Friday, June 25, 2010

Wraggs is doing good

She is doing pretty good right now. She will not recover totally but she definitely feels better. I've been giving her 10mg of pecid 2 times a day, that works better than the one dose of 20mg was doing. She is more than happy to eat ham, chicken, shredded cheese but dog food is a struggle. I've finally started force feeding her, which entails warming the gooshy expensive kidney food that she has, mixing in the supplement and then using my fingers and forcing her to eat (shoving food in her mouth a little at a time). She is getting the supplement, that helps a lot. She is perkier, yes, really. We actually did 2 walks today. She has only been able to do 1 walk before and now...2. yippeeee. She is like a child who hates her food. If I put it in her face, she will turn away from it. So since she refuses to be cooperative, I will be mean and make her eat the healthy food. It helps. And I truly believe the supplement helps, it pulls the toxins out of her body so that her kidneys don't have to do all the work.

It has been almost a year since Bob passed away. I still miss him, he was such a good kitty. Funny isn't it, how they worm their way into our hearts, even though we think that they aren't going to like us, they do. Bobberoo, miss you sweetie. You will always be in my heart. Always.

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