Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swimsuit hell

I am pet sitting my neighbors cat, Tiger, for 3 weeks and they said 'use the pool' so I will. I decided it might be a good idea to see how my swimsuit fits. I forgot, I have 2 of them. One fits fine, the other, well, the top is fine if I feel like letting the girls out. So I had to go and get a new top half tankini. Kohl's was the place to go, I had a discount and the swimsuit separates were $16.00. Now I am sure you wondering 'what the hell is she talking about and why do we give a frak about her shopping'? I'm getting there.

I am in Kohl's wandering thru the meager selection of suits, picking stuff out when I see a Dad and his teenager daughters shopping for swimsuits. Dad looks at one of the suits and said 'THIS is a swimsuit?'. mmm, yeah, Dad, it is. Then he asks 'how can you try on a swimsuit?'. Poor daughters, I looked at him and told him they try them on over their underwear (men are so clueless at times). I grabbed 2 tops to try on and skedaddled over to the dressing room.

Crap, had to get a different size cause the girls were going to put on a show if I didn't.

I was back at the swimsuit area looking again. I hear Dad tell daughters 'it is just a swimsuit'. Another woman and I both told him: it is more than that and it takes a lot for a woman to find the right suit. He tells his daughters: I just pick one out and buy it, it is just a swimsuit. I asked the girls if their Dad has embarrassed them yet....and let them know, he will, he will. Dad was trying and that was awesome. When I went to pay I was still laughing, told the cashier about the Dad shopping with his daughters. She saw them earlier and said 'yup, Dad had a shell shocked look to him'.

Made me remember shopping with my parents. I was always cautious about buying things, having them spend money on me. Mom would make me try on things, Dad would say 'get all of them'. Not sure Mom wanted me to have everything but Dad was well, Dad. I was his baby girl (youngest child).

Now I can go swimming in the neighbors pool while their cat gets some patio time! And I won't be embarrassed too much.

Wraggs is doing so so. She totally refused to eat the healthy dog food yesterday and she refused the pedigree dog food. Acted like it was all poison. Today I went to the health food store and got food that I was hoping she would like. It is the dog version of the cat food I used to get Bob when he was off his feed. I gave her half a can, she was good with it. Of course I came home from checking on Tiger to find dog puke on the floor. Thank goodness for floor cleaner.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who knew Ellie could climb

Ellie, up where she belongs
When I can't sleep, which is often these days, I will go in and cuddle the heathens for a little bit and then I will go out in the front room and lay on the couch and Ellie will come over for some cuddling. Well, the other night I again could not fall asleep. I got up, didn't put on my glasses (I am seriously myopic) and everything was a blur, I can get around my house but seeing definition is difficult. Anyway, I had heathen time then I came out to see where Ellie was. She wasn't on the floor, wasn't on the couch, wasn't at the watering hole (water bowl). I didn't see her, of course that means nothing cause of my eyesight. I finally looked UP at the cat tree and realized, omg, SHE IS ON AN UPPER LEVEL! Higher up than I am tall. I think she was quite proud of herself. She was rolling around, showing off. I didn't think she could do it, she is rather....plump. Yes, she needs to lose weight but short of making her run on the treadmill, she won't exercise. I guess jumping up on the cat tree is exercise.

And I really cannot catch a break. I finally (I think) got the COBRA subsidy straightened out. At least they finally responded to Humana with my paperwork. YES, so I should be seeing insurance premiums that are substantially less. So, what I cannot catch a break on? My air conditioner. Last night at about 4:30 it started squealing. And squealing loud. I pounded on top and that got my frustration out but it really didn't stop it for long. I thought it was going to scream all night but it didn't. Maybe because it cooled down. It isn't screaming this morning, yet. I called the repair folks and they have someone coming out this afternoon for $96. That is just the service call. They suggested that I run the air conditioner all day. No problem. This is Florida, it is hot here, I'll run it. Hopefully it will scream for them when they get here. And it won't be too expensive to fix. Doesn't matter, I have to get it fixed anyway.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wraggs - Renal Failure

Wraggs has been 'off' for a few weeks. She just stopped eating her dog treats and she LIVES for dog treats. She has also been throwing up a bit, drinking a lot of water....just things out of the ordinary. So I made an appointment with my vet. My usual vet is out of the country on a vacation so we saw the replacement vet (the same vet who last year helped Bob cross over.....). Off we go to the vet.

I thought it was going to be hell getting Wraggs into and out of my jeep. She isn't a young dog and not very athletic and jumping up in there can be difficult. She really had no problem. We visited with the Vet. Wraggs got weighed, they took her vitals (temperature taken thru the back end, she was not happy!) The Vet and the techs kept saying what a good dog she is, such curly hair and a great disposition. They couldn't find anything obviously wrong so she (the Vet) suggested that Wraggs needed blood work. I kind of figured that would be the case so I agreed. They wanted to check her kidney function and her thyroid.

I got the call later that afternoon from the Vet. Renal failure. Wraggs has about 25% function of her kidneys. She has to eat special food and she also gets a supplement. And of course, none of this is inexpensive. Yes, unemployed and a dog that has to have expensive food!

Now a week into this, Wraggs will eat the wet food, she turns her nose up at the dry (glad I got the small bag and not the big bag!). If I have the audacity of putting kibble in with the wet, she will walk away completely. She gets one Pepcid a day. It isn't hard to give it to her. She will open her mouth to let me put it down her throat. And of course there is love after that for her. I hugged her tight this morning.

I know I won't have her next year. I'm not sure if I will have her at the end of the summer. I won't let her suffer. For now she is happy, she eats the wet food and an occasional crunchy dog treat. She enjoys her walks, they are short but she likes them. She has her cats to keep her company and of course me.

Wraggs is a great dog, I could not ask for a better companion. She has had some great folks in her life: Dad, Mom. My sister (who really babied Wraggs too when she was at home with my folks). I know my sister is as worried and upset as I am. It is harder for her in a way, not being here to spend time with Wraggs. She knows that I am good to Wraggs, that this is a good life for her.

Anyway, I am going to cherish every day I have with Wraggs. She is a good dog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hermie and Louie - one year old

May 10th was their first birthday. It was AWESOME, just ask them. They got 'da bird', a flying toy that amazingly wore them out. I've never seen a cat pant before, Hermie was exhausted but wanted more! Both Hermie and Louie fly at DA BIRD. Hermie is just more athletic that Louie but they both are into jumping. It was great. I now have many replacements for it. I am hoping for many years with my boys.