Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bumps in the Road

Ah, life in my house is ever so exciting. No, really. Yawn.

I decided last week, again, that since I am not working at the moment that I will instead, work out like a crazy woman. Yup, 2 hours a day I work out. I walk 2.5 miles at 6:30 in the morning (sometimes I jog a little bit of it). I really like the early morning hours. It is normally quite quiet. Except for one corner in the neighborhood.

This corner is a bus stop for school kids and at 6:30 it is the high school kids that are waiting for their bus to hell. Anyway, this corner is special. There are three girls that wait for the bus, sometimes they are friendly to each other but most times they are bitches.

Two weeks ago I was out walking and I hear one girl yell at the girl who isn't a skinny witch and tell her 'do me a favor, don't wear that blue skirt again till you learn how to sit like a lady, cause you look like crap in it'. To which the other girl looks at her and says 'You look like you are dressed for the 80's' (she was). Oh I was by them by then but I heard Miss 80's say 'I'll have you know I am dressed with style'. Oh yeah, you sure are.

Last Friday I am walking and the same 3 girls are there. Only this time two have distanced themselves from Miss 80's. They are yelling at each other 'It is YOUR fault that I lost my best friend, blah blah blah'. Yeah, sure it is, with that mouth? Ah then it gets fun. Across the street is another bus stop, this one inhabited mostly by boys. I hear one of the boys yell 'SHUT UP ASHLEY' to which Miss 80's says 'thank you very much'. And man, I love this kid, he yells back 'you too Zoe'. Miss 80's, being the smart young lass that she is, yells back' BITE ME BITCH'. Isn't she sweet? I can not imagine her not having everyone gathered around her asking for her fashion advice. And honestly, I wanted to give the boy across the street an award cause he answered her 'BITE ME' remark with 'no thanks, I don't want rabies'.

And this week....Monday same corner only this time Zoe, Miss 80's is on one side of the street while the other two girls are on the other side, waiting for the bus. Miss 80's and another girl have their phones out and are texting someone. Miss 80's yells 'ARE YOU TEXTING NINA?' mmmm, no, I am not,thanks. 'THEN WHY IS SHE TEXTING ME, YOU ARE TEXTING HER AREN'T YOU!!!'. Lord help me, I want to smack the shit out of that girl. It gets to the point where Miss 80's again shows the depth of her knowledge of the English language and yells to the girl who isn't texting Nina 'you are a fucking liar bitch'.

Now why did I ramble on this? I can picture Zoe, Miss 80's intellectual, in an office environment someday. Making sure she bullies others in the office, cause we all know, they need to be put in their place. I've worked with bullies before, female bullies. They try to make themselves feel better by making others feel like shit. I don't get how that works. I've been treated like that before, in an office environment and it is ALWAYS women who do it. I can only hope that one day, the girl that Zoe talked down to in high school is the woman who is her boss and treats her well and with respect and Zoe, well, she will sit and wait for the bully to appear, because that is what she expects to occur, it is how she operates. Yes, I am way down with office bullies.

The three boys are doing well. Robin is taking his pills like a good boy. He seems to feel better and he is eating, drinking, using the litter box as he should. He definitely isn't as active as before, no aggression. Probably cause the anti-depressant kicks his butt and makes him sleepy. I do hope that in a few months when he is done with the meds, that he is playful again.

Hermie has a couple of bumps from the vaccine injections he got last month. I panicked when I found them and called the Vet's office first thing Monday morning. They told me that some cats have a slight reaction like that, but that they will disappear in a few weeks. I will keep watch on them and stop touching his little 'booby'. I can see very single muscle on that cat...I've never known such a muscular cat before. All that jumping pays off for him.

Louie, what can I say. He is a lover. Loves to show me his tummy whenever he can, in hopes that I will pet it. And he doesn't like it if I try to give him kisses but is more than happy to let me kiss his tummy. Isn't that just like a guy?

Ellie is on a 'diet'. She only gets 1/2 a cup of dry food a day. I try to make her exercise. That goes over REAL well. I carry her in from the bedroom to the front room and put her down, where she will hiss at me and turn and run/gallop back into the bedroom. Hey, it is exercise. I need to figure out how to get her to do more. I don't think the treadmill is an option.

I talked to my neighbor Chris last night. She told me how sad they were to hear about Wraggs. And that when her middle daughter heard, she was terribly upset. That is a good kid, actually all three of their girls are very good kids. Anyway, I asked that she make sure that the girls know that Wraggs is as peace and happy and running again. Chris asked if I was getting another dog. Told her I will...just not now. Money and I am not ready. When I talked about Wraggs I caught myself starting to cry. I'm not ready.

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