good old scratch. Did you know that lips bleed? A lot? They do..trust me. Ellie came into heat soon after she came into my house so I had her spayed before anything bad could happen. She had already been a mom, it was obvious when I picked her up that she had been nursing sometime in the recent past (there were no kittens with her so I have no idea what happened to them). She was spayed so there would never be a question of her having to be a mom again.

Ellie, you may wonder, why the name Ellie. When I picked her up on the street she was hissing and angry....I felt like she was channeling my Mom (who passed in 2006) so I figured she should have Mom's name, or one of them (mom had many names). I think Mom would have gotten a kick out of it really.

Anyway, after 2 months of Ellie being in my guest bathroom and me sitting on the floor talking to her, scratching her with the back scratcher, I moved her to my office for a bit more room. So at the end of March I moved Ellie to my office. At the beginning of April I was finally able to hold her!!! I've never felt such joy before.

Now, 2 years later, Ellie sleeps with me at night, cuddled up next to me. She no longer is 4.5 pounds but is now a hefty 16 pounds. She was an adult when I found her, a very tiny adult who was quite sick. Now, of course, she gets good food, a safe house, lots of love...what more could a girl kitty ask for (except for a heathenless house but that is not happening!!!)

Happy anniversary Ellie, so glad you are my heart kitty


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dogs can learn

Who said an old dog can't learn.

Last night I took Wraggs out in the back yard, shutting the sliding glass doors to leave the heathens in the house (not up for running after them to get them back in the house off the patio). So, the sliders are closed. I called Wraggs in after she pottied, she comes running in and BAM, ran right into the sliders. Really hard. Yes, I laughed. She was fine but I laughed.
Fast forward to tonight. I made sure the heathens were locked in my room this time (again, no chasing them on the patio) and took Wraggs out in the back yard. The vertical blinds were drawn on the patio door but sliders were open. In comes Wraggs and she stops at the entry and won't go in. I had to show her that it was ok to go in. (and yeah, I laughed). By tomorrow she will have forgotten. Have mentioned she has run into the sliders before? A couple of times? yup

She has slowed down in the last 2 years. I used to take for a 2 mile walk in the morning, another 1.5 miles in the afternoon and a short one in the evening. Now I can get her to do 1/2 a mile tops. 12 years old on a large dog is old. I am hoping for 3 more years with her. She is a very special dog. Came to me via my parents. I'm so glad that I have her. She is a great companion. And she loves the cats. She loves my neighbors cat. When the neighbors cat escapes their house I can grab Wraggs and take her over and Tiger will come up to us so I can grab him.
I make sure she always knows she is loved. She is one of my best friends.