Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frog Invasion!

I'm still at home, still unemployed. I've had a few nibbles but nothing substantial, yet. I know it will happen, the question is when. I'm not stupid, I'm educated, I have skills. I just need to find a job that is right for me, or semi-right for me. And in the mean time I am home with the cats, which really is a nice thing.

Lately it has been rather, reptile like in the house. Sunday morning Louie, Hermie and Robin were quite interested in something behind my television. I figured it was a bug (cockroach), I live in Florida, they happen. I moved the TV a bit and there it was but it moved back under the TV so I left it. I went on about my business, fixed my breakfast and there I see Hermie all excited, he had whatever it was. I didn't want him eating a roach so I went over to get it. Yeah, right. Hermie dropped it out of his mouth, put his big paw over it and then lifted the paw and it scurried under the love seat. Again, I left to do other stuff. Then I see Robin and Hermie very excited, Louie too. Hermie had it, he had it good, in his mouth and he was not letting me take it from him! Dang, that little guy can growl. I got the roach out of his mouth and into a paper towel and took it into the trash..not a roach but a little tiny frog! Crap, no idea how that go in the house at all. Louie of course was still looking behind the television.

So Monday morning I went to let everyone out of their rooms. Boys have the guest room, Robin has my office. I let Robin out and went to pick up the food dish and saw food on the floor, shiny food. It wasn't food. I thought again, roach. Nope, little tiny frog that had been played to death. Two frogs in my house in two days. I don't know how they are coming in but this is not a good house for them to be in. It is frog season though. I heard them croaking like crazy when I was out walking this morning at 6:30.

Yeah, 6:30 in the morning and it was 79 degrees out. I wasn't the only one out there either, that is good to see. There are quite a few folks out walking and jogging. I do walking and a little jogging. I'm trying, very, very hard to be healthier. I don't have junk food in the house to eat. I eat healthy meals, I don't skip meals. And even yesterday I got on the elliptical and did 35 minutes on that and will do it again today. I did upper body workout too yesterday and sit ups. Yeah, I can feel those when I sneeze!

All the kitties are doing good. Robin fits in real well here. She keeps the heathens on their toes. She is a very good kitty. Well, except that this morning she contemplated jumping down 10 feet from the plant shelf. Bad enough she jumps down to the floor from the top if the fridge. The 10 feet up thing scares me. There isn't a clear place for her to jump down to from there. I did get her down properly with the useful tool of cat treats. yes, my cats will follow me anywhere for cat treats. Pretty much. Unless they are really busy being naughty.

And, sigh, last night Louie discovered that he can open the closet door where DA BIRD lives. Hermie is his accomplice. Hermie is the climber and attempted to get to the top shelf (he has done it before) but stuff fell and made a noise and I went in and got them out of there. Now I pretty much have to close my bedroom door. Which makes Ellie happy, means that she is pretty much heathen free all day!

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