Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working on me

I've allowed things that I cannot control to control me. Like stress. I allowed stress to stop me from taking care of myself, from caring about my health and weight. Since I am now pretty much stress free, I am doing a little bit of working on me. I've started exercising again, finally. I've been doing it since I became unemployed but not to the level I am now. I get out in the morning and walk/jog 2 or 2.5 miles. I get out very early, before the heat of the day. This is Florida, by 8 am it is hot and humid. Actually it is hot and humid at 6 am. But that isn't enough exercise for me, noooooooo. I have started my afternoon routine up again. Time on the elliptical trainer. I'm very glad to have one in my home. I got an elliptical the first time 9 years ago, got it cheap ($25) from a woman who got one and said it was 'too hard' for her (I saw her, I can understand why). Anyway, I used that thing for 2 years. It really did help. I saw huge differences in my body and health. So I invested in a better elliptical and have that now. Well worth the money. If I am consistent about using it, I can get the weight off and keep it off. Now I am not obese, but I have a little weight to lose. I'm getting there.

The keys are: exercise and diet. I'm not dieting, I am changing how I eat for life. I know I cannot have ice cream, I like it, but my heart and health cannot do it on a regular basis. I have to limit things that are bad for me. I'm going to eliminate beef from my diet, going more for chicken, fish and vegetarian. Lots of vegetables. And yes, the occasional bad thing but I cannot eat out that often (too expensive and I like to know what goes into what I am eating).

And once I am employed again, I am not going to let anything get in the way of taking care of me. I have to take care of this one body I have. I don't get another. This is it. Exercise and eating right, not just for not, but for always.

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