Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Addition

I now have 4 cats. Yes, 4. I am crazy but I am a nice crazy, not a crazy crazy.

So, the story of how the latest addition arrived. I was at lunch with my neighbors (they are good peeps) and Toni started telling me about a friend of hers who is feeding a stray. Actually a bunch of the ladies in the friends neighborhood are feeding her but they want the kitty to have a home. I knew where this was leading and I told her I can't, I can't handle another cat. But for some reason, when I was taking Wraggs for a short walkie I started thinking and decided I would take the cat. I called Toni and she called her friend to let her know that yes, Andi would take the kitty. But they needed to trap her. This was Wednesday night.

Thursday they didn't see her but they knew she had eaten cause the food they put out was gone. Friday they didn't see her till late and the older lady picked up the kitty and brought her into her house. Unfortunately, one of her cats saw the kitty and gave chase, out the door and across the street with lady running behind. Saturday came and no word on the kitty. I went to Target and prepped cause I knew she was going to be here. I wanted the 'intake' room ready (my guest bathroom). New litter box, put the cat cave in there, food and water bowls. All ready. Of course I hadn't filled the litter box, put food or water in there when my neighbor called....they had the kitty. So off we go in her car and get the kitty. I have only seen a few pictures of her at this time and know she is gray and white and has long legs.

I got her home and put her in the guest bathroom. There were 2 heathens at the door wanting to know what just went in there. Of COURSE they did. Had to fill the litter box and food and water bowls and I let her get acquainted with the room. She knew immediately that the cat cave was a good place....she went right in there and made herself comfy.

That night I visited her a few times, just to introduce myself. I made sure the door was shut and the lights were off and I went to bed. I went in to say night to the heathens (it is a ritual, I go in and clean the litter box and then lay down with them for a bit). I walked out of their room and there was Ellie, sitting in front of the bathroom door. She knew there was someone in there. Ellie spent the first 2 months she was with me in that bathroom so she knows what it is like in there. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and woke up 2 hours later having a hard time breathing cause Ellie was laying on top of me...all 15 pounds of her. I swear she is making sure that the new one knows 'MOM IS MINE'.

Now as to the kitty's name. I name after family. Ellie is named after my Mom. Hermie and Louie are named after my Dad. Wraggs is named after a dog named Rags that my dad had as a kid (he named her). So I've been thinking of names for the kitty. I decided on Robin. My brother Robin died in 1989. It has been long enough that we can say the name again. And he would be honored to have the little stinker named after him I think. I was a bit torn, I thought about using his middle name and making it feminine. Markie....that was so not going to work. So her name is Robin and yes, her middle name is Markie. I think.

We are a little over a week into this. I've had her out in the front room in the crate that the heathens slept in when they first arrived here. She's had a view of the boys, of Wraggs. They've seen her. No incidents. Hermie was not impressed. Louie was very curious. Wraggs was excited (a new kitty!!!) Ellie is pissed! Robin is, sweet. I've started letting her roam the house while everyone else is locked up. I've sat with her on the couch, brushing her while I let the others out. I was surprised, both Hermie and Louie have been up to her nose to nose. They hissed but nothing else. Wraggs has been out with her and Robin is fine and Wraggs is fine. Now Ellie is going to take a bit of doing. I am making sure that Ellie knows that she is number 1. She is my heart cat, you can't change that. She is and always will be the most special kitty to me.

That is my house.

Recently an online friend had to help her little kitty to the bridge. I know she is heart broken to lose her. And yeah, we feel guilty about everything where our pets are concerned and my friend is no different. The thing is, we, as humans, are able to ease the pain of our fur friends and help them pass with no pain. It is the kindest thing we can do. And it is the ultimate in love. It isn't easy for the human to do....we want to keep our little furry friends with us, we want them to be healthy and happy but sometimes that just isn't possible. For my friend, I want you to know that you are very special and your little girl thanks you for helping her out...that she wanted to stay and help you but she was hurting and you helped her feel better. You have much love to give a little furkid. Take your time and when it is right, it is right, you will know it. The new one does not replace the recently lost furry one, that piece of your heart will always belong ot her. You are going to grow a new piece to your heart when a new fur kid comes into your life. Please take care of yourself.