Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life is never dull with a few Heathens around.....

It has been an interesting week or so in my house. Where to start.....

Last Monday I walked into my bedroom to find my jewelry box smashed open on the floor. No, I was not burglarized, I was Heathenized. Hermie LOVES my watches and wants them. And he was so intent on it he must have pushed the box off the dresser and there it was. I'm sure he was excited by the chance to get to my watches. I put everything back into the broken box and then panicked a bit. I wasn't sure I had seen all of my rings....went back to see, everything was accounted for. No one had ingested jewelry.

Tuesday was uneventful.

Wednesday I walked in the house, bag still on my shoulder to find more carnage. One of my living room lamps was smashed on the floor. Now I have a naked end table. I will have to wait to find the 'right' lamp. I just got out the broom and dust pan and cleaned it up. Both boys came in to see what I was doing and to tell me Wraggs did it.

The rest of the week was good. Then came Sunday.

I got out the feather toy to play with the boys a bit. My fault, I got the feather toy too close to my face and Hermie went for it and got me instead. I closed my eyes in time and he just got the top of my nose. It could have been worse.

Then today, Tuesday.

I always let the boys play on the patio (screened in) while I let Wraggs go in the back yard to do her business. I went out to get the boys in the house, I had Hermie in my arms and then saw Louie jump straight into the air and catch a WASP!!! He came down with it and I went to grab at him but I wasn't fast enough.....he got it on the nose! I did worry for a bit, not sure if he was going to have issues or not. I checked on the Internet to see if there were adverse reactions to wasp stings and what I read didn't scare me. I did continue to check on him though. He is fine.

I can hardly wait to see what they will do next! No really, I can wait............................

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