Thursday, March 25, 2010

The story of Wraggs

Wraggs has history. In the fall of 1997 she was being fed on the sligh by my 5 year old nephew, Graham, he is a good kid. His Mom found out and thought, we cannot have another dog so she called my Dad and asked him if he would like a dog. Dad said no so Donna took Wraggs up to the Humane Society.

My sister was residing with my parents, helping them out. She would go over to visit my brother and his family.... so one day after Wraggs went to the Humane Society my sister in law told my sister that she was sorry that they didn't take the dog. My sister was livid. She totally figured it was Mom who decided that the dog shouldn't be there. My sister and Mom had history, not saying my Mom was perfect, she was anything but.....but sister always assumed the worst. Sis drove back to the parents and point blank asked Mom, 'WHY DID YOU NOT WANT THAT DOG??' My mother asked, 'What dog? Herman, we want that dog'. So my poor Dad, who didn't want a dog, got a dog.

Dad had reasons he didn't want a dog. He was 76 years old and worried what would happen to the pets when he and Mom could no longer care for them. Understandable, but in my family....we LOVE our pets. Wraggs would always have a home.

In order to placate Dad, make Wraggs his dog, he got to name her. He named her Rags after a dog he had as a kid. He always talked about that dog. My sister decided the name needed to be more unique so she spelled it Wraggs. It works.

Wraggs had a great home. She LOVED her old people.

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  1. awwww, the sweetest story ever!!!