Friday, October 8, 2010

Tiger comes for a visit

It is really nice here these days. I've opened two windows at the front of the house so the boys can get some fresh air and so can my house. I LOVE perfect weather that is not hot but not cold either. Anyway, after opening the window I walked into the kitchen then walked back in the room and the boys were both staring intently out there so I went over to see what was so exciting. OMG, an orange cat with green eyes, on my doorstep, looking in. And meowing at me. I know the cat. He is Tiger who lives across the street and gets out from the house at times. He came to see me! I think he knew this was a safe house to go to. I put on my shoes and opened the door. Tiger was ready to come into my house, no problem. Instead I walked him back across the street (Tiger walking in front of me, in case I didn't know where to go) and rang the doorbell for him, he isn't tall enough to reach. Toni, his Mom came to the door and I hear 'who is it?' So I yelled "It's Tiger, can I come in?". She was surprised to see him outside. And asked the usual question: how did he get out? Shoot, he can slip out easily when you don't notice. He did it on me when I pet sat last time. I noticed but he is FAST. Tiger is home again, he walked in the front door of his house like there was never an issue. Stinker.

So I am really pleased at how the Heathens behaved. There wasn't any fussing from them, they were good boys, no growling when they saw Tiger, just interest. Guess I am good at raising social cats. They easily accepted Robin coming into the house. I love my Heathens, good boys, very good boys.

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