Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Odds and ends

Wraggs has been gone for 2 weeks....but her soul is still here. And her ashes came home on Saturday. I was fine when I picked them up. I was doing great. And then I read the card that was in the bag with her urn. "Wraggs, faithful companion to Andrea......." I started crying then. She really was a faithful friend to me. And her cats. Yeah, the cats have noticed that she is missing. Robin has decided that she can sit in the front room with the heathens. She has decided that Wraggs' dog bed is now hers, renamed it a cat bed. Ellie is still being watchful. She looks at the floor and sleeps on the dog (now cat) bed that is on my bedroom floor. She and Wraggs used to sleep on that thing together. I don't know what it is like to not have a dog and cat get along.

I'm still job hunting. I know it is awful out there, in case anyone doesn't believe it. I don't want another crap hole job. I want something that I enjoy and someplace where I am treated well, like I am competent. I never want to be in the situation that I was in previous jobs. I am sure it will occur. Too many employers know that folks are scared...and that they can treat their employees like crap. The employees won't leave, they need a job. Even a crappy job.

My nephew comes home from Iraq this week!!!! Whoohoo!!!! Yeah, we are all happy. He was never in the combat units. He was in 'support' aka Intelligence. Yes, my nephew is very smart. He is fluent in multiple languages. He has had lots of training. He will do well in life and thank goodness he will be back in the states this week. I know his Mom and Dad (my SIL and brother) are thankful he is going to be home. Welcome home Andrew!

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