Friday, October 8, 2010

Tiger comes for a visit

It is really nice here these days. I've opened two windows at the front of the house so the boys can get some fresh air and so can my house. I LOVE perfect weather that is not hot but not cold either. Anyway, after opening the window I walked into the kitchen then walked back in the room and the boys were both staring intently out there so I went over to see what was so exciting. OMG, an orange cat with green eyes, on my doorstep, looking in. And meowing at me. I know the cat. He is Tiger who lives across the street and gets out from the house at times. He came to see me! I think he knew this was a safe house to go to. I put on my shoes and opened the door. Tiger was ready to come into my house, no problem. Instead I walked him back across the street (Tiger walking in front of me, in case I didn't know where to go) and rang the doorbell for him, he isn't tall enough to reach. Toni, his Mom came to the door and I hear 'who is it?' So I yelled "It's Tiger, can I come in?". She was surprised to see him outside. And asked the usual question: how did he get out? Shoot, he can slip out easily when you don't notice. He did it on me when I pet sat last time. I noticed but he is FAST. Tiger is home again, he walked in the front door of his house like there was never an issue. Stinker.

So I am really pleased at how the Heathens behaved. There wasn't any fussing from them, they were good boys, no growling when they saw Tiger, just interest. Guess I am good at raising social cats. They easily accepted Robin coming into the house. I love my Heathens, good boys, very good boys.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heathens, you have to love them. No, really you do!

Seems it is never a dull moment in my house. The boys, all three of them, keep me on my toes. And Ellie, well, she has her ways of keeping me in line too.

I had an allergy attack on Sunday, so bad that I had to take some Dayquil to help me out a bit. I hate taking stuff like that but sometimes it is just needed. Being stupid at times, I left the package out on the bathroom counter and left an unopened foil package out of the box, on the counter. BTW, that is a stupid thing to do. So I took my pills and went into my office to read my favorite sites and eat some lunch. I got up to take my lunch dish out to the kitchen when I see Hermie. Oh SHIT, it looks like he got into cobwebs but there aren't any in my house. I tried to chase after him to see what was all over his face but he ran from me. And ran from me again. And again. DAMMMIT! I was finally able to grab him and wipe cat spit off his face. He was drooling and throwing cat spit everywhere. I panicked and ran to my bathroom. I saw an empty Dayquil package in the litter box, all chewed up. Then I saw the foil package that I left on the counter, now on the floor. Crap, Crap, Crap! And Crap! It had been chewed on. I was worried, what did Hermie ingest? Then I looked closer at the package. Just a few cat teeth marks into the pill area and the pills had a few little marks on them. He didn't ingest any. He just got a taste of nastiness. And me? I was so relieved. I did watch him all afternoon, fearing that there was going to be an emergency room visit for us. He was fine, a little perturbed that I kept bothering him. But he was fine. Me? Not so fine.

Last week one night, I was getting ready to get the boys into their rooms for the night. Since I am tired of having to chase Hermie around, I picked him up and was carrying him out of my bedroom when who knows what, but something, freaked out Louie who scattered quickly. Which in turn freaked out Hermie who dug his back claws into my chest (yes, really) and his front claws into my back. I now have bruises on my breasts from cat claws. This running from me at bedtime is a new game for Hermie. It is FUN to have me get pissed at him and have to chase him thru the house in order for him to be put in his room.

And Louie. Mr. Poops-outside-of-da-box. Not sure what else needs to be said. He also has some bedtime fun with me. He will run OUT of their room if given the chance cause I haven't had enough exercise chasing after Hermie.

Notice, Robin isn't an issue at all. He really is a good cat. I have to give him his anti-depressant 2 times a day and he takes it pretty well. I've learned to sit down beside him, pet him a little bit then scruff him, open his mouth and put the pill in. He looks so hurt (at least to me) when I do that. I make sure he is OK when we are done, I try to give him love but Robin, so not into it. I'm not sure what Robin's life was like before he came here. I don't think it was all fun. He hates, absolutely hates, being picked up. He cries like he is afraid. I pick him up for short times, trying to get him used to it but I always put him down as soon as he protests too much. I just think maybe someone hurt him when they picked him up. He will never be hurt in this house. Ever.

And Ellie, she is on a 'diet'. She gets 1/2 cup of kibble a day. There are no bowls of kibble sitting around for her to snack on, she has her bowl and that is it. Sometimes the Heathens eat a bit if it so I do replenish but I am not overfeeding her. I want her weight to come down. I am trying (hahahaha) to get her to exercise. Imagine carrying 15 pounds of cat out into the front room so that she waddles back into the bedroom, hissing the entire time. Or worse, I carry her to the guest room (where the heathens sleep at night) and put her on the bed, where she growls and hisses then she runs (hahahaha), waddles really, back into my bedroom. Yes, it goes well. She does seem to be interested in a little bit of play action so I am trying to do that. She is nothing like the boys but she will chase the stick a little bit and the one feather toy is OK to look at and bat at too.

The weather here in Florida has definitely cooled down. For Florida it is gorgeous! OK, it is a tad chilly at 6:30 am when I go for my morning walk. On Monday I dressed as I usually do, workout Capri's, workout tank, running shoes. I walked out my front door and felt COLD. The sun wasn't close to being up yet and yes, it was chilly. I didn't turn home though to change clothes. I did the walk. It was, as my Mom always said in 'cold' weather, invigorating. On Tuesday I got smarter. I wore long pants and a long sleeved shirt. I was warmer but still, just a little cold. So Wednesday I layered up. Bad, bad move. I was dying it was so damned hot. Today I just cuddled Ellie and decided to skip the morning walk. I will be out there again tomorrow morning.

I'm still looking for a job. There are mainframe jobs out there (I am a computer programmer) but I do not have all the qualifications that they want. I recently moved into EUC also known as Emergency Unemployment Compensation. If you do not know what this is, let me give you a quick synopsis. This is when you have used up all of your state unemployment you move into the federal program, you know, the one that pisses off folks. Yes, that one. I'm sorry but unless you are in this situation, you have no idea what it is like. It is SCARY. I am going to meet with my financial guy next week to see if I can hit some of my retirement now, take a loan on it. I know I will end up paying for that but I will not lose my house. I will not have my pets hungry and I won't go hungry either. I am very, very frugal. I don't spend needlessly. I would love to have new things. Can I? Nope. I sure hope (snark) no one ever makes a comment about unemployment to me. They may not like how I reply.

And when I am employed again, how will it be? I'm sure I will feel just like I did last time. Fear. Of when will it happen again. I will again save all that I can because honestly, no one is safe. If you think you are safe, that your job is may be in for a rude awakening. It isn't a fun thing but I do know how to deal with it. Kind of surprising. I am a stronger person than folks take me fore. I'm pretty sure people expect me to fall apart, to go over the edge. HA! I don't fall apart. This is life. I choose to deal with what is thrown at me. I don't roll up into a ball and hide in the corner. Yes, it is difficult but I'm stronger and smarter than a few folks think. Too bad, so sad.

I'm going to be pet sitting Tiger again! Whoohoo, I love that orange dude. He is quite the cat. It is only for a week but that is OK, he will get some time with the food lady (me). And I will get the enjoyment of spending some time with him, just being there. I won't get in the pool this round, Toni said it is a little chilly now. Bummer. Still I will sit out at the pool with him and just contemplate, meditate, day dream. Good things to do.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October, what the hell?

Seven years ago yesterday my cat Misty passed away. He had a very long life...he was 20.5 years old when he died. He was a gorgeous cat, pure white with blue eyes and a forked tail. I think he had angora in his ancestry. I know there was Siamese, I saw his mother. Yes, Misty was very special. At least to me. And sometimes he was the cat from hell. Yeah, I have the scars to prove it.

On that same day I acquired Bob the cat. When my brother and I came back from the Vet's, my brother told me I needed to take Bob home with me. I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure Bob would tolerate me. I did agree to bring Bob back home to Florida with Wraggs and me. It was a very good decision as Bob became my best little orange cat friend.

October is one of those months that I love and I hate. I love the cooler weather. I hate many of the memories that pop up.

Three years ago this month I lost my job. It was not a good time for me but I learned that I am a strong woman and that I have friends and people who care about me. I learned that being a kind, good person gets you more than being a bitch. I could have been really nasty when I left there but I left with my head held high, I left with my self respect, I left with my dignity. I left.

Four years ago my Mom passed away. Mom left us many years before. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease. It takes a person's personality and leaves the shell of the body. Which is what it did to my Mom. Yes, Mom had her moments where, well, she was a bitch. And at times I don't think she liked us kids that much, we weren't 'her birth family'. My cousins were the worst folks on the planet (unwed mothers, meth dealers, moochers) yet they were better than her own children. It took helping my mother get to bed one night to change my attitude about her. Mom and Dad were still living at home and I had come up to check on them (I would fly up every 3 months to check on them, mostly for my peace of mind). On one of those trips I was helping Mom get ready for bed. I was tucking her into bed, much like you do a small child and I leaned down to kiss her on the cheek and tell her I love her and I felt this huge weight lifted off of me. I am not sure how or why but I let my hurt and anger go at that moment. It is hard to explain, it really is. The hurt was gone, I only felt love and compassion for the woman who gave birth to me almost 50 years ago.

And Ellie has a birthday at the end of the month, on the day Mom passed away. Since the vet said Ellie was a little over year old when I found her, I decided her birthday would be the day Mom passed....since Ellie was full of piss and vinegar when I found her. Angry and hissing. Kind of reminded me of Mom. This year Ellie will be 4 years old. She is no longer an angry kitty but a very sweet, tubby little girl.

So October isn't totally a bad month.

What have I learned from my layoffs and other things in life? I've learned that I control how I react to things. I choose whether I am going to go off the deep end or deal with what life hits me with. And guess what I do? I deal with what life throws at me. Life is too short to sit and worry about what others think or might or might not do. I cannot control what others are going to do but I sure as hell can control how I react. I guess I've learned something.