Friday, September 17, 2010

Robin's Sex Change

Ah, life has been interesting this week. Frogs earlier this week (yipeeeeeee) and now, Robin. On Wednesday 'someone' peed on the dog/cat bed. The choices were Louie, Hermie or Robin. I didn't know who it was...I went on pee patrol. In case you don't know, a watched cat does not pee. That is a little known fact.

Thursday I went out for my walk/jog at 6:30, yes, in the morning. I got home and saw that 'someone' had again peed on the dog/cat bed. Robin. And I knew it was her. The boys had locked themselves in the guest room. Louie pushes the door shut and both Louie and Hermie were behind a shut door. Sigh. I took my shower and got presentable for the day and gave the Vet's office a call. They told me to bring her in between 7:00 and I got the cat crate out. More fun, I have to get Robin in the crate. Step one, remove Louie from the crate. Step two, remove Hermie from on top of the crate. Step three, grab Robin who was not happy that I picked her up and was trying to shove her in the box, noooooooooooooo. I had to upend the crate and drop her in. No problem, oh yeah, no problem at all. So off we go to the vet. I'm use to how the heathens are on the trip, meowing, yowling. Not Robin. She was quiet and wanted to rub against my fingers when I put them inside to touch her. I dropped her off and they took her back to do the vet kind of things and I came home.

They called me at 11:30 to talk about my little boy cat Robin. Yeah, seems Robin, who was a girl when I took him to the vet, decided that he was really a boy! He has sterile cystitis which is an inflamed bladder, makes it hard to pee and it hurts. He is on a human anti-depressant, amitriptyline for a few months. This will ease the pain that he is feeling and help with the stress of the heathens, which, now he is one of them!

I had to pill him the first time last night. I read up and it said the pill is nasty tasting so I thought I could put a little food on it and get it down him. Was I ever wrong. He got some of it, that is all that matters. This morning it was much better. He was relaxing, I was relaxed and I bent down to his level and scruffed him and shoved the pill down his gullet. I did what I always did with Bob after he took the pill. Kissed him on the nose. Tell him what a good boy he is and make sure he is fine. Side effects for the pill are lethargy (how can I tell, this is a CAT, they bylaws say, lay around all day). Actually I can tell he is tired, he under the guest bed resting. There are other side effects that I will monitor. At least this drug will help his aggression issues (very few of them) but he won't be trying to bite his brothers.

Heathens....three of them. Poor Ellie. Three boy cats. And at least Robin's name is very neutral. His middle name is now Mark not Markie. I think my brother would like that my little kitty is named after him totally, Robin live on in the form of a little gray and white kitty.

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