Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working on me

I've allowed things that I cannot control to control me. Like stress. I allowed stress to stop me from taking care of myself, from caring about my health and weight. Since I am now pretty much stress free, I am doing a little bit of working on me. I've started exercising again, finally. I've been doing it since I became unemployed but not to the level I am now. I get out in the morning and walk/jog 2 or 2.5 miles. I get out very early, before the heat of the day. This is Florida, by 8 am it is hot and humid. Actually it is hot and humid at 6 am. But that isn't enough exercise for me, noooooooo. I have started my afternoon routine up again. Time on the elliptical trainer. I'm very glad to have one in my home. I got an elliptical the first time 9 years ago, got it cheap ($25) from a woman who got one and said it was 'too hard' for her (I saw her, I can understand why). Anyway, I used that thing for 2 years. It really did help. I saw huge differences in my body and health. So I invested in a better elliptical and have that now. Well worth the money. If I am consistent about using it, I can get the weight off and keep it off. Now I am not obese, but I have a little weight to lose. I'm getting there.

The keys are: exercise and diet. I'm not dieting, I am changing how I eat for life. I know I cannot have ice cream, I like it, but my heart and health cannot do it on a regular basis. I have to limit things that are bad for me. I'm going to eliminate beef from my diet, going more for chicken, fish and vegetarian. Lots of vegetables. And yes, the occasional bad thing but I cannot eat out that often (too expensive and I like to know what goes into what I am eating).

And once I am employed again, I am not going to let anything get in the way of taking care of me. I have to take care of this one body I have. I don't get another. This is it. Exercise and eating right, not just for not, but for always.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wraggs is doing good

She is doing pretty good right now. She will not recover totally but she definitely feels better. I've been giving her 10mg of pecid 2 times a day, that works better than the one dose of 20mg was doing. She is more than happy to eat ham, chicken, shredded cheese but dog food is a struggle. I've finally started force feeding her, which entails warming the gooshy expensive kidney food that she has, mixing in the supplement and then using my fingers and forcing her to eat (shoving food in her mouth a little at a time). She is getting the supplement, that helps a lot. She is perkier, yes, really. We actually did 2 walks today. She has only been able to do 1 walk before and now...2. yippeeee. She is like a child who hates her food. If I put it in her face, she will turn away from it. So since she refuses to be cooperative, I will be mean and make her eat the healthy food. It helps. And I truly believe the supplement helps, it pulls the toxins out of her body so that her kidneys don't have to do all the work.

It has been almost a year since Bob passed away. I still miss him, he was such a good kitty. Funny isn't it, how they worm their way into our hearts, even though we think that they aren't going to like us, they do. Bobberoo, miss you sweetie. You will always be in my heart. Always.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

And Life Goes On

My sister had to have her cat put to sleep the other day. She is heartbroken and I so understand the feeling. It hurts to lose the little ones that we adore and who adore us. A.C. was a good kitty, my sister was his third home. She went to the RSPCA to find a cat a few years ago, she had one all picked out but called them back and told them she changed her mind. They feared she didn't want any cat but nope, not my sister. She told them she wanted a cat that didn't have much of a chance to find a home. A.C. came with baggage. His former owners didn't take care of the mite issue he had in his ears and he scratched his ear flaps off. He also continued to have ear issues which required medication daily. But he found my sister who loved his little earlessness. I'm glad A.C. rescued my sister. Isn't that how it is? We aren't quite whole without a cat or a dog or any pet in our life. At least that is how it is for me.

I asked my sister last night, if she was going to let another cat rescue her. She said she had already stopped at the vet and asked them to be on the look out for a cat who doesn't have much chance of finding a home. My big sister has a huge heart.

Rest in peace A.C. (and I like the new ears you are sporting)

Aunt Andi

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow, she ate again!

Wraggs ate again this morning. I brought in some more deli turkey for her....SHE ATE! So did Ellie and Louie. Hermie isn't interested in that food but dang if the others didn't want to partake too. I'm just glad Wraggs ate. I'm not saying we are over the hump but getting her to eat is 1/16th of the battle. There was an urp incident this morning but she made it outside in time. She held it till she was safely outside, which was nice of her. I guess I will buy another packet of the deli turkey for her. I think it is gentler on her tummy and she likes it. And to tell the truth, as long as she eats, I don't care what she eats. I know she should eat the kidney failure food cause it has less protein but she needs to eat. She won't eat that stuff. So deli turkey it is!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She ate!!!!

I gave her part of my dinner (chicken breast) and she gobbled it up. So I got her some turkey deli meat. also 'gobbled' up! She went for more of it too! And the Heathens were right there while she was getting yummy noms. Louie LOVES turkey lunch meat. Hermie meh, not so much. But WRAGGS ATE!!!!!!! Now hoping that it stays down for the night and morning. Food stay down, food stay stay down.....


My sweet dog Wraggs is not doing well. She isn't eating much at all, I try and tempt her and she isn't up for it. I woke up at 5:15 to the sound of hurling so I ran her outside. She threw up a little bit on my bedroom floor but that isn't a big deal. When I went for my walk she came out and threw up next to the patio door (she knew she wanted out there). sigh. Not fun for anyone is it. This morning I force fed her about 2 tablespoons of dog food which again, not fun to force a dogs jaw open so you can put food in her mouth.

I am not sure how much longer I can allow this to go on. I don't think it is right but I am not ready yet. I've talked to Wraggs about the situation and have told her that if it is time for her, she can go, I will understand.

She isn't totally unhappy. She comes out to watch the heathens play and she also went for a short walkie this morning and she enjoys going out in the back yard with me. Her tail wags and she smiles so it isn't all sad news.

Like my vet has told me before, our pets let us know when it is time. Wraggs is starting to tell me, it is time. But not quite yet.