Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who knew Ellie could climb

Ellie, up where she belongs
When I can't sleep, which is often these days, I will go in and cuddle the heathens for a little bit and then I will go out in the front room and lay on the couch and Ellie will come over for some cuddling. Well, the other night I again could not fall asleep. I got up, didn't put on my glasses (I am seriously myopic) and everything was a blur, I can get around my house but seeing definition is difficult. Anyway, I had heathen time then I came out to see where Ellie was. She wasn't on the floor, wasn't on the couch, wasn't at the watering hole (water bowl). I didn't see her, of course that means nothing cause of my eyesight. I finally looked UP at the cat tree and realized, omg, SHE IS ON AN UPPER LEVEL! Higher up than I am tall. I think she was quite proud of herself. She was rolling around, showing off. I didn't think she could do it, she is rather....plump. Yes, she needs to lose weight but short of making her run on the treadmill, she won't exercise. I guess jumping up on the cat tree is exercise.

And I really cannot catch a break. I finally (I think) got the COBRA subsidy straightened out. At least they finally responded to Humana with my paperwork. YES, so I should be seeing insurance premiums that are substantially less. So, what I cannot catch a break on? My air conditioner. Last night at about 4:30 it started squealing. And squealing loud. I pounded on top and that got my frustration out but it really didn't stop it for long. I thought it was going to scream all night but it didn't. Maybe because it cooled down. It isn't screaming this morning, yet. I called the repair folks and they have someone coming out this afternoon for $96. That is just the service call. They suggested that I run the air conditioner all day. No problem. This is Florida, it is hot here, I'll run it. Hopefully it will scream for them when they get here. And it won't be too expensive to fix. Doesn't matter, I have to get it fixed anyway.

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