Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dogs can learn

Who said an old dog can't learn.

Last night I took Wraggs out in the back yard, shutting the sliding glass doors to leave the heathens in the house (not up for running after them to get them back in the house off the patio). So, the sliders are closed. I called Wraggs in after she pottied, she comes running in and BAM, ran right into the sliders. Really hard. Yes, I laughed. She was fine but I laughed.
Fast forward to tonight. I made sure the heathens were locked in my room this time (again, no chasing them on the patio) and took Wraggs out in the back yard. The vertical blinds were drawn on the patio door but sliders were open. In comes Wraggs and she stops at the entry and won't go in. I had to show her that it was ok to go in. (and yeah, I laughed). By tomorrow she will have forgotten. Have mentioned she has run into the sliders before? A couple of times? yup

She has slowed down in the last 2 years. I used to take for a 2 mile walk in the morning, another 1.5 miles in the afternoon and a short one in the evening. Now I can get her to do 1/2 a mile tops. 12 years old on a large dog is old. I am hoping for 3 more years with her. She is a very special dog. Came to me via my parents. I'm so glad that I have her. She is a great companion. And she loves the cats. She loves my neighbors cat. When the neighbors cat escapes their house I can grab Wraggs and take her over and Tiger will come up to us so I can grab him.
I make sure she always knows she is loved. She is one of my best friends.

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